ENDED! 3000 Posts - time for a giveaway!

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ENDED! 3000 Posts - time for a giveaway!

Hey guys!

thats my 3.000th post in this great community!
(well … 3000-ish as we know since my last GAW ;))

Thanks for all the knowledge, advice and kind words i received!

the community lives from sharíng – so my screwed mind came up with that:

  • the winner can spend up to 100 USD at banggood.com which i pay for.
    (since i am still unemployed a bigger donation is not possible atm :~ )

but the winner has to choose 1 to 5 items beside his desired one to be sent to other participants of this giveaway! Wink
he can either draw them or just decide who else gets something.

for example:
a 23 USD light for himself and a 77 USD one for a lucky other (maybe the winner already has 123 lights)
a 90 USD light for himself and 5 × 2 USD items for other ones ?
99 + 1
50 + 50
0,05 + 19.99 + 19.99 + 19.99 + 19.99 + 19.99 Big Smile
…. (you got it i am sure)


  • you must have been a member before today
  • one post per member
  • your post must contain a picture or description of what you see if you look left right now!
  • the GAW is closed when the postcounter of this thread reaches 300 (or dec. 24th – which happens earlier)
  • i draw using random.org
  • the winner has 48 hours after i posted his nickname to send me the list of items (then i draw again)
  • if further changes to rules or anything are neccesary – i do them Wink

this GAW is not sponsored by banggood.

i do not work in "reviews, deals and codes" for the time being
maybe M4D M4X will return one day, but until then:


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When I look to the left right now (out my computer room window) I see my BBQ pit, convection oven, and a Lemon Pepper plant on the patio.

Thanks for a most generous giveaway and CONGRATS on the 3000 Posts !!.

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wow, what an opportunity. Thank you for this GAW.

to my left there is a window and I can see the sky. (when standing I can see parked cars and a few houses).

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Good idea for give away, I think I´m in Smile

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I’m in! When I look to my left I see my wife! Love

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Looking to my left I see a window. Beyond is the street and houses. It’s getting dark quickly today.

Nothing travels faster than the speed of light with the possible exception of bad news, which obeys its own special laws. – Douglas Adams

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I’m in! When I look to my left I see the white wall of my room with a moose traffic sign on it (from norway).

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Congrats on the 3000, M4D M4X!

OscarM wrote:
I'm in! When I look to my left I see my wife! :love:

soo, picture?

My girlfriend is on the right, left is my seventies Kenwood receiver:

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thank u very much kind sir…

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I’d like the “Jaz Z1”:“http://www.banggood.com/JAX-Z1-Cree-XM-L2-U2-Zoomable-1100LM-5-Mode-LED-Flashlight-p-940891.html for myself and two other prizes will be the super cute “ black water kite lights”:http://www.banggood.com/Black-Water-Kite_Al-CREE-XP-G2-130LM-USB-Recharger-Mini-LED-Flashlight-p-1009713.html and a third prize to make up the difference this

BTW, there is a man staring at me now, maybe 8ft off the ground.. He’s smiling. It’s awkward. Luckily, he’s on a TV screen.

My gratitude to those who are willing and able to help others (in whatever way you can)! Being human is more than just existing for yourself. Smile

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I’m in!

Looking left, this is what I see in my utility room (boxes, storage cabinets, and solar PIEV interface):


BTW, those prices on the JM35 are simply wicked!

Rule 1-1 as it applies to life, take it as it comes.

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Nice idea for a GAW, very generous too.

To my left, I see a mess;

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Count me in!
On my left is a wall LOL!

Words can be broken,
so can bones.

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Just a bunch of cars I’m stuck in traffic, but I’m in Smile

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I can (just – the only light is from my phone screen on lowest setting) see the bars of my five month daughters cot…… Me and the Mrs are taking turns to sleep next to her at the minute as she’s just in her own room for the last few days plus she’s a little unwell with cold. Still, it means I get to use moonlight mode on my Thrunite TN4A when I check on her during the night if she stirs…..

Very generous giveaway Martin, thank you.

And this is an actual pic…….. obviously without flash or flashlight….

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When I look to the left Right Now, I see my old 13” TV that also sits on my desk. – The News is on.

Hey – Thanks Martin!

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If I look left right now I see my very comfy, snoring Rottweiler! (on HER sofa lol!) Big Smile

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I’m in! When I look to my left I see my printer.


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Nice photo from no lights in finland, but not suceed to encloced it here, from left side

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To my left is a 5’ tall, 4’ wide stainless steel toolbox. Thank you Martin, for this giveaway!

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To my left I have my trusty Cal 2s, some 100lb spectra line I’m using for lanyards and wrapping, my little TF SA-2 with it’s new little wrap at the back, a China ceramic knife that is mostly a letter opener and a good ol’ Pilot G2 0.38. And the scene is nicely lit with my F13.

Co-owner/Engineer at STO Flashlights.

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To my left is a white ceiling with two lights and a sprinkler.

Congratulations on the 3K.

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That is one sweet giveaway!!! Love

To my left:

Naaaaaa -wrong animal. This is on my left

-caught in one of its usual plotting moments. Plotting something like, jumping from the back of the sofa to my crotch (12kg MaineCoon concentrated in two front paws ... Yell), or to walk all over the laptop keyboard when I go to get some coffee.

It would be dandy if birds pooped candy ::
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I’m in! As I look left, I see my sleeping 6 month old daughter.


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G'Day Herr Martin,  Smile


I'm in.

When I look to my left I see a big mess, and when I look to my right I see an even Bigger mess. Yell

Summary: wherever I look there is a HUGE mess. The only exception being straight ahead where I see the BLF forum on my monitor.  Wink


Thank you Very Much,

Best Regards,


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I am in! Congrats on 3k posts! On my left I see only a white wall. Boring, yes I know. Smile Here is a picture of it:

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Good idea for a GAW, thank you.

On the left I can look out of the window and I see only darkness

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I’ll stay out of this one but would like to congratulate you for the 3k posts. Thanks you for the great deals, and the very generous giveaway and wish that your employment situation may improve soon.

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I see a hallway to my left Smile

Thanks for the opportunity!

 photo 599a9b44-4bb1-4f5e-9f36-00f1541f3f52_zpsnedgkrmh.jpg!

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3000 posts. Shocked

That’s very generous of you to spend $100 on a giveaway! 0:)

Midnight in England, I’m in bed.

You can see my bedroom curtains.

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Congrats on the 3K
On my left is the window and it’s raining outside.