1800 post Givaway -- Winner chooses. -- Ended.

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1800 post Givaway -- Winner chooses. -- Ended.

Since I am long due to give something away, I have been thinking about something people would like, but my lights tend to be specialized and not to the usual tastes. So I will give the winner the choice of anything I list or show here, or that I have mentioned on other threads and still have in my possession. In addition to the modifications listed, the threads of most of them have been lapped together to make them smoother. The winner will be chosen at random from those who post replies here.

Partial list, zoomies

LED Lenser P7.2 from Fasttech, 4xAAA with two element Fresnel lens, missing thermal compound added and resistors in head shorted to make turbo direct drive, second best throwing light I have

SingFire SF-360, copper foil added, warm white XML2, Qligt driver set for moonlight mode

CNQ zoomy host, Ahorton lens, XM-L from some other budget light, Qlite driver

CNQ zoomy host, host only, needs LED, driver and bigger lens

Smallish 26650 / 3xAAA zoomy, original

3xD cell powered zoom light with old type Tenergy NiMH D cells (You pay for shipment on this one.)

TrustFire Z8, original

SK-58 with a Nichia high CRI LED and a two group Nanjg 105c driver

Smiling Shark SS-902 pivoting angle head zoomy, partly plastic, with two group drever and XP-G LED

Yezl t9 with original XM-L, Qlite driver that makes it a twisty and an imperfect double focal length lens so big it won’t fit behind the bezel ring and is glued in

Head “Sipik-like” head lamp modified to increase the flood

A worn Maglight Solitaire

SK-58 with a red XP-E and a one mode 7135 driver

A long focal length 18650 / 3xAAA zoomy, with a Phylips Luxeon Rebel deep red LED and a two group driver

UniqueFire UF-T20, with a Phillips Luxeon Rebel deep red LED, a two group driver and a lens from DX

UltraFire light similar to a Yexl t9 but not as pretty, with a Phylips Luxeon Rebel PC Amber LED and a two group driver

Sipik SK-73, with a Philips Luxeon Rebel Lyme LED and a five mode driver

Sipik SK-68 with XM-L2 and Qlite driver

SK-58, one mode XP-E, original

Coast HP1 AA with two element Fresnel lens, original, scratched with pliers when I opened it

ZeuesRay, original, a good early one

Smiling Shark SS-902 swivel angle head, original

SupFire F3-L2, original

UltraFire HY-E7 XM-L, original

Raysoon SK-98 clone with some sort of driver that isn’t next mode

Reflector lights

Rustu R10 slim stainless steel 18650 light, original

TangsFire C8 XM-L2, original

UltraFire 26650 / 3xAAA light

Smiling Shark SS-5039/5038, 10440 direct drive twisty with XP-G

Smiling Shark SS-5039, 10440 direct drive, T6 4D1 XM-L2 mounted off center but works

Smiling Shark SS-5039, 10440, 2×7135 BLF Tiny 12 two group driver

Smiling Shark SS-5039, 10440, 3×7135 BLF Tiny 10 two group driver

A cheap but nicely sculptured 2xAA light with a pill from a cheap #3 zoomie and an extra extension, making it 3xAA

Sipik CK66 with diffuser

The body of a cheap 18650 zoomy, with a stage lighting flat multi-element Fresnel lens attached with a paper and model airplane dope cone, fantastic throw pencil beam

There are beam shots in post #55.

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oooh nice !! would love that last light tho!

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Count me in.


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Many thanks for the giveaway!

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Whoa. I’m in!

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Count me in!

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Fritz t. Cat wrote:
CNQ zoomy host, Ahorton lens, XM-L from some other budget light, Qlite driver

I’m in for sure. Yes Sir indeed. No doubt about it. Heck yes. That’s an affirmative.

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I am in. Thanks!

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Count me in.


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Nice collection of lights. Surprised you’d want to give any of them away. That said… I’m in! Many thanks.

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i’m IN
thanks for this GA Smile

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I’m in. Very generous giveaway!

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I’m in!

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Man show us some beam shots!

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I’m in, thanks.

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Ooooh! me...me...me!!

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Nice giveaway.——I am in .

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huge collection , i am in ,thanks.

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Whew, what choices!

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Thanks for the giveaway, Fritz t. Cat!

I'm in.   Smile

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Cool collection, count me in! Thanks.

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In! thanks

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Count me in!

Old-Lumens wrote:
I love modding, but I don't have much use at all for flashlights in general.
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Thanks for the chance! Smile

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Count me in!

Thanks for the giveaway.

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I am in. Thanks

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I’m in, thanks Fritz.

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I am in. Thanks! Smile

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Sweet. I’m in!

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Me too…