CREE SA 9 Twist Lens Zooms Modded For a Few Free Extras You Keep

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CREE SA 9 Twist Lens Zooms Modded For a Few Free Extras You Keep

I am wondering if it is possible for a Pro ( not me lol) to modify one of the Zooms to throw 600 to 800 meters- slightly beyond the Dereelight at a lower price even though it would not

Have any of you Torch Wizards modded one of these to be driven hard with the best de domed high intensity LED ( XRE ?) that will take
2.5 to 3.5 Amps ( or close ) to create a
Super Thrower tight beam but still Zoom ?

My little Citipower SA9 and Saik SA9
actually have good throw- can even these be modded to throw 600 meters or so ?
They project a clear image of the die
but only drive the X RE or maybe X PE LED at about .8 or 1 Amp .

Does anyone want to mod a few of these I will send you 3 or 4 of them and you send me one back after modding.

Post results here.

If it works well maybe try a more expensive glass zoom …

Anyone Interested ?

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take a look at this thread:

With a little modding 400+ Kcd.