Banggood 2014 giveaway Olight i7R & Nitecore P12 NW BLF X6 $ ?? we have three winners:djozz , Joat, raccoon city

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1. I like the good BLF deals… all items have arrived… and the one issue I had you rectified with a replacement.

2. Faster shipping? … but I do not want to pay more Wink

3. I think a AceBeam K40M would be a great give-away as long as I win.

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1. Great deals and reasonably fast shipping.

2. Sticking to what you say you would do… (xpl giveaway ect)

3. Nitecore TM06 Smile

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?
Great range , good prices and good customer service. I had one order go missing and your customer service team sorted it out fast.
Your presence on BLF and your deals thread. It’s great to able to deal direct with someone from your company directly on the forum and your deals thread has great offers and I like that you ask us for suggestions. (it also makes me buy more, which works great for you!)
BLF X6 SE group buy. Your co-operation and commitment to this custom group buy was fantastic and something no other big company has done before.

2.where shoud we improve in the next year?
Option for shipping in a box. Large or expensive items really need better protection than a flimsy plastic bag.
Not splitting orders. Many times I have tried to order multiple items and ship them expedited but there always seems to be one or two items that get split and this makes it uneconomical to ship and I usually end up cancelling the whole order.
Ship items that are listed in stock faster, sometimes it can take up to a week before the order even ships.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?
Jetbeam RRT0SE.

Thanks and Merry Christmas :santa:

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1. I like Banggood, I have no complaint. :bigsmile:
2. More better deals for us!
3. ACEBeam!

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1. Have ordered and never had an issue, great service.
2. Packaging, please consider basic level of protection for larger items.


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1. The EE X6 SE deal

2. If a high quality box is included with the like, try to have the shipping department not wrap it with tape. And more multi mode lights with out blinking modes.

3. Gift certificates would be good, let the winner pick out their gift.

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  1. Maintaining decent service
  2. Better organization and communication
  3. Coupon/gift certificate, if not then Jax Z1 or even a K40m

"Whoa that's a bright light!" ... Yea I guess.

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1. Being involved in BLF.

2. Torch parts.

3. X60M

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1 I had no problems buying there; one remote controller came broken, and it was replaced without problems
2 Probably shipping might be improved; I receive packages faster from other sellers
3 I’ll go with a bike light, the fenix bt20


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1.where do you think banggood is worked good? I have had no issues with your postage always came through in reasonable time

2.where should we improve in the next year? Maybe more discount codes Maybe add solid pill to this Ultrafire CREE XML T6 1800LM 5 mode Zoomable LED Flashlight . I have bought a few of these and with simple mod(move led output to output1) they are very bright with a good throw easily beating Zuesray. However the hollow pill is a real shame I had to file an insert down to make it a “solid” pill and put a XPL on Noctigon in and now its a very good light.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground? DQG 3xCREE XP-G2 R5 1A/3B Tiny Triple LED Flashlight 26650

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I lost my old id/username so had to create a new one.

I have ordered multiple times off bang good in the last two years both for business and personal.

1- Site is brilliant, user friendly, and price really good too.

2- Improvements needed on lights with more than one led/light… mule light similar to C21C or tactical lights for molle vest and security services, LEO’s.. May be put a link to holsters and belt clips which fit the appropriate light’s Start stocking tritium products and luminous glow in the dark O-rings Wink UK dedicated customer support staff and follow up within24-48hrs.. I missed the x6 group buy will you do another?

3- Your best light with a long throw beam and charger built in / or a led bar for car roof Smile

4- I was a member before 20/12/2014-but for got my id so had to start a new :(… I have been a bang good customer for more than a year and was referred to you by youtube person “TECHMOAN

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I like Banggood becouse CS team is great, and always help me if any problem or question.
Order proscessing time is really short, sometims only few hours is needed to shipp items if in stock.
Banggood is big shop with many, many different things buy they are not like DX.
Items always are safely packaged.

Maybe more cooperation with customers.
We can show you items what we really need. Leds, drivers, electronics.
Better quality check. Ship lithium-ion batteries in plastic boxes.

