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Just spotted this on the clusons website is this just a convoy c8 with different branding and a bigger price tag????


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Fairly certain that’s not a Convoy. And that price !! Jeepers. Noob trap.

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If you are looking to buy a C8 light, cell & charger you could buy a very good C8, good cell & good charger for about £20.
Thorfire C8s http://www.amazon.co.uk/ThorFire-Flashlight-Cycling-Camping-Hunting/dp/B... £12.79 after discount code.
Charger Liitokala Lii-100 http://www.gearbest.com/chargers/pp_272183.html £2.81 after discount code.
Both of the above are well respected on this forum with good reviews & together cost £15.60 leaving just enough for a good cell if you look.
This package would, i imagine, be at least as good as the Clulite for less than half the price.
I have the light & charger & for the money can“t fault them.


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Wasn’t really planning on buying one just noticed while looking it looks like a C8. What is the throw
Like from a C8???


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My C8s shine 100m easy
I bought them beause I read a C8 (good one from Convoy for example) is a must have.
A nice all rounder, well thought throug package, modding can be done, parts are available, and ordering from Simon gives you a lot of options, color tint group mode, it is ordering a custom made A brand light for a budget price, hard to resist Smile

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Cheap relabelled ultrafire c8 at an insane price.

Just another day in the world of dodgy chinese marketing.

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HereAgainAgain wrote:
Fairly certain that’s not a Convoy. And that price !! Jeepers. Noob trap.

HaHa! Just looked and saw this:
Our economically priced 1000 lumens torch.

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This doesn’t look any different from the C8 clones that you can find on AliExpress for £3.25 (apart from the price tag)!

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What are the thoughts on this?



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No idea, would not buy the set because of the included batteries and charger. I would go this route KD C8 or this route Convoy C8 . Both have good drivers, regulated to around 3 amps and good modes… no blinkies!


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Cliffdenyer wrote:
What are the thoughts on this?http://m.banggood.com/Ultrafire-C8-CREE-XM-L-T6-1300LM-5Modes-LED-Flashlight-Suit-p-912655.html

overpriced light, no name batteries (dangerous and low capacity) and no name possible dangerous charger

go with

and enjoy the performance of quality flashlight parts

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(Not shilling, just using someone I know and “trust” for pricing references…)

If you want a real Convoy C8 with a nice LED for $18.86 plus a reputable, multiply-useful charger for $4.87, that would leave enough in your Budget for a sock full of top-quality 18650s.

You’d save about four bucks (but enjoy it more) if you built it yourself.

You would likely waste your money on an overpriced, rebranded clone. But if you do buy one, please do feel free to review it here!

If you recycle laptop battery packs, you could double your C8-plus-charger order and have one to share. It’s nice to share. Or to spare.

If you care…

Are you there?

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I’ve bought 3 C8’s from FastTech and all are great. They have literally dozens of options to choose from, lights and emitters are are authentic, prices are good, and shipping is relatively fast for a Mega-Store. If you don’t buy directly from Simon this is where I’d recommend too.
GB-BG-Ebay-Amazon are a gamble on what you’ll get and fakes have been known from them.