*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

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*BLF LT1 Lantern Project) (updated Nov,17,2020)

New Update section is here


Sorry & my appologies to everyone, things have been a bumpy road getting settled in the new house and trying to get back on track. I will be doing my best to get back into working on the LT1-Mini, a 21700 LT1-HD, (or LT2 model) and possibly a LT1-AA variant as Barry mentioned. Bear with me, its been a rough past couple years with the pandemic, big move, life changes, etc. I will be adding a videl soon of the great directional shade designed & built by member Big_Sam, (see link: https://budgetlightforum.com/node/76993 He has a great shade/deflector design!

Nov,17,2020 > I move into my new house this Thursday coming! once i get settled in, i will take some new photos of the LT1s in use, and get back into the LT1-Mini design. Thumbs Up

Sept,27,2020 > Hi Everyone! I have been absent lately due to many things, especially the last couple months with packing things, down-sizing, ans selling my house. I have a closing date for Oct 15th, and will be moving east to Newfoundland at that time. After i get moved, re-settled in a new place i will returning to here a lot more to continue the LT1 and LT1 Mini Projects. In the mean time, for the next couple months i will be living off-grid in my 23 foot RV trailer, and will create some new offgrid living experience videos. Big Smile – Dennis

June,02,2020) Update everyone, I have been in a bit of a hiatus lately but have a lot on my plate with life’s struggles, financial struggles, job struggles, etc. I do hope to get back to BLF as soon as i can to continue the LT1-Mini project, and future Lantern projects. Thumbs Up

- Dennis / DBSARlight

Vestureofblood has posted his review on his Youtube channel of the BLF LT1 Lantern! Here: >>

UPDATE,March,7,2020-We got updates on the third production batch of LT1’s will be available for purchase in the end of March or early April. Colored versions are still unknown, due to the anodizing factory issues, a shortage of resources at this time. >> Post #10820

Video added of the Bronze LT1 color sample lantern! >>

Feb,18,2020. -For those asking about the BLF LT1-Mini project it has its own main project topic here: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/71516

Feb,06,2020, -While codes have been going out and orders placed, shipped & received for the LT1 (black anodized model) we are still awaiting news on the colored versions for those still waiting to order those units.

Jan,28,2020, -added a separate Reviews/links topic thread for all LT1 Lantern reviews and tests. >> Here: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/71393

Dec,30,2019 -sbslider added a very informative post # 10315 here. >> http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1606160#comment-1606160

by-sbslider on the chip bridging for max output:

- The LT1 has seven current regulator chips in parallel with each set of LEDs, 7 for the NW LEDs, and 7 for the WW LEDs. In the design of the LT1, 3 of these driver chips are always connected. The other 4 have the driver control signal brought out to a set of pads, one set for WW and one set for NW. These pads have numbers next to them, 7, 6, 5, and the last set has both 4 and 3 next to it. I don’t know why the 3 is there, as there is no option to connect or disconnect driver 3. For the remainder of this I will refer to the pads with 4 and 3 near it simply as 4.

The LT1 should come from the factory with the pads 4 and 5 soldered together. This configuration produces roughly 600 lumens maximum if I recall correctly. The way the board is designed, the pads at 4 must be connected for the remaining pad connections to be effective. The connections are all in series. I don’t understand why it was designed this way, that may change of future. If your LT1 came with pads 4 and 5 connected, you are all set. If not, then connecting both is recommended. Methods of connection will be discussed below.

If you want more light from your LT1, you can connect pads 6 (one for NW, one for WW). If you want even more light, then connect pads 7. If you connect the pads 7 without 6, you will not get any more light, pads 6 must be connected for the connection at pads 7 to be effective. This is because the connections were made in series for reasons I don’t understand.

There are two methods I know that are effective at making these connections. One is solder, presumably with a soldering iron. The other is to use a pencil and fill in the space between the pads with graphite. As mentioned above, the connection being made is the control line for the driver. Very little current flows through this connection, and the graphite provides enough of a connection for the signal to get all the way to the driver. I have experimented with making the connection at pads 6 and verified by measuring the current drawn from the batteries that making this connection with a #2 pencil is effective. Someone asked what hardness of pencil. I just used one in a drawer at home. Just fill in the space between the pads with graphite. The advantages of using a pencil to make this connection include being able to remove the connection with an eraser (verified in testing), as well as not requiring special tools.

Dec.13,2-19 BLF member maukka has done very detailed graph testing of the tint ranging & CRI of the LT1 Lantern, can be viewed in post #10015 here: http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1599818#comment-1599818

Dec,5,2019 BLF member GreenCampfire has been doing some good run-time testing of the LT1 lantern in factory configuration with graphs, the testing can be viewed here: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/70270

Nov,27,2:50 AM-EST,2019: Sofirn has announced they have sent out 1 code to everyone on the Group-Buy List! (3000 codes) in Post number # 9738) if you have not received the code for your first LT1 lantern, please contact Sofirn via PM. Sofirn will begin to start back over the list for sending more GB codes for those on the list for multiple LT1 units.

Nov,26,2019: -For those still worrying about codes, Sofirn will send out ONE code first to everyone on the 3000-GB list, (to ensure everyone can buy at least 1 lantern first) once everyone has 1 code and purchased a unit, then they will go over the list again and begin sending out more codes to those on the GB list for 2, 3, and more LT1s.

Nov,5,2019: AmishBill has created a easy to understand cheat-sheet for the steps and procedures to configure the LT1 Andruil programming! Its worth a look and save to print out. (see Post #9151 on page #305 for the cheat-sheet post.)

-New video upload: November,9,2019, -Basic operation 101 of the Sofirm BLF LT1 lantern Andruil firmware:

-Next video here, describing how i re-aligned the bail handle 90 degrees to the on/off switch.

IMPORTANT NOTE: -For anyone who use the flat tops with the slightly raised positive top cap on the cells that does work in the LT1, be VERY careful of that trim-pot just inside the ring on the driver. when threading the base back on, the wrapping on flat top cells will be extremely close to that trip pot, and can actually rub/hook onto it, either tearing the wrapping or breaking the trim-pot off the driver. I tested some of my flat top cells, and a couple of them actually scraped on that trip pot.
Ok, here is the short video of where i discovered the trimmer pot hooked the edge of the wrap on a Pana CGR18650E (MH12210) Laptop pull.

UPDATE: -For those worrying about the Banggood offer jumping ahead of the line, its now corrected and their pricing is not the group buy price. Sofirn as contacted Banggood and corrected the issue.
-Also i want to ask everyone who are worried about not getting their codes, please do not worry or panic, and have patience. Sofirn is doing a top-notch job of getting the LT1 rolling into production, and no company can produce 3000+ units over night, it will take TIME, over the next couple+ months. Everyone on the initial Group buy list will get the codes & orders for the number of lanterns you have asked for, but again i will ask please have patience. Try not to post to many replies asking where your code or LT1 is, just give it time, as it takes time to build the components, assemble the components, build them, test them, package them, process the order codes and contact the GB list members, and ship them.

UPDATE: Oct,28,2019 Ok for those trying to use the tricky USB C-to-C type chargers, they will not work at this time without using a USB-A to C adapter. some of the new C to C type chargers have a circuit that senses a certain resistance on one of the channels of the type-C pin out, and not all of them will charge the LT1. However most every common standard wall USB charger (with the common A-type socket) will charge the LT1 as the lantern comes with a C to A charge cord. As will most every car adapter, solar panel, power bank,(with the A-port) and any USB source will charge the lantern fine. Just use any standard source, as a simple 2-Amp wall adapter will charge the LT1 with no problems. future models may have the USB resistor in place to satisfy those wanting to use a CtoC type phone charger. We didn’t build the LT1 to have a complicated fast-charging circuitry like new phones have, we wanted to keep costs down, simple, and reliable/compatible with most possible USB power sources where a lantern is most likely to be used, (camping, off-grid, cottages, cabins, power outages, RVs, and so on where in most cases without electricity a digital/smart/fast/adaptive charger is useless and not going to be used. It was built with a proven Lithium-Ion controller chip, (TP5100) there was no slow or fast charging intended for the BLF LT1, it has a simple, regulated, Li-Ion charging system that can be configured to charge its four 18650 cells at either 0.75 amps or 1.5 amps. Using a complex, smart-fast charger will be of no different benefit to the LT1 than using a good generic 2+ Amp USB wall charger.

UPDATE: Oct,23,2019
Possible colors added! >> Go vote on your favorite color, and we will work with Sofirn to see what is possible.) POLL POST IS HERE:>> http://budgetlightforum.com/node/69644

The colors based from the Pantone standard color charts)

UPDATE: Oct,22,2019 -The initial GroupBuy lot of the 3000 LT1 units Sofirm has alotted is now filled. We will update as Sofirn begins to fill the orders, and update if LT1’s have not been claimed or Sofirn extends the GB list to open for any new interests.

ADDED Video of the custom possible accessories for the LT1:
Ok, here is the video explaining the accessories i been testing & using with the LT1 test lantern, (and original 2 prototypes)

The accessories i show in the video are listed below.

-Top hat reflector shade (for directing light down for overhead hanging, reading at a table, etc in the same manner as Coleman Lanterns shades do.

-Side directional shade ( for directing & increasing light in one direction to the side, (for creating a wider directional flood.

-paracord lanyard (for easier carrying, hanging from lines, branches, over head loops, tent loops, etc.

-charging cable (6 foot USB-C ( a heavy-duty longer charging & power cord for more remote charging & powering.

-Charging cable 12 volt direct Cig-socket ( for charging the lantern from 12-volt DC sources, like large power units, banks, car, RVs, etc.

-USB-C to 2.1×5mm adapter for 12 volt charging (adapter for connecting any of the common 2.1mm DC cord plugs to the lantern

-padded storage bag (for storage, packing in duffles, camp bags, etc. to protect the lantern from scratches, dings, etc.

-plastic wide base (To add stability & grip for uneven or angled surfaces

-Cap base for the lantern head when used without battery tube. ( to protect the driver contacts when using the lantern without the battery tube powered from USB-C sources.

-Accessory storage bag (for storing all the accessories.

I need to practice to record better videos, so bear with me in the video, also turn your volume up a bit, as my phone camera mic is not the best, and need to invest in a better video camera setup for these videos, and slow my talking down a bit. Big Smile

UPDATE: Oct,21,2019 -Sofirn confirmed that the interest list is to be closed at 3,000. After that number is reached SigShooter will not be adding any more people, However Sofirn said that anyone wanting a lantern at the group price can PM them so I assume that the price will still be available for some amount of time.

UPDATE: Oct,18,2019 -Sofirn will make sure everyone gets their LT1s at the group price regardless of the loss of a few to outside buyers at the GB due to the ordering loophole. They are planning to change the system to maker it more secure.