Hmmm… Any light with MT-G2 Wink

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Banggood has been one of the best and most reliable Chinese internet goods providers.

I have been shopping very often since they came on the market with no problems whatsoever.

-Great variety of products at very competitive prices, many informative pictures of what they sell and very good shipping options and prices.

-I cannot think of any significant improvement besides expanding their product range to include even more tools and DIY items. Also to carry more branded flashlights.

-I would like an olight o’pen Smile

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1. I like the deals offered in the BLF thread, the items are always interesting and good quality, unlike many other vendors that offer junk

2. the mobile responsive version of the website doesn’t offer a coupon field in the checkout, while the APP does. I suggest the mobile site is also fixed.

3. Nitecore P20 complete with a nitecore 2bay charger and the original accessory holster (complete package, YUM!)

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1. The ee group buy and being part of blf.
2. Packaging.
3. Gift certificate.

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1. For me, shipping is relatively arrived faster than other sellers, price is competitive enough. Some new products from new brands is plus point too.
2. Better knowledge what our community interest will benefit both side.
3. Will be many different products, let you decide for this, some coupon will be nice.

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?
Banggood has good varieties of products and offers good price. Most importantly Banggood is one of the very few sellers nowadays who can figure out a way to ship batteries to my doorstep.

2.where shoud we improve in the next year?
Based on my own experience, you guys should always remember to update the latest stock status on the product page, if it is sold out then do not let us to add them into cart. Other things like being honest, responsive customer service… need to be improved too.

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?
Fenix E35UE or similar product.

Thank you very much for the giveaway.

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1. Prices and delivery of goods have been great.

2. Quicker shipping. (even if requiring a modest increase in price).

3. Titanium anything you choose.

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1) So far so good

2) Upgraded packaging option ($1-2)

3) Shopping spree code for website (value to be determined)

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1. Deals.
2. More deals. I have the buyer loyalty of a piranha in a toilet bowel.
3. Something that takes 4xAA and doesn’t have a strobe or SOS mode.

I do horrible things to electronics in an effort to get them to do what I want.

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2-Faster order processing.
3-Nitecore EA41 2015

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1. deals thread, some good prices

2. Communication

3. Something with the MT-G such as the Nitecore P36

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1.No issue with Banggood.Good deals!!!
2.Faster shipping process
3.Any product is ok

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1.Good prices and good customer service
2.Shipping & packaging options …

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1. I had no problems with Banggood yet (knock on wood). Well, except the XP-L giveaway.

2. Keep doing what you doing, but never stop trying to get better.

3. I don’t have a light with an MT-G2, but want one very much! Acebeam K40M seems to be quite good. Add 3 high quality 18650s and an Xtar XP4 to charge them and it will be the best giveaway ever.

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1. Banggood seems to do a pretty good job with it’s presence here. Not overly aggressive with advertising its products. Bought quite a few things over the last year and have been quite satisfied.
2. Just offer good quality products at good prices.
3. !!!!! AceBeam K40M Cree MT-G2 !!!!!

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1. Good communication , good gifts , everything I ‘ve ordered has arrived well and very fast . I like buy in Banggood .
2. I have nothing bad to say
3.Some with led MT- G2 and it thrower

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1. Good communication , good gifts , everything I ‘ve ordered has arrived well and very fast . I like buy in Banggood .
2. I have nothing bad to say
3.Some with led MT- G2 and it thrower

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1.where do you think banggood is worked good?

banggood opened it's ears to customers and is reaching out to the flashlight community ...knowing that we also buy other things from your website too 

2.where shoud we improve in the next year?

i think you need to spend more time checking and fixing the descriptions and specifications of items sold on your site 

3.which gift do u want for the third ground?

I'd like to see a sunwayman D40A  or something like it ,

4. member of BLF since on or before 12/20/2014 


5.winner out with the

pick me  Silly

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       Dc-fix diffuser film  >…

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1. Flashlights and batteries
2. Do not split the orders
3. Olight M22 Warrior