- October10,2019 – IMPORTANT PLEASED READ >>
- From SigShooter) in order to simplify the buying process Sofirn will be directly contacting each person on the interest list so I won’t be sending out PM’s with the buying instructions.
Sofirn has decided to limit group buy purchases to 3000 units

>> READ Post #7717 >>> http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1569123#comment-1569123
>> AND Post #7718 >>> http://budgetlightforum.com/comment/1569127#comment-1569127

The Group Buy is currently ACTIVE, and expect messages to be sent out very soon with buying instructions and GB codes. As of we know at the moment, the first batch of 500 is ready to order as per Sofirn’s Store links above, and the second batch is in production now. We will post updates as soon as we get them here and at the top of the BLF LT1 main topic on the first page.

- October,10,2019, 12:05 AM>> Codes are beginning to be sent out to test the first orders, then SigShooter will begin to send out codes progressively based on the GB Interest list starting with the first batch of 500, then the next & next after.

- October,10,2019, 12:55 AM>>
- – There is a separate topic handling the BLF Purchase/Follow up information, it can be found HERE: >> http://budgetlightforum.com/node/69397

- October,9,2019>>
First batch of the BLT LT1 production units are now available on the Sofirm AE store! >> https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000238008009.html?spm=2114.12010612.814...

>>> The GroupBuy codes will be released very soon

-> the BLF LT1 current manual is found here: >>
( UPDATED & added by Lux-Perpetua – Oct,4,2019)
- Both the English and German manual are now finished and ready to print. You can download it from the sharepoint.(link above) This will be the revision (10/04/2019) that Sofirn should be using as of batch #2. It will be forwarded to Sofirn by Monday next week, i.e. right after CND celebration has ended)

(manual was updated with help of Lux-Perpetua and other contributing members)
- October,9,2019>>
Ok, for anyone in, or near the Toronto, Ontario Canada area, BLF member Sunnysunsun has planned, & set up a meet/dinner night for October 25th , at 6PM, (final location to be announced soon in downtown Toronto) I will be at this meet, and will be bringing the BLF LT1 production lantern along with some other lanterns and flashlights. For anyone who is in the area & would like to meet us, chat, & see the BLF LT1 in person, the story behind it’s design, this is a chance. So far there are 5 or so members attending, and if anyone else in the area or near by who want to drive out to do the dinner meet with us, you are welcome. We will be discussing the BLF LT1 project, then going to a location nearby afterwards, to do some beam shots with our best thrower flashlights. The restaurant location and details will be confirmed over the next day or two. Contact Sunnysunsun or myself for more info, and Sunnysunsun has set up a Discord chat for the dinner meet. We will be bringing lots of lights, I will be bringing both the V1, V2 prototypes, and the BLF LT1 production lantern, with some of the accessories i been working on for it, and bringing some of my favorite monster flashlights, both the OldLumens custom build BLF Contest lights, and maybe some other lights. Thumbs Up

Accessory update!
Ok, since i finished beating the bits out of the test production prototype, i been testing, building, and coming up with the best accessories i can list. Some are based from other BLF members requests, and then i refined various ideas of them. My favorite accessory list would include:

- Top-hat reflector shade
- side directional shade
- paracord lanyard
- charging cable (6 foot USB-C
- Charging cable for 12-volt car socket
- USB-C to 2.2×5mm adapter for 12 volt charging
- padded storage bag
- plastic wide base stand
- cap base for the lantern head when used without battery tube.
- silicone folding top shade
- Yellow-white top night shade
- standard top shade for directing light down.

Below are photos all of the above accessories i built & tested that work great for many purposes on the BLF LT1 lantern. I will be doing a Youtube video soon, explaining in detail each accessory, The testing, their use, and how they were made.

All the accessories shown here, including the LT1 neoprene soft pouch.

Below is the side directional shade.

Kane, the Sofa Wolf approves of the LT1 Accessories. Big Smile

(These are other idea accessories that could be a useful item:)
- Hard storage case
- 18350 short tube
- Spike post with 1/4-20 thread
- mini tripod
- 10-watt solar charger panel

- Sept,8,2019 >> GB list is updated at the bottom of this post #1. (Additions in post #6810)

– Aug,18,2019 >> – As the production of the new BLF LT1 Lantern is approved and Sofirn is preparing to begin the production, they have announced the Group-Buy Price! > For the BLF LT1 lantern, ( without-batteries) the GB price is to be $49.99 USD. > For the BLF LT1 lantern, (with four sofirn 3000mAh 18650 batteries) the GB price is to be $62.99 USD.

There is no need to mention which option you want, (lantern with or without batteries) as once your name is on the list you can chose which option when you order your lantern(s) after the GB code and link is sent to you.

- Aug,19,2019 >>

PLEASE READ For anyone who’s expressed an interest in getting a lantern please be sure that your PM setting is ENABLED, (the default when you created an account in BLF). If you have disabled it then you won’t be getting a PM with the buying instructions.

- Aug,21,2019 >> : Here is the video i did last night during our power outage, showing the heat difference between the 5-7135 on maximum and the 7-7135 on maximum. (the 5-7135 test unit reached around 40 degrees Celsius after 2+ hours running on maximum 100% at tint mixed around 4000K (all LEDs on) While the 7-7135 test unit reached close to 58 ~ 59 degrees Celsius after 2+ hours running on maximum 100% at tint mixed around 4000K, all LEDs on)

I’m always doing long term testing. After the power outage a few nights back, the test unit after running for 3+ hours on maximum, next day the cells were at 3.89 volts. it took only 5 and half hours of sunlight to fully recharge them with the Eceen charger. Again reinforcing the viability of the LT1 with a good solar charger being an indefinite light source for years off the grid. Big Smile


I forgot to add the images of the production LT1 with the logo re-located to under the switch, and the center screw change to a stronger, more secure stainless steel bolt instead of the aluminum screw from the test sample.
- The image below on the right shows the center stainless steel hex bolt which will be used in the production model & stronger than the test aluminum one.


- The LT1 version of Toykeeper’s Andruil firmware for the lantern: ( also larger resolution in Toykeepr’s post # 6884

(Below is the entire original BLF LT1 project story and past updates from the start, bottom of this main post the current Group-Buy interest list)

-This began as an idea noted to me from Southland, and as a lantern guru i was immediately interested. Along with Kronological joined in on this as he has the contacts with manufacturers & sellers along with great Group Buys, it all began.

I am building somewhat a “prototype”, a lantern based from common components we all are familiar with, and this will be designed with a a lot of room for modding for those who wish. As we all know 99.99 % of all LED lanterns available commercially are absolute crap in stock form, usually with crap tints, inefficient garbage 5mm LEDs, low run times, bad modes, made from cheap plastic & components, low output, very glarey on the eyes when at eye levels, the bad list goes on. I have some 125 + LED lanterns in my collection, and at least 95 % of them are modded in some way at different levels. Almost none of them however have the “perfect” set of perimeters to serve as a perfect lantern for camping, power outages, survival, long term use, compactness, durability, output balanced with run times, good useful modes for lanterns, etc.

What i will be building here is a compact, durable lantern with the best perimeters & features that my best lanterns have combined into one, using known components, to combine the best run times, output, lighting tint, least glare, compactness, & features. It will be LiIon 18650 based, can run a single 1, 2, 3 or even 4 18650 cells, all will be in parallel for safety & increased run times, have the best warmer high CRI tints suited for continuous lantern use, compact, sturdy, durable, great modes, zero-parasitic drain when off, etc, I will start with the best battery tube for that purpose i could think of, the popular SkyRay King.

Of all the different drivers, LED tints, etc. i have modded into many lanterns & tested, this project will use the Nanjq 105C Q-Lite Rev. driver, with the fourth-star set for using the moonlight, Low,Medium, and High modes. The best tint range for lantern use i found to be between the 2700K to 3500K warmer white range, (Warmer whites are much less “glarey” on the eyes, have much better CRI than the cold whites, and as tested by independent university lab studies warmer colored light to amber light can reduce eye fatigue, & oddly reduce stress & hypertension during longer exposures (as lanterns run continuously as the main ambient light.)

face it, as humans we lived for thousands of years lit by warm, amber colored fire, lamps, and the sun, not by blueish light from fluorescent or cold white LEDs. (as in the fact that the blueish, gloomy, gray light from cloudy days, & mercury vapor glarey street lighting can be depressing, while the warmer light from the sun does the opposite.

I will start with a XM-L 6C tint, (3500K warm white) and may switch it over to a 7D4 tint later for testing, (close to 2700K incandescent) Others may prefer neutral tints, & i do have some lanterns with 4000K & 4500K tints, but from experience the most preferred tint range from people that seen my lanterns in use at night seem to prefer the warmer tints. I will be using a clickie switch, to avoid electronic switches to avoid any parasitic drain. The Q-Lite driver will also have a reduced number of 7135s, most likely three from my other lantern tests. Keep in mind, from testing i found most XM-L2 & XP-L LEDs are most efficient between the .700MA to 1 amp range, producing the best lumens versus amps usage balance. For lanterns, ( unlike directional flashlights & throwers) over-driving an LED for more lumens don’t seem to be as beneficial as getting the best run-times, as lanterns will run continuously for many hours at a time, and need to possibly last for days, & even weeks on single charges. (some of my lanterns modded with a 2-7135 Q-lite 105C (700mah on high) on High-mode driving an XM-L2 6C & 7D4 tints, running on four average 2200mah 18650 laptop-pulls in parallel, will run 20 plus hours continuously on highest mode, (a full weekend of camping use) and produce the light close to that of a 60 watt incan household light bulb.

This build will be a design variant that can be built in mass numbers by a manufacturer, and allow a lot of room for those who wish to mod it for more output, tints, etc. It will be also “down firing” meaning the LED will be mounted on a heatsink from the top facing down, this method produces the best side & down direction lighting and the least eye glare when used on a table, shelf, or hung from a tree or ceiling. Most cheap LED lanterns bought tend to be up-firing, and basically glares in the eyes when on a lower table, and practically useless when hung outdoors in a tree or for camping. ( also face it, there are no ceilings outdoors to “bounce” light off for up-firing lanterns or tail-standing flashlights. ( i will get into the disadvantages of using diffusers lon regular flashlights later.

- In the first photo below, is an SRK clone host, a Q-Lite, LED, and some basic common components that i will begin with on this Lantern project. ( including a sturdy acrylic jar that will be used for the “globe shade” of the lantern.
Second photo, shows the first mod to the SRK clone host, (i band-sawed the top section of the SRK off just above the threadded LED plate, then polished it smooth. The third inset-pic shows the basic start to the lantern build idea.

  • For those interested in a possible Group buy on a manufactured variant of this lantern when its completed, let us know here.

I will post more on this as the project continues with more photos as it progresses. Smile

UPDATES / September 2017 – Field-Test a success! (read below) – the prototype was a hit at the camp this weekend. It was the smallest of all the modded bright LED lanterns we had on the trip, ( it could hang from a belt carabiner easily, and fit in a hoodie or jacket pocket as we tested. – it was also the brightest with best tint of all the LED lanterns we had there. (i did the field test with a XP-L V3 5D tint emitter, that has probably the best neutral tint available from a CREE emitter for this type of use) also it emitted the light in the widest direction range than any of the other lanterns in the test at the camp, ( widest angle of light emitted from down to up with the down-firing LED location and the flat white base beneath the emitter)
For run time, it was as expected, it ran the entire 4 night trip on a single set of four 18650 2500mah cells, (an average of 3+ hours per night on high-mode continuously, from 9 pm to midnight or 1am) (On this field-test its Q-Lite Driver was set to use two 7135 chips, for average of 700mah on high-mode, which gave the light the best balance of output & long run time that is needed for these types of uses.)

- Here below is the BLF/SRK lantern prototype (the one at the far right of the photo) compared to my two best & brightest modded LED/Li-Ion lanterns in my arsenal, along with a Coleman 321 Easi-Lite Naptha Camp Lantern on the far left of the pic.) The 2nd from left is a coleman LED modded with an XM-L 3D tint & 3-mode driver, the 3rd-from-left is a Defiant modded with with 30 warm white (3000K) Luxeons and Q-Lite driver with 2-7135s:

- Below photo showing the BLF Lantern prototype on the log in the center of the photo, ( on high mode)

*+UPDATES below
Here is the basic Specs of the prototype:

- one, two, three or four 18650 cells. ( soon possibility able to run on single 26650 or 32650)
- four modes, ( moonlight, Low, Medium, High. – Zero parasitic drain with lockout. – easily moddable. – 7A3 natural warm white XP-L
- Glareless Down-firing design, with flat-white up-reflector.
- can be hanged or tabled upright or upside down, with balanced all-direction degree flood.
- Tested Runtimes & output: (***have not Sphere-tested the lumens yet) >High / 7 hours (equivalent to 40-watt Incandescent Lamp >Medium / 41.5 hours ( roughly a 20-watt Incan. > Low / a month ( same as a 3-watt night light) >Moonlight / so far un-measurable, but estimate 3 to 4 months continuous based on amp-draw from four 3000mah 18650’s in parallel. ( i cant wait that long for the test of run time.
- Beer-can sized, able to fit in jacket pocket or pack-sack pocket.

UPDATES #2 – February,23,2016

Below image collage shows next steps on this prototype build:

- Next i stripped all the junk of the original driver plate. (will clean it up later before i install new components) ( IMAGE #1)
- As this will be a mechanical clicking instead of an electronic switch, (to avoid parasitic drain, and better adaptable for future mods.) i will have to modify the driver body section of the lantern to adapt a rubber clickie switch boot and switch. (IMAGE #2 )
- I bored out the original electronic switch hole to fit the boot, but i made sure the hole is slightly smaller than the boot, so it seals water resistant/tight in the body. I also counter-sunk the boot below the body surface, (notice the counter sink chamfer, familiar with Zebralights) to help prevent accidental turning on in packsacks, camp bags, etc and protect the switch boot from damage. ( IMAGE #3)
- Here with boot in place. ( IMAGE #4)
- The switch will mount on a bracket i will install on the original stripped driver plate on the inside. ( IMAGE #5)

UPDATES #3 – April,1,2016

Ok so more progress on the BLF Lantern Prototype!

  • Below image descriptions:
    - after stripping the original SRK driver board bare, i dremeled it clean of the traces, except for two pads to solder the switch back plate to, and the positive & Negative trace contacts. (IMAGE #1)
    - i then soldered the steel angle back to hold the clicky switch in place. Also added the wires and support to mount the popular Nanjq 105c Q-Lite Rev. driver in place. i removed 5 of the 7135s to lower the amps for the LED emitter to bring the LED into that “sweet spot” of its most efficient amp range vs. output to increase the run times in all modes. ( it would be easy to leave more 7135s on the driver for more output, but at a sacrifice of run times and loss in heat. with this design there are many options of modding the lantern with custom firmware, modes, even different drivers. ( IMAGE #2)
    - Here showing the driver & clickie switch in place. (IMAGE #3)
    - This design also has tons of extra space between the driver plate & the lantern head, to add a TP4056 built in charger, ( to charge the four 18650 cells in parallel. This configuration woudl take longer to charge the cells, but some advantages are that its much safer to charge them this way, (unlike the Supbeam X40 built-in charger imbalanced charging issue fiasco last year we had to endure.) also each cell will charge balanced with each other in parallel and a lower charging amps, helping to extend the life of the cells.
    For off grid use, a 7-watt USB solar panel phone charger will charge the four cells in this manner in a day’s worth of sun. But for now i will not install the charger until i get the Prototype lantern completed and testing is performed. ( IMAGE #4)

*Below image Descriptions:

- Ok next is the top cap of the lantern, which will serve as the heat sink for the LED emitter. I used a solid block of billet Aluminum, then machined it down to sort of match the Lantern body and fit to the top of the Acrylic lantern lens that will be used. The center is left protruding down to serve as the base mount for the LED star. This is a hefty, solid chunk of aluminum, so it will make a great heat-sink to allow some modding of driving the LED of your choice with more amps if so desired. I also drilled holes on each side for the para-cord handle/lanyard. ( IMAGE #1, #2, and #3)
- i painted the head with a high-solids enamel paint, then baked it on in a toaster oven at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. ( its not as durable as anodizing like on the original SRK body, but it is tough and looks very close to the anodized aluminum.

I forgot to take a photo of the acrylic cup (used for the lantern lens) epoxied & bolted to the original SRK threaded Star mounting plate, and will do so later)

- so far shows the Lantern prototype before i wire in the LED , secure the lantern top, and add the Para-cord lanyards. (I decided i will start with an XP-L U5 7A3 tint for the first tests, as they are very close to that of an Incandescent 40-watt household bulb. :

UPDATES #4 – April,3,2016

Ok below is the first test of the beam profile of the Prototype lantern! (Test done 3 hours ago tonight, dark outside, and all lights turned off in the house, camera shutter settings are close to what the human eye would see it.)

- Here is the lantern on “High mode” , XP-L U5 7A3 tint / Q-Lite Rev driver with three 7135 chips / Four CGE18650CG light green laptop pulls, (all tested at 2200mah avg. The lantern is on the top of the red popcorn machine on the island in the kitchen. Here you can see the lantern emits nearly the same amount of light up, as it does upside-down, with a lower percentage out the sides at 90 degrees to cut eye glare to a minimum. The tint of the 7A3 is a beautiful warm white with good color rendition and warm hue. On high it appears to illuminate the room equally to a 40 watt incandescent light bulb.

- Below i moved the BLF Lanternto the top of the fridge:

Now below are indoor beamshots of the lantern in the same spot, but one is right side up, and the other is upside down, showing how “balanced” the directional output is. ( Red arrows shows lantern inverted & right side up)
Unlike 95 % of all factory lanterns which has the LEDs upfiring causing glare and almost no downward illumination, this design works both great in a room and outdoors while reducing eye-glare which is a big issue with bad factory designs.

—- More beam shot photos coming soon, some comparing the prototype to my other “best” stock & modded LED lanterns, to Electric lamps with incandescent bulbs, and to gas camping lanterns, both indoors and outdoors. In late May this prototype will get 4 days of testing on a wilderness camping trip planned too.
I will also do a tint test, using some different tints to get a feel of what will work best. ( though it is possible for a manufacturer/seller to offer a production version in various Tint & LED choices. I will also draw up a specification sheet and blueprint drawing so that Kronos can work with a manufacturer on a production version. Smile

UPDATE: Oct,8,2017: – A TP4056 type USB Micro charging circuit has been added to the lantern prototype.
With full depleted cells, the lantern pulls 1.06 amps from the USB charger, and that drops as the cells charge to full. (this gives roughly 250mA to each cell so its a slower charge, but will be better for the cells longevity in the long run. Right now the Lantern will charge depleted cells, (below 3 volts) to full in a day charging on a 1.0~2.0A wall charger. I am currently testing the lantern Run-times per night versus charge times on a 11-watt solar USB folding charger per day, to test its ability as an off grid light for indefinite use.

Below is a cross-section of the Prototype lantern design as of mid October. I am currently redesigning the top section of the lantern to change the assembly design, ( to use a single center bolt/post to hod the top together, and use two LED emitters on each side of that post instead of the one possibly.

UPDATE, Nov,13,2017: – Driver design being worked on by DEL , With Lantern driver, USB charger, AND power bank function! ( More details can be found in Post #736

Updates: October,23,2017 Solar charger testing over the last week or so has been a great success. I used my new Eceen 10-Watt USB folding solar charger to charge the lantern each day after using it each night. After running the lantern on High-mode for 4+ hours each night, the 10-watt Solar charger recharged the lantern to full each day, ( back to 4.18 ~ 4.20 volts each time) after every night running. (voltage of the cells after the uses varied between 3.5 to 3.7 volts) only one day was cloudy the whole day, thus not giving the lantern a full charge, but did top it up to 3.97 volts. This means the lantern can be run indefinitely as an off-grid light source with a minimum of a 10 watt solar charger each day.

Update: April,12,2018 My apologies to everyone for the lack of updates, as mentioned above i did a job change, preparing for separation from my ex, and dealing with life’s hard times over the last few months. I am working on the prototype in the garage however, and will have the updated & simpler prototype ready to show, and with a cross section & specs info to see if we can get this rolling soon. With the disappearance of TheMiller from BLF also made it more difficult, and will need help with the rest of the remaining team and any help from new team members expertise to get this into a production model would be good. My experience with talking to manufacturers is not much as compared to what TheMiller was able to do as he did for the BLF Q8, he was a great key member who have the knowledge to work that step. Have patience everyone, I am still pushing on this project to make it a reality, regardless of the delays..

UPDATES,April,16,2018 – Post #1169 So with the help of fellow member here on BLF, RobertB and Miranda of Thorfire, we acquired a Q8 to use as a new prototype for the BLF lantern. it has been discussed before that building the lantern as compatible with the already awesome BLF Q8, will reduce costs especially if we work with Thorfire to build the production model, as they already have the blueprints and design criteria for the Q8.
- i do need to talk to talk to the developers & designers of the Q8 driver, as it may be possible to use that driver for the lantern, if i can figure out how to reduce the maximum output amps on it maximum modes to around 1.2 amps, ( or even up to 1.5 ~ 1.7 amps to the LEDs then somehow have it step down either by timing, or wired remote temperature sensor mounted on the lantern head. As we all like the mode-groups & programming of the Q8, they woudl probably work great for the lantern too. (only issue is if that will cut costs down, and if we can add the charging input, (and possibly the USB powerbank feature)
So once i receive the Q8, it will be focused on as the prototype for the BLF lantern. I hope the team from the Q8 development can chime in here with help & suggestions.
I have already spoke to Miranda of Thorfire on the thoughts of working with them to build the ultimate BLF lantern.+*

UPDATES,April,20,2018 – Post#1179
The Q8 sample/mule arrived for the updated prototype. I have already torn down the head, and have the driver out, and doing measurements of where to cut the head down to incorporate the new lantern shade/lens and center support post. First thing is i need some guidance on what to do with the Q8 driver to reduce its maximum output in all the high modes down to 1.5 amps possibly? I could leave it as s, but with the high output current in the lantern running continuous it would overheat the LEDs & lantern head very, very quickly and likely cook the LEDs or melt the lens attached to the solid aluminum head. I plan on the new prototype to run two down-firing LEDs on each side of the center support post/bolt instead of the single LED as in the 1st gen prototype. Also will use a frosted main shade/lens with no inner diffuser instead of the clear lens & inner diffuser as the 1st prototype does to reduce manufacturing costs. The lantern head I have already blue-printed and in thw works on the Q8 head design, right now i need to driver experienced team members ToyKeeper, DEL, and even possibly the original Q8 team to help directing me to modding the driver to reduce its peak current to the LEDs. As of now I will keep the current Narsil program in place for the first prototype lantern, using the #7 mode set. But we will look to Toykeeper to possibly add the extra good modes including the candle & sunset modes to the firmware later. More updates soon as i work on the structure of the Q8 head for the lantern Smile

UPDATES,April,30,2018-With Photos!
-Work is underway on the new Version-2.0 prototype, now based from the BLF Q8 body, using the Q8 illuminated switch. First, the new BLF Lantern prototype will be slightly shorter & more compact than the V1 design. It will also use a new center-post/bolt head design, which is stronger & simpler than the V1. The head top cap is thicker solid aluminum to help with better heat dissipation, and a new paracord lanyard attachment design. The new V2 also will use either two or four down-firing LED emitters, the first test of the prototype will be using the same star & XP-L emitters as in the Q8 flashlight, and will use the original Q8 driver, (once i figure out how to limit the peak amps to the LEDs.) for now with the Q8 firmware & modes. (until we can work out the new Lantern firmware programming with the addition of ToyKeeper’s Candle & sunset modes.)
This new design will make the lantern simpler to build, and hopefully reduce production costs, and with Thorfire the interested manufacturer, (been communicating with Bary & Miranda of Thorfire and they have expressed interest in this new BLF project) Thorfire already has the designs and schematics at their facilities for most of the parts that are common with the BLF Q8 flashlight. The completely new parts that will have to be blueprinted designed into production will be the head section, driver changes, firmware, and the addition of a USB charging capability. Below are photos of the new V2.0 Prototype. The new design will also use a moderately frosted main globe/lens instead of a clear one, and eliminate the second internal frosted diffuser globe.
I hope to have the V2 prototype functioning, and beginning field testing with it in 3 weeks when we go on a wilderness canoe trip at the end of may.

- The machined, solid aluminum head section (which will serve as the heat sing for the LED star(s)

Updates, May,7,2018
- Ok, I have the new lantern head for the V2 Q8-based prototype completed! I reflowed two 3000K XP-L emitters to the original modified Q8 copper star, (i only had two of these bare LEDs so i could not use all four pads on the star.)
Like the V1 design, i have used a full flat/matte white upper & lower plate light reflector, which works far better at increasing the output through 90 degrees of the lantern globe, while reducing the glare found in most other factory built LED lanterns on the market. Most lights you find on the market commercially make the mistake of using a chrome or shiny “reflector” causing an increase in glare, hard shadows, and does not really work to put it in simple terms. I have tested every possible surface type form gloss, eggshell, matte, chrome polished, and the full matte/flat white is the only one that emits the most lumens, reduces the most glare, and smooths out the hard-shadowing the best.
- So.. right now I am stuck at the driver, and how to safely lower to the maximum amps to the LEDs..

Below, is the new V2 Prototype head ready for driver modification & first testing, (take notice of the center post bolt design, Much stronger & simpler than the V1, and there is a “sleeve tube” over the center bolt that hides the LED star wire leads, ( the tube is also painted flat-white to aid in reflecting light 90 degrees out the sides”

Below showing the solid aluminum head, with the modified Q8 copper star with the two 3000K XP-L 7A LEDs mounted in place using screws & thermal paste, and the surrounding surface painted flat white on the head, along with the base painted the same flat white. This feature seems to create an increase in gathered light, as the light itself is reflected back & forth against each other, increasing the efficiency of the 360 degree output, and smoothing out the hard shadows in the process while still eliminating the eye glare found in most lanterns:

The lower photo is of the driver, whee I am currently bogged-down on how to lower the total amps while preserving all the Q8 modes for the tests, ( to roughly the equivalent of two or three 7135 chips, but not sure of how to do that yet.. ( Hinting for the masters of the Q8 driver design & build to chime in here, ( along with ToyKeeper as right now with all other team members MIA ToyKeeper is the only knowledgeable member we have helping with the BLF Lantern build for the driver & firmware part..

UPDATES, May,8,2018

- The V2 BLF Lantern prototype is now up & running! First tests are underway, (with measurements, comparisons to the V1 and other lanterns, etc.)

- I have yet to still install the TP4056 charger board & plug port, and wire than into the Q8 driver so it can be charged up via Solar panels, wall plug, or vehicle port like the V1 has. I may also change the green switch boot LEDs to a amber or orange LEDs, so that can serve better as a nightlight/firefly option when the lantern is off. SO far, the V2 seems to be slightly brighter on high mode (using the 5-mode group of the Q8 driver, & on high its drawing 1.05 amps from the four 18650 cells, which will give this lantern a run time average of 15 + hours , at around 600 ~ 650 lumens on high mode, using four 3500 mah cells from previous testing at that amp range in the V1 lantern & other modded lanterns i have.
Right now, the V2 has two 3000K XP-L 7A emitters, which gives it a more incandescent light similar to a regular filament light bulb, close to that of a 50 watt incan on high. ( the V1 currently has a single 4000K XP-L emitter.

( photos coming soon showing the smoother & more even light emittance of the V2 over the V1 with the new frosted main single globe/lens & dual emitters.)

- A new basic blueprint & design drawing is under way as well, which will need to be created as a finalized CAD for Thorfire to have the base to work from towards a production version. As for the final driver design & workings to add the charger option, that will require the help of those knowledgeable in that field, as ToyKeeper has worked on adding the Candle-mode and sunset mode for the lantern.

Below Showing the BLF Lantern V2 (on the left in the photo) giving first light, (on the Low mode) along side the V1 lantern on low mode.

Below you can see the warmer tint 3000K of the two XP-L emitters of the V2 on the left, , versus the 4000K single XP-L in the V1 on the right.

Below you can see the new V2 prototype is slightly shorter & more compact than the V1 version. (also the V2 has a new lanyard design where the paracord stays outside the lantern head, making it more sealed.
The actual Lantern blueprint will have some of the body fins removed to slim it down and lighten its weight, ( as all the fins are no longer needed to cool that mid-section area like it does in the Q8 flashlight does, also the head will have some fins added to help with cooling the LEDs.

UPDATES, May,18,2018:

- Did some Beam-pattern comparison shots tonight of the new V2 prototype against the original SRK-based V1 prototype, the BLF Q8 with the best diffuser i found (and have tested that fits perfectly) and compared it to the best & most used other modded LED lanterns i have, a modded survival multi-lantern, a modded Noma dual-LED lantern, and a modded Coleman LED.

Photo below shows them from left to right:

First up, is a collage of the lanterns placed against a white flat, smooth back-drop to show the beam patterns of the lanterns, with a flat-plane below them to simulate a table or counter surface. The Nikon D5100 DSLR settings were the same for all 6 photos, (F5.6, S-1/180,) and all lanterns were on low or medium modes set so they were all roughly the same output, ( averaging 250 ~ 300 lumens)

Now here is where the details of my findings are shown..

- photo #1 is the V2 BLF Lantern prototype, with two down-firing XP-L 3000K LEDs. As of right now this new head design has the smoothest, most even beam pattern of all my lanterns with the least artifacts and least tint shift. This is due to the moderately frosted main lens/globe, (with not second inner globe) and the use fo 2 or 4 LEDS & senter post instead of one LED and side post design. Also, the trick here to get this smoothness and higher beam angle from down-firing LEDs, is both the top surface & bottom surface painted with a clean-white “Flat” coating, (not gloss white, or chrome coating like 90 % of commercially available lanterns we see on the market today. Chrome plating or shiny surfaces just adds glare, hard-lighting, and artifacts. ( as seen on the #2 , #4, #5, and #6 photos. Flat-white surface form my past tests reflect the most light in a smoother flood-pattern than polished or shiny surfaces, and with the top & bottom surfaces of the head flat white, the reflecting back & forth also “amplifies” the light out the sides, increasing efficiency and flood angles. Notice in photo #1, where the V2 has the smoothest pattern, least tint shift, and most down firing light for table illumination, and also the least hard-light glare.
Image #2 is the V1 prototype, with a single down-firing XP-L 4000K LED, it only has a bottom flat-white surface, but the top surface around the LED is shiny. for some reason this increases the tint shift and hard lighting, (though better than the other lanterns, its not as good as the V2.

- Image #3 is a stock Q8 with the diffuser. As most flashlights with diffusers, there is almost no illumination downward on the table that it rests on, and most of the light
is directed upwards. While ok indoors, but outdoors its impractical and has the most glare on the eyes of all these lanterns when resting on a table below the eye line.

- Image #4 is a much larger Coleman modified LED lantern, with single down-firing XP-L 4000K. while it has good table illumination because of its much bigger size, its diffuser and single LED produces some hard-light artifacts in the beam.

- Image #5 is a Survival Lantern i modified with a single down-firing XM-L 3000K LED, While its tall lens/reflector adds to the beam angle, it has some artifacts due to the shiny bottom surface.

- Image #6 is a modified Noma dual-LED lantern. with two XP-G2 3000K LEDs, This lantern has both down-firing AND up-firing LEDs, and in between them is a diffuser “tube”. While this design does increase the overall beam output angle, the up-firing LED does produce more eye-glare, and the framed lens adds shadows & artifacts.

Next up below, i added the bottom tripod mount to the lantern as talked about earlier in the topic, ( in this case i added a 1/8” aluminum plate inside the bottom cap, then threaded it with the 1/4-20” standard tripod hole, then sealed in the inside to make it waterproof.

then here below showing the V2 BLF lantern prototype on a camera tripod. This woudl be a great option outdoors at a camping area, where it will illuminate a larger area.

  • UPDATES, May,23,2018**

I just did some lumens measurements in my Sputnik, (Light Integration Sphere) and got some impressive results from the Samsung LH351D 4000K High-CRI LEDs over the Cree XP-L 3000K LEDs.

The Lux-sphere i have is modified with a special adjustable diffuser plate for the sensor, so it can also measure light sources from the center of the sphere along with flashlights from the top, (flood-type lanterns placed inside the sphere as opposed to flashlights set on top with a directional beam.)

(As shown below with the BLF V2 Prototype placed inside the sphere for output measuring)

Below is a photo showing two new LH351 4000K LEDs flowed onto the Lantern (Q8) PCB, (the loose LED to the left in the photo is one of the two XP-L 3000K emitters removed after the first test)

Here is what i found: > The LH351 4000K High-CRI emitters, measured to be more efficient, and have a higher output than the XP-L 3000K at the same current & test perimeters.

- (two) Cree XP-L 3000K ————————— / 630 lumens / 1.09 amps / High-mode ( maximum of the 5-mode group on 3-7135 AMC chips)
- (two) Samsung LH351 4000K High-CRI——/ 745 lumens / 1.07 amps / High-mode ( maximum of the 5-mode group on 3-7135 AMC chips)

I did notice a slight tint shift on the Samsung emitters over the High-CRI Nichia 219 series, but the LH351s sem to be much more efficient and capable of higher outputs.
Next up is to test with four LH35 4000K High-CRI emitters, to see the difference from using two of them.

In comparison, the V2 prototype appears very close to the output along side a factory 800-lumen Noma LED 11-Watt AC light bulb. Tomorrow i will test the lantern in the sphere in comparison to the 11-watt 120-volt household bulb to see how close the factory specified 800 lumens is to the lantern. Cool

Below, is a photo of how i replaced the original Q8 Narsil driver’s FET for the V2 Lantern prototype with AMC 7135 regulators. I used a dead (stripped) 105C PCB, and jumpered it into the Q8 dribver after i removed the FET. This gives me the ability to modify the driver from one up to eight 7135s, ( but i will likely keep it at either three or four AMC regulator chips as for lantern use full amp current is not needed to achieve a good balance of output versus run times. (for lanterns the run times are very important as they will be used in a manner where they are run for many hours at a time continuously as opposed to a flashlight.) considering that the near perfect Narsil firmware offers so many mode options, using up to four 7135 chips may be a practical idea, for those times that close to 1000-lumens may be needed if we can control the heat safely for longer periods or running in such a small size lantern as the BLF Lantern will be. I estimated that with four 7135s, the draw amp load on the cells would be roughly 1.4 amps average on maximum mode, on four good 3600mah cells, so in theory & past testing i did that should still be able to give 8+ hours of run time at between 900 to 1000 lumens output.. based on my past run time tests of modified lanterns using Li-Ion cells, (as long as we can somehow manage the heat from the head of the lantern at those sustained outputs for continuous running.

+So after further tests and checking on the one LED that flickered & went out last night after running for 2 hours during a test, (at only 1.07 amp load combined,)its definitely a dead emitter.. if did not get hot at all. Its my luck to get a bad LH351 for the lantern testing..
I have flowed on the three good ones, but can’t do a test of the four compared to two LEDs until i can fins another one..+

UPDATES, MAY,30,2018
Ok, the first field-run for the V2 Prototype was a great success! even with only three of the 351D 4000K Hi-CRI emitters working, it was brighter, smoother beam, and better tint than the V1 prototype that uses a single XP-L on the same number of 7135 chips.
We had 4 campers on this trip, and all of them never knew of the lantern being a prototype to be developed into a production lantern. They were all impressed at its small size, its design, the modes, (Q8 modes) the ability to run the entire weekend trip (2 nights) on high mode, on a single set of cells without needing charging, and definitely liked the color of the light tin far better than any of the other cool-white stock store bought lanterns they seen & own. The new Samsung LH351 4000K Hi-CRI LEDs were impressive. The color rendering was really good, along the levels of Nichia’s 219C LEDs, but much brighter & more efficient. I did notice a slight tint shift down closer to the 90 degree viewing angle of the LED surface, but not nearly as bad as Crees XP-L LEDs.
Either way, the new LH351D LEDs are the new preference for use in a lantern of this level & output. The light just made colors so much more natural and visible. The initial 4000K LH351s were from Member azhu. I was unfortunate to get one that was defective, (reason why i had only three in the lantern at the weekend test) But with the generosity of fellow member BlueSwordM who sent me four 3000K LH351Bs to test he sent a replacement 351D 4000K to do the Lux & output tests with four LEDs. He also send some other goodies including a 4056 charger module to add to the lantern like the V1 has to add charging capability.

Below is a photo of the lantern hanging on a string line at the camp, ( on Low Mode #2) just after sunset:

Seen here is the V2 Prototype hanging on a tree, showing the illumination of the old camp table. ( note the yellow water bowl which has a god representation of the High-CRI nature of the 351s. The DSLR camera was set to Auto Iris for these photos & no flash, the time was roughly 9pm just with twilight in the sky after the sun went down.

Below the Lantern is resting on a log-seat. The light seems a little warmer in the photos, but the tint is actually very close to that of 4000K to the eye.

Now this photo below really shows the V2 lantern shining its ability. Here it is hanging form the white tarp edge, illuminating the campsite very well on High mode. Take note of the colors, including the orange Pine-needles covering the ground below, the green of the stove, etc. they all are very close to what we see with the eyes during the day. The lantern gave a good, smooth wide lit area on High to that equivalent of a 11-watt LED household light bulb. ( again the camera settings were set to automatic, time was roughly 9:20 PM, was a little twilight left in the sky. Already the other fellow campers on this trip plan to buy several of these once they go into production. They really like the idea that the lantern is small enough to pit into a hoodie pocket or backpack pouch, and give out more light output than every other lantern we had at camp.

UPDATES June,20,2018 Cross section of the BLF V2 lantern added. Further field testing going great! photos coming soon. also will have more detailed specifications for the lantern to provide to Barry & Thorfire soon. all we may need is to find someone to draft up a CAD of the lantern in the cross-section drawing below if Barry needs a more detailed version for Thorfire to work on.

IMPORTANT: -I just received a message from Barry, and he told me he apparently left Thorfire, but he can still communicate with the factory that built the Q8, (an affiliation for Sofirn i believe) Barry mentioned to me he can still work with us, but more so if we go with a different brand name possibly. any suggestions or idea are welcome. Also i want to create a PM group for everyone who has contributed to the lantern project so we can communicate by message easier.

- BLF/ Lantern specifications Sheet, Updated June,25,2018

– Lantern features & design:
- Compact design based from the BLF Thorfire Q8 mid-section and battery section, with great run times, output, and tint ramping, mode groups, built-in USB charging capability, and versatility. Unlike most all commercially available LED lanterns, many of them have a lack of usable modes, low run times, built from plastic & less durable, have a low CRI color rendering and very cool white or bluish light tint. This new lantern design has all those issues eliminated for much more practical & versatile area-lantern for camping, off-grid, cabin use, or emergency lighting. With a built in USB charging circuit (set at 1.0 amps to 1.5 amps progressively) this lantern has a unique feature of its design, with the usb (possibly a efficient TP4056 chip controlled Lithium Ion charger circuit that is connected directly to the battery side of the driver allowing the lantern to still run on lower modes while charging at the same time. Using a solar panel charger of 10 watts or more, the lantern can be a infinitely sustainable off-grid light source for remote locations where there is no electricity.

- Based from the BLF Q8, (using the same battery tube and similar midsection, with a similar driver but instead of using a FET, this lantern uses four 7135 regulator chips to control current to a lower maximum draw current of 1.4 amps. The firmware will be developed specifically for lantern use by Toykeeper of BLF, and will have most of the same mode groups as the Q8 flashlight, but with added modes including Candle-mode, sunset-mode, & possibly a tint ramping mode, (which allows the driver to ramp/fade between 3000K LEDs to 4000K LEDs, which will require a third lead for the LED star to have two channels, (one channel for three 3000K 3535 type LEDs and three 4000K 3535 LEDs, possibly the new Samsung High CRI LH351D-3535 series of LED emitters. There will be an added 1/4-20 threaded tripod mount placed in the bottom of the the lantern base.
Much of the battery tube, midsection, and base will be the same as the q8, but the mid section will have less cooling fins as it will not get as hot or require the same heat dissipation as the Q8 does, allowing the lantern mid-section to be more streamlined. The base has to be slightly thicker metal to allow the threaded tripod mount. Threads are to be anodized as the Q8 to allow it to be able to lockout by unscrewing the body from the mid-section. The electronic switch should use a yellow or amber LED instead of the green as in the Q8, so the switch can be used as a night light when the lantern is off. roughly 45 degrees around from the on-off switch, the USB charging port is recessed with a rubber plug-cap to seal out water.

-( if cost allows, the circuit could have an USB power bank option too, to allow the lantern to be a power source for charging phones, but must have a minimum of 2.0 amps at 5 volts for charging larger smart-phones. Also if cost allows this charging & power circuit option can be the new USB-C format.

- The mid-section design will have a similar shelf in the mid section like the Q8 has for the LED star, but for the lantern it has a threaded center hole for the assembly bolt, small holes near the center bolt hold for the wires, & a notched ring to hold the center wire-tube. Also there will be an o-ring seal around the outer perimeter for the lens/globe to seal on to prevent water from entering. The lens/globe is to be made from either a durable poly-carbonate material (for crack resistance) or a HDPE type material. ( not acrylic material, as acrylic cracks to easily. The frosting should be between 35% to 40%, to allow the most light transmission but also give a good, smooth balanced light diffusion to lower hard-light and shadowing. (Most LED household bulbs are roughly 60% frosting, the lantern should be less at 35 to 40%. ( meaning the LED emitter will be visible through the lens, but still mildly frosted.) The lens/globe is shaped like a tapered “cup” to allow more downward light with less reflection glare, with a solid bottom one-piece area to add strength to the globe. Also the bottom surface and the center tube needs to be a flat/matte bright white material, as matte white smooths out & reflects more light smoothly than silver or other shiny surfaces does. (See cross section drawing & description) The head of the lantern is a solid aluminum unit for the LED star to mount on as a heat sink, also will have the center tapered bolt hole for assembly. the upper area of the lens/globe will fit into a grove around the underside of the head, with a rubber seal/o-ring to seal out water.The LED star will be a 2-channel design, using six 3535 LED pads, with every second pad around the PCB star traced to be on the opposite channel, (three LEDs per channel for the tint ramping option.) The top of the head will have two lanyard holes, (drilled angular from the top to the sides so the holes do not pass to the inside of the head unit, and a 550 para cord lanyard attached with sturdy resin hook-type end clip at the top ends. (see cross section drawing)


- uses up to four 18650 LiIon cells (in parallel configuration)
- modified Q8 driver design, four 7135 regulators, (no FET) new firmware developed by Toykeeper.
- 170mm tall x 57mm wide
- Lighted electronic switch, (same as Q8 but with amber or yellow LEDs.
- Mode groups similar to Narsil, but with additional Lantern special modes, and three wire tint-ramping feature & modes.
- USB charging, ( either USB-micro or newer USB-C with power bank feature.
- down-firing LED design, with three Samsung LH351D 3000K high-CRI LEDs, and three Samsung LH351D 4000K High CRI LEDs.
- Average between 850 to 1000 lumens on maximum mode. ( tested with Samsung LH351D 4000K LEDs with four-7135 regulators on Q8 driver & Q8 Narsil firmware.
- maximum mode run time tested at 1.4 amps draw on four 3500mah high capacity Panasonic 18650 cells measured at roughly 12 hours.
- o-rings at top & bottom of lens/globe and around upper bolt head to seal out water.
- electronic & mechanical lock out.
- tripod mount on bottom for use as a raised lantern on a tripod.

- Logo was discussed, and altered a few times to go with the one below:

UPDATE: June,29,2018* -Ok, here are the first photos comparing the 4000K Samsung 351D LEDs to the 3000K 351B LEDs. I modified the V1 of the lantern to ue four LEDs the same as the V2. Because i only have the 351B 3000K versions, they are less efficient than the 351D versions, (They are sort of like comparing the 119 series Nichias to the 219 series, as the 351B has a smaller die than the 351Ds. So in this case i have to increase the amps to the LEDs to get the same brightness output. In the photos below, the 4000K High-CRI is on the left, and the 3000K High-CRI is on the right. ( images are gamma-corrected and adjusted to appear what the eyes see depending on your monitor settings)
The 4000K V2 on the left is on mode-4 at roughly 1-amp to the emitters, & the 3000K has roughly 1.3 amps to the emitters. (first photo is 1/320 shutter, F2.7, D5100 Nikon, second is 1/180 shutter, F2.7, D5100 Nikon) To the eye the 3000K has a very nice incandescent light tint, while the 4000K has a nice pure white tint slightly whiter than a good halogen.

update: 2-channel MCPCB designed. Here is the basic design of the 2-channel MCPCB for the lantern for the 3000K ~ 5000K ( or 2700K ~ 5000K LED emitters) to work for the tint ramping. After some tests, i found that having the different color temp LED pads in-line with each other linear from the center post/tube, created the smoothest tint mixing beam pattern. (*Red ring is the white center tube that covers the wires and the center bolt) two other black holes are for screws to mount the MCPCB to the lantern head.
(open to conversation.)

Update: July,7,2018

– new cross-section of the BLF LT lantern showing the design differences to the BLF Q8.

UPDATE: July,11,2018

- Part1 and Part2 of the video is online! ignore my fast-talking east coast Canadian accent & beginner video recording. *lol
hope it helps explain a bit more of the lantern design & info.


July ,18,2018:

dealgrabber2002 wrote:

Any pictures of the lantern in action from your latest outing? I saw the one you posted before… the great outdoors..

I did take a couple new photos of the BLF lantern in field-testing.

Photo below is the BLF V2 & V1 lined up with all the other best lanterns i have on the trip east. ( here the V2 BLF prototype is in the middle of the line up, The one right in front of the little tree in the center of the row/photo. Here you can see that its brighter than all the larger lanterns, ( all lanterns are on maximum modes) many of them are modded and are brighter than they were from the factory. (The only really brighter lantern is the huge apocalypse Lantern on the right of the photo i built from from the OldLumens BLF custom build competition)

Here is a close up, showing the V2 prototype in the center with the 4000K LH351D LEDs, and the V1 prototype to the left of th eV2 with the 3000K 351B LEDs.

Below the V2 BLF lantern with the 4000K LEDs is on the chair in the left of the photo, and the V1 of the lantern with the 3000K LEDs is on the chair on the right of the photo behind the campfire:

Some updates in Post #2317 to request help for team members on things that seemingly have stalled the project a bit..

Member Toykeeper is working on the BLF LT1 Lantern’s firmware

Member Lexel has designed the driver in two type, ( AMC7135 chips and a FET version. image in post #2421)

UPDATE Sept,17,2018

Barry sent me a couple of the first images of the BLF LT1 lantern design their engineers did based from the drawings & info i sent them. It looks really good & very close to the design perimeters i sent them. Smile

Barry from the factory have provided a photo of the new LT1 BLF lantern driver ready for the firmware for the lantern!

  • Update,April,2,2019**

Barry & the manufacturer are getting ready to build the test prototypes to send to the team sometime this month, to evaluate & test, and if all is good then the production & sales could begin by May. As this is a lantern as different than a flashlight, and will use/require many newly-designed parts that are not found anywhere else on any current flashlight, (all the top end parts, driver circuit with charging circuit built in, ramping tint feature, MCPCB, machining parts, etc. costs are expected to be a bit higher than an average lantern or basic flashlight custom design, (as many flashlights can share common parts like lenses, bezels, MCPCBs, etc. that can keep costs down) the manufacturer is estimating the cost to be around $50 per unit at this time, -which is right where i predicted it to be for a lantern that has so much features & capability that no other lantern has i ever tested. (the production version has much more features than the original concept lantern does.) The original prototype i built was a very simple design, but this production planned model has much more. There is a possibility in the future we could work on two other models, a very basic, single tint version with simple modes, no charging, etc for the 30 ~ 35 dollar range, and the second top-of-the-line model with the built -in USB power bank and include the planned accessory kit.

Updates! (April.17,2019) Barry sent me photos of the prototype of the LT1 lantern, it looks great so far! I Also received a short video of it in operation, and so far it looks good to specifications & design.

Updates: May,3,2019:
Sample has arrived! First impressions are good. Thumbs Up First thing i did notice is the head section, ( globe/shade and head) is somewhat larger than the prototype builds, though the measurements were sent based on the V2 (the one on the right in the below photo) the sample factory build is a little larger. I am ok with that, though its larger size makes it a little less compact as the prototypes, it still is smaller than most more expensive LED lanterns on the market.

- As Lexel & Toykeeper found the sample has all the 7135 chips enabled, and no doubt it is much brighter with more output than the V1 & V2 builds. (will have less run time on maximum modes, but i will test it using either 3000mah or 3500mah matching cells in comparison to the prototypes all on maximum modes, and test amp draws.

- I really like the satin anodizing finish, it makes the Sample LT1 look really good and high quality. I can see a few alterations needed from my first views. One being a slight change to the head to allow a paracord to be attached in addition/or in place of the bail handle. I do like the metal bail handle too, and there are ways of attaching a paracord in addition. (will explain in the upcoming video review.)
Some other changes that will be needed is change the green switch glow LEDs to a very warm white (or preferable 2000K flame yellow) The thread anodizing needs to be a bit thicker, as unthreading it for a mechanical lock out on my sample don’t work unless its threaded almost off completely. As Lexel & Toykeeper mentioned some refinements in the firmware adjustments will be good too. the globe lens seems to be a heavier frosting than the prototypes, so that may block a bit of the light transfer output, (I will test it in the light sphere with the lens & with out to compare the loss-percentage to the prototypes with & without. I do really like the custom coin-type center bolt head, it looks very professional & clean, much better than using a generic screw bolt for the head.

overall i am very impressed on the sample, and the alterations & changes are more of just some refinements than anything major.

- now on to beginning the long tests over the next week or so. Cool

Update, May,11,2019 -Here is the 23 minute discussion video on my thoughts of the LT1 test sample. (ignore my muffled voice, i have a bad cold & bad spring allergies at the same time! Facepalm

As we all know, we can talk and chat about different changes to the LT1 lantern for weeks, months, & even years more, but its time to set it ready to get this into production. I have decided on the small changes to make it easier to get this rolling for orders, and with the changes i am happy with this version of LT1 as the first. Either way, this will be better in so many ways than ever other area light/lantern i have tested, used, bought, and even modified, regardless of size. I sent Barry of Sofirn the changes list and information today. after long thinking and deliberation, i decided to leave the head size same as the sample, as it is still smaller than most of my more powerful lanterns, but has so much more abilities and capacity.

Once it goes into production, i will continue to work on the accessory kit that can be acquired for the lantern, or added in the future as a deluxe set.

May,20,2019 -The changes and alterations to the sample test unit has been submitted to Barry of Sofirn, and just doing some minor alterations discussions with the team to the switch & charging LEDs, then hopefully once we get it all ready and confirmed we can get it closer to going into production soon.

May,21,2019 -Ok after sustainability testing, the LT1 can be a viable off-grid light source indefinitely. I been running this test sample using four EVVA 3500mah protected cells, running it on maximum mode for 5 hours each night (for the last (with 5-7135 AMC chips per channel active (and the remaining 2 chips disabled) at an average of 4000K tint mix, and charging it every day from the 10-watt panel from 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM, the lantern charged to full each day after each 5 hours use. Meaning with a good efficient 10-watt or more solar panel, the LT1 test sample can provide light for 5 hours or more each night technically for “free” for as long as the batteries can sustain charge cycles before the cells are worn out. (for a good set of cells, that would be a few years, with a partial discharge to full charge per day)

Ok here is the altered design submitted to the team from Barry of Sofirn, with the bumper o-ring added around the head, charging lights removed from the sides of the charge port, ( moved to the switch) also the bail handle has been changed so its recessed when folded and has a center-rise so it centers on a hanger or rope. ( also the bail handle holes go completely through meaning for those who wish to add a para-cord only handle in place of the bail handle they can. (ignore the clear lens, that is just to shoe the inside and design, as the production unit will be frosted like the test samples.

>> Updates, July, 15,2019

-Here we are folks! The refined final production design of the BLF LT1 lantern sent from Barry of Sofirn. From the looks of this, i am very happy with this final updated design. – The head with the recessed bail-handle has some added bonuses, the handle is recessed when not used, it has the center-rise for keeping it centered when hanging on a hook or line, the head has a slightly reduced mass/weight, but actually has slightly more surface area for passive cooling, and it is easy to remove the bail handle for those who wish to add a paracord lanyard. Also this design works better for the top-deflector fitting i am designing for the upcoming accessory kit. Other changes including adding back the side threaded hole, (which will be used for the directional side reflector I’m designing for the accessory kit. The red O-ring adds not only an added color look, but its a bumper for accidental tip overs to help reduce scratching & shipping of the anodized finish. The charging indicator LEDs have been relocated to the switch button as well, along with a refined upgraded LT1-Andruil firmware with improved modes and refinements thanks to the team’s amazing firmware developer Toykeeper. once i get to run some quick tests on the final test upgraded sample of this, we hope to begin production very soon! Thumbs Up

UPDATE-Aug-13-2019 -the upgraded test sample has arrived! and i am running it though tests now and will do a video over the next 24 hours on it and my thoughts. So far what i can see its ready to go for production and meets me expectations! Will comment on it in the upcoming video. Thumbs Up

Ok, here it is! the video thoughts & impressions of the production-ready BLF LT1. Big Smile This 15 minute video goes through the upgrades & changes, to get my thumbs-up to now go into production! Its been a long 3+ years in the making, testing, and designing a lantern that has everything that no consumer portable lantern has ever offered at no matter the cost of them. Now its in Barry & Sofirn’s hands to get it into production to begin the orders from the GB, and even after the GB i will be advertising the LT1 to family, friends, and elsewhere of a lantern that has that all other lack.

ok upon request i sent to 18650Canada store, they have brought in button tops in both protected and non-protected 3500 mAh cells, both the Samsung 35E and Sanyo GA series. These tested at the highest capacity i seen in any HC 18650 cell, which would be the best choices for the LT1 for extreme run times in all modes.

For all Canadian members here on BLF needing a good source for genuine brand name 18650 batteries at a good price with shipping across Canada, 18650Canada.com has set up a 10% off discount for any 18650 cells. Canadian members looking to get 18650 batteries for their LT1 or other lights can go to this link to order to view their batteries: >> https://18650canada.com/discount/DBSAR /
- Use the discount code “ DBSAR “ when ordering cells to get the discount.

Below is the test that Guillaume at 18650Canada sent me tonight.
- From left to right it would be sanyo GA protected button top, Samsung 35E protected button top, sanyo GA button top, and Samsung 35E button top mAh test results of their new stock of them.

Next below, we will start an “ Interest List” with the help from sbslider starting the list, then SIGShooter taking the list over, to gauge a number for when we can look into getting this lantern a reality into production. (with name, and number of lanterns interested in.) and as of May,20,2019 we past 1600! Thumbs Up

( * Also updated by sbslider listed by number & name:

Interest list by entry number

Interest list by user names

~INTEREST LIST: Updated Oct,22,2019 by SIGShooter, (and formerly by sbslider.)

6 SaniPE
7 brad
8 Gunga
9 Andyman
10 emarkd
11 chuckhov
12 Bc412
13 Lonelydad
14 radioshaq
15 radioshaq
16 tebeve
17 qandeel
18 Wrathbringer27
19 southland
20 Easyrr
21 jkbam
22 Jinx
23 raven38571
24 Gavstein
25 Spasmod
26 The Miller
27 bikenber73
28 netprince
29 M78
30 MtnDon
31 RobertB
32 dealgrabber2002
33 wedlpine
34 peaceandmelons
35 Muto
36 siata94
37 blueb8llz
38 carmantl
39 SawMaster
40 Andybibbville
41 kronological
42 ReManG
42 T.H.Cone
44 gloomywarfreak
45 antiparanoico
46 vinte77
47 tzmxxhh
48 Aardvark
49 waxing twilight
50 Chicken Drumstick
51 mpaul320
52 mhanlen
53 uqs1000
54 JPM3
55 Melven
56 RollerBoySE
57 apt323
58 Shur
59 cbrake10
60 Paul321
61 muzzleblast
62 archimedes
63 Stittville Ed
64 garrybunk
65 jmoots
66 AlabamaMan
67 sandanbob
68 Cula
69 Charga
70 Minimoke
71 electricjelly
72 18sixfifty
73 kbear99
74 RaVeN
75 JakeDjanitor
76 Jesjes
77 Jesjes
78 MaxBeam
79 mochaeater
80 Dwantink
81 kal444
82 gicos
83 Dirt
84 Kozy
85 gungoat
86 gungoat
87 gungoat
88 Suncoaster
89 tenohfive
90 theoldbill
91 xcentric
92 xcentric
93 osb40000
94 g_sintornillos
95 Bonham
96 kbro
97 ri chevy
98 veovius
99 MCT
100 Tom E
101 Sledgestone
102 Enelooper
103 rumack
104 Northwoods
105 Danstorm_72
106 Dc38
107 Illumenated
108 Melven
109 PleinPhare
110 osb40000
111 osb40000
112 osb40000
113 acml
114 rag
115 RayGo
116 CJW
117 WWWW
118 Camo5
119 alternety
120 alternety
121 alternety
122 seestuff
123 gleamer
124 MountainKing
125 waxing twilight
126 Jvrthp321
127 Aardvark Spleen
128 Aardvark Spleen
129 BrianK
130 MG
131 Wildthing
132 Slayer1
133 Mstevens113
134 MAD777
135 jmoots
136 fantomR
137 igeigeige
138 Subterrestrial
139 kal444
140 dpflug
141 osb40000
142 angerdan
143 BazzH
144 DavidEF
145 Lemurian
146 VietnamVet
147 jigsaw
148 LEDAdd1ct
149 sac02
150 sac02
151 sac02
152 dotBLF
153 maverick06
154 Abe87
155 specialk
156 lumenzilla
157 osb40000
158 osb40000
159 JasonJ
160 JasonJ
161 whooda4
162 The Imp
163 patmet
164 what_are_birds
165 asnidi2
166 Sordoslux
167 JorisFRST
168 osb40000
169 strayz
170 waxing twilight
171 nqcken
172 stuartrue
173 zachary6227
174 CJ Avlis
175 Lucy@66
176 cujo255
177 ISO
178 fantomR
179 twodollarbill
180 borealis
181 Truck
182 DarthTader
183 Satan@103TFS
184 I_SpY
185 voip
186 anycolourfloyd
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191 borealis
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193 Dutcheee
194 contigo
195 scdaf
196 brno602
197 Norddeutscher
198 octav
199 jtedder1967
200 jtedder1967
201 apt323
202 el_duderino
203 hardlybowing
204 autodidact
205 OldSee
206 leroycp
207 erikbuch
208 erikbuch
209 southland
210 southland
211 southland
212 southland
213 flasky
214 vinte77
215 lichtpfadfinder
216 shirnask
217 shirnask
218 shirnask
219 Caleb
220 Caleb
221 Caleb
222 cjoe7
223 cjoe7
224 cjoe7
225 cjoe7
226 Zulumoose
227 k-wong
228 AirBreaker
229 AirBreaker
230 ISO
231 ISO
232 ISO
233 Satan@103TFS
234 Box
235 candor
236 candor
237 baldo21
238 baldo21
239 Dep668
240 Dep668
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295 Sprinkles
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298 nightshark
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305 Cula
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309 juaquin
310 timbo114
311 Minty
312 Minty
313 Sherbona
314 Sherbona
315 drjamesfox
316 johnpc
317 johnpc
318 wilwok
319 to 349 craig-IL
350 BazzH
351 MyDangus
352 jmpaul320
353 fneuf
354 fneuf
355 mickscott
356 mickscott
357 jacktheclipper
358 mrstealyourgains
359 eigenmeat
360 BigBird
361 Dutcheee
362 LSX
363 dekozn
364 JakeDjanitor
365 Victorio
366 Victorio
367 Abe87
368 Abe87
369 Abe87
370 Lamont56
371 tkd15
372 Left Wing
373 jmoots
374 sbslider
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379 zipelgas
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791 KayakMikeP
792 tindrum42
793 tindrum42
794 tindrum42
795 tindrum42
796 thommy
797 candor
798 candor
799 R10500
800 klrman
801 Aleister
802 AgentWhiteBread
803 chinooker
804 O26Rcr
805 O26Rcr
806 FBsLights
807 FBsLights
808 dmsoule
809 carmantl
810 carmantl
811 Caseit741
812 Caseit741
813 isuckatmakingupnames
814 Gj
815 Gj
816 Gj
817 Gj
818 bigdawg
819 Typevii
820 Kendo
821 mattlward
822 nick91900
823 nick91900
824 severide
825 Polyesterboy
826 Greggles2018
827 Bd7
828 Pezo
829 bigdawg
830 praveendk
831 dyates
832 KevinZA1988
833 nonsuch
834 severide
835 SKV89
836 sstock
837 Joat
838 prisma
839 FilipeBanana
840 Stereodude
841 NobleX13
842 NobleX13
845 Plat
846 Chatika vas Paus
847 Chatika vas Paus
848 SilentObserver
849 vestureofblood
850 peabody
851 peabody
852 arisdes
853 Madtoffel
854 asciiphil
855 junglejim13660
856 Jagger
857 contactcr
858 apt323
859 leo l.
860 joechina
861 soldsoulrockroll
862 Matchoo
863 MCT
864 gadabout
865 gadabout
866 oto
867 Satisfaction
868 Geese
869 falcora
870 gleamer
871 Yourrid
872 Yourrid
873 Doobyscoo
874 Doobyscoo
875 xikteny
876 prdonut2k7
877 Phlogiston
878 Phlogiston
879 atbglenn
880 vinte77
881 vinte77
882 lohtse
883 sleasys14
884 qandeel
885 qandeel
886 puglife2
887 severide
888 severide
890 aslpg
891 LGW
892 aslpg
893 geetee03
894 Unloco
895 Flash-O-Maniac
896 Pidro
879 zcbtjwj
898 zcbtjwj
899 Pegaso
900 The_Driver
901 systemagnostic
902 superbob47
904 adam7027
905 adam7027
906 firstcipher
907 theadlee
908 theadlee
909 Light Years
910 ada_potato
911 ada_potato
912 bjs55
913 thijsco19
914 aggillator
915 huey18
916 gottawearshades
917 pugna
918 RichardBrown
919 Malibu
920 Richp
921 KevinZA1988
922 KevinZA1988
923 Ilmatic
924 lexvegas
925 donthelegend
926 RandyC
927 PocketSammich
928 JoeRodge
929 smokuxx1987
930 smokuxx1987
931 smokuxx1987
932 vasa_visost
933 Lazy-J
934 Lazy-J
935 archimedes
936 archimedes
937 piyoman
938 lulwhat
939 boostedsubie
940 kuzuna
941 wapd2
942 mlodyulek
943 matik42
944 olafzwaan
945 Rat_Racer
946 Rat_Racer
947 dave101
948 aswang
949 WhitedragonBC
950 djypo
951 c_wolg
952 Dannyboyy
953 verge
954 Dodge62
955 justanotherguy
956 Farmboy24
957 Kingjohn
958 mdeni
959 Wimpy Water
960 lexvegas
961 lexvegas
962 WhitedragonBC
963 NuggetMcNugget
964 Twinnie
965 quijibo
966 quijibo
967 quijibo
968 wigglybroom
969 Captain_Joe
970 SIGShooter
971 Benidin
972 Phaze13
973 Phaze13
974 Sillen
975 GhostofHarry
976 NuggetMcNugget
977 Bob_McBob
978 blammergeier
979 CrashOne
980 rizky_p
981 Cereal_killer
982 Kepling
983 Boaz
984 Boxkite
985 pechelman
986 pechelman
987 j8048188
988 j8048188
989 trailhunter
990 Mykickz
991 Mykickz
992 madcrow
993 madcrow
994 Kingjohn
995 Shadow.X1
996 nastynate
997 Big_Sam
998 Hoosh
999 Jabe1
1000 Jabe1
1001 k125bw
1002 k125bw
1003 scianiac
1004 Mr_Fried
1005 TheShadowGuy
1006 brno602
1007 koubak
1008 tmxod
1009 tmxod
1010 Depot_Shredder
1011 Sandman5811
1012 Sandman5811
1013 jinjin19
1014 Flitsmal
1015 bd52
1016 bd52
1017 bd52
1018 finnegans
1018 finnegans
1019 Schkü
1020 deus1ex
1021 red72vw
1022 Lothar
1023 Lothar
1024 Lothar
1025 Lothar
1026 gregor
1027 toxiccoccyx
1028 beastlykings
1029 WES-7
1030 Macnus
1031 Bullmajor
1032 timbo114
1033 Sukoi
1034 Tomogchi
1035 folg
1036 MrBoss
1037 pilotdog68
1038 JaredM
1039 Funzel67
1040 Klotski
1041 wellerus
1042 Sandman5811
1043 pelle470
1044 Enlightened1
1045 P33
1046 P33
1047 michaelthomasclark
1048 michaelthomasclark
1049 michaelthomasclark
1050 Stittville Ed
1051 Stittville Ed
1052 Dannyboyy
1053 dbesselt
1054 F.i.l.a.s
1055 Klocknov
1056 Klocknov
1057 r777
1058 Lopan
1059 Cpeng
1060 jthomps123
1061 jthomps123
1062 saintsagan
1063 DarkEagle205
1064 Crimsonnj
1065 etienne440
1066 T18
1067 mgracia85
1068 skroober
1069 skroober
1070 Mediocre99
1071 Kame Sennin
1072 asderferjerkel
1073 bmansc
1074 lachesis
1075 Cpeng
1076 bmengineer
1077 jdavis
1078 turbiny
1079 T18
1080 agent80
1081 efi5phd
1082 Coyotehawk
1083 Terrys8
1084 Rdubya18
1085 wheremydonky
1086 wheremydonky
1087 lohtse
1088 zeroflow
1089 gottawearshades
1090 blgrssby
1091 lightknot
1092 tbgallant
1093 Alexkram
1094 Odyessus
1095 K1NGP1NT
1096 TexasToasted
1097 Rascto
1098 Jensen
1099 Tdh66
1100 DiscoJoe
1101 Arthur
1102 1332332331
1103 Tixx
1104 wahoowad
1105 djmcconn
1106 nitrader0
1107 nitrader0
1108 Lagittaja
1109 basic42
1110 Nicolicous
1111 DT101
1112 Ferminator
1113 Kuato
1114 whatthewillus
1115 jmike
1116 Tomogchi
1117 Tomogchi
1118 brasilchris
1119 AguassissiM
1120 Doctawho
1121 burnsd
1122 light_man89
1123 PhantomPhoton
1124 gkushev
1125 lumiere
1126 lumiere
1127 Marty6664
1128 Marty6664
1129 Xenon
1130 Xenon
1131 Vaxd
1132 Plotthound
1133 niktak11
1134 ZozzV6
1135 ZozzV6
1136 jaharkes
1137 kntx
1138 kntx
1139 kntx
1140 kntx
1141 kntx
1142 Vumnoo
1143 DunchBlaster
1144 tronx
1145 lotrbfme
1146 Freedom
1147 WeeG
1148 WeeG
1149 WolfiCZ
1150 nordlicht
1151 nick779
1152 wobba
1153 wobba
1154 tindrum42
1155 tindrum42
1156 hank
1157 FlashPilot
1158 Tclementi1
1159 theWoodster
1160 Kuztomized
1161 stanmore
1162 Deadsailor21
1163 Deadsailor21
1164 bikenber73
1165 jimmymke
1166 chadvone
1167 teryd1
1168 PBNinja
1169 ZozzV6
1170 sleasys14
1171 Moe_Suki
1172 Revlio
1173 Sento
1174 paosms
1175 chathamh
1176 Phaserburn
1177 The_crx
1178 woodyt
1179 dotBLF
1180 Bullmajor
1181 Jorrail
1182 Jorrail
1183 DrinkingJar
1184 ramius
1185 sc00ts19
1186 sc00ts19
1187 jonxxn
1188 TheLonelyLumen
1189 Td398
1190 JermsMalibu
1191 lightboks
1192 Canard
1193 PreacherCasy
1194 mattadores
1195 mattadores
1196 mattadores
1197 Orodizi
1198 diesel72
1199 Lambbottom
1200 Lambbottom
1201 Lemons for the Lemon God
1202 Thro
1203 cris2pu
1204 gotang
1205 bc777
1206 Pöbel
1207 Brawler1588
1208 Frost1235
1209 x-ray
1210 Kit Latura
1211 alex64
1212 GreenShrike
1213 GreenShrike
1214 Deanocino
1215 nostatic
1216 TSO
1217 NeedALantern
1218 NeedALantern
1219 NeedALantern
1220 sdagray
1221 sdagray
1222 fluke
1223 cap90
1224 Nev
1225 TitaniumLight
1226 TitaniumLight
1227 bzzzz
1228 Ps1474
1229 myowin
1230 myowin
1231 myowin
1232 Ilumenati
1233 Propeak
1234 Bangarangy
1235 Criticalbill
1236 Criticalbill
1237 Ilikebiglightsa…
1238 Ilikebiglightsa…
1239 litenutz
1240 woodlandSerenade
1241 Lund1660
1242 Lund1660
1243 Lund1660
1244 flightless22
1245 Kennyboy
1246 tundraotto
1247 tundraotto
1248 KgaBombadier
1249 fatboy
1250 maukka
1251 Tenshi0
1252 dtom
1253 reno
1254 kotobuki
1255 kotobuki
1256 Tarvos
1257 Sonofspectrum
1258 Chasealmighty
1259 PickleFuzz
1260 Marc E
1261 el_duderino
1262 teejay
1263 f0xx
1264 f0xx
1265 New_Moon
1266 New_Moon
1267 niktak11
1268 beastlykings
1269 Brinkmann
1270 DBSS
1271 MJLiptak
1272 peteybaby
1273 The_Driver
1274 The_Driver
1275 baldo21
1276 baldo21
1277 Unloco
1278 AguassissiM
1279 AdmiralShyGuy
1280 Ilumenati
1281 peteybaby
1282 chathamh
1283 scdaf
1284 DavidRZ
1285 DavidRZ
1286 swiftblade13
1287 ActiveAl
1288 SwissFlashy
1289 patchythepirate
1290 Gerrh
1291 Gerrh
1292 Pwsmith
1293 adamchan
1294 Philip porter
1295 Espresso
1296 Weidercs
1297 Weidercs
1298 lightboks
1299 wolfstyle
1300 Tomatopotato
1301 Tech25
1302 Hollybrook
1303 TMaxxJJ
1304 RainF
1305 JoeH12.81
1306 JoeH12.81
1307 adamchan
1308 brightlights
1309 brightlights
1310 Flash-O-Maniac
1311 ron99g
1312 Light Years
1313 xenotar80
1314 xenotar80
1315 Old Davo
1316 Old Davo
1317 Pete33
1318 Wieselflinkpro
1319 Rutten74
1320 olles
1321 olles
1322 ControlTheController
1323 Tally12
1324 nickelflipper
1325 Asian8640
1326 Whezzel
1327 occulai
1328 led_400
1329 MonkeyLight
1330 mihlit
1331 sochi111
1332 jfg
1333 Chazzy
1334 Rusty4×4
1335 Pistolpeet
1336 Pistolpeet
1337 maildroid
1338 maildroid
1339 Meshark
1340 Meshark
1341 iamnuts
1342 ledalex
1343 LOTL
1344 attist178
1345 Herb Tarlek
1346 Nev
1347 dcraig
1348 marcus_z
1349 Calzoner
1350 Dogtown
1351 livehuman
1352 livehuman
1353 Cameron Wilcox
1354 Buzzy243
1355 XOThermite
1356 XOThermite
1357 belgarath
1358 belgarath
1359 Uselesshippy
1360 akoposilester
1361 akoposilester
1362 akoposilester
1363 akoposilester
1364 akoposilester
1365 Geoduck
1366 trailhunter
1367 cabfrank
1368 saypat
1369 BillyBobJoe
1370 Mf1
1371 Relampago
1372 EcuBebge
1373 2Grumpy
1374 2Grumpy
1375 mkett39
1376 Marc E
1377 middle age man
1378 middle age man
1379 djozz
1380 cloggy
1381 nobody
1384 minusic
1385 muller
1386 muller
1387 mr_magoo
1388 SvenWalker
1389 wstrachan
1390 christoph
1391 Keepitsharp
1392 n8_ball
1393 n8_ball
1394 Hollybrook
1395 pooptoast
1396 Wratz
1397 jimmymke
1398 RD
1399 terranaut
1400 Skuzapo
1401 blammergeier
1402 PleinPhare
1403 royalomaha
1404 headburger
1405 trigger619
1406 jamjar
1407 ChrYoko
1408 joomri
1409 FrozenSTIFF
1410 FrozenSTIFF
1411 renhoek
1412 Deca
1413 Coyotehawk
1414 krisz
1415 supanate7
1416 MokrySedeS
1417 Sparks65
1418 Inkidu
1419 CMU_84
1420 Toglud
1421 Keisari
1422 Keisari
1423 BobG
1424 Martinc5618
1425 Martinc5618
1426 DAGG3R
1427 MRsDNF
1428 MRsDNF
1429 jon7
1430 Ironhorse
1431 Th558
1432 Yummy Yam
1433 m0nk33
1434 Edindevon
1435 Thrust84
1436 cvaty
1437 mikewilzn
1438 mountainair26
1439 mountainair26
1440 tocirahl
1441 jeep157
1442 bquinlan
1443 Fat_Head_Carl
1444 Light
1445 pthartung
1446 amishbill
1447 darrylo
1448 darrylo
1449 ossifrage
1450 PabstyLoudmouth
1451 hcanning
1452 Tjbchs
1453 Pierre
1454 seriesone
1455 dubyrunning
1456 Nicolaas
1457 Klayking
1458 ligonw
1459 amars7
1460 808Hi
1461 808Hi
1462 braino
1463 Juls Boo
1464 7pot
1465 ViperAUG
1466 mugs
1467 mugs
1468 Kahuna
1469 Razors84
1470 heysquanchy1916
1471 Marcello
1472 Dawged
1473 jknut
1474 Dougdimadome
1475 NiceU
1476 NiceU
1477 dmbaty
1478 dmbaty
1479 TrueNerd
1480 Mr.Poppy
1481 Mr.Poppy
1482 Mr.Poppy
1483 cu42
1484 cu42
1485 blammergeier
1486 blammergeier
1487 Pöbel
1488 Pöbel
1489 KalmJ
1490 cm64
1491 Petroleum Lantern Guy
1492 Jinx
1493 charwinger21
1494 EricJ2190
1495 EricJ2190
1496 NMJoe
1497 NMJoe
1498 Tldd
1499 SvenWalker
1500 Caboose
1501 shooter52a
1502 Attackhorse
1503 Big_Sam
1504 will34
1505 snakesnakington
1506 Mr Excitement
1507 lmcmann
1508 lmcmann
1509 D10ten
1510 beastlykings
1511 beastlykings
1512 Klocknov
1513 bc777
1514 Stereodude
1515 Hiatus1r8
1516 azuretan
1517 ossifrage
1518 ossifrage
1519 magnet
1520 B0Y1L4W
1521 rockmonkey4004
1522 weklund
1523 weklund
1524 Kingjohn
1525 kase
1526 superbob47
1527 Th558
1528 hueycopter
1529 bikedave99
1530 whitecitadel
1531 nydude
1532 Wyre
1533 Wyre
1534 Enelooper
1535 ActiveAl
1536 ActiveAl
1537 Flummi
1538 sarxsvt
1539 Pulsar
1540 ishak
1541 goshdogit
1542 goshdogit
1543 goshdogit
1544 j00ski
1545 j00ski
1546 O26Rcr
1547 O26Rcr
1548 Tarvos
1549 Eggun
1550 mb200k
1551 LoPan12
1552 funkychateau
1553 OtisCampbell
1554 Bayside_Tigers
1555 Bayside_Tigers
1556 TanteElfriede
1557 Alphacentaury
1558 Lux-Perpetua
1559 RainF
1560 RainF
1561 taenzerwalze
1562 Hellie112
1563 lroach
1564 Grinspooner
1565 Grinspooner
1566 hunter1
1567 hunter1
1568 mitsuki08
1569 Naxos
1570 Oodin
1571 sleasys14
1572 Tredd
1573 muddyone
1574 cyropro
1575 Melez
1576 Sparks65
1577 Brinkmann
1578 radicalphoton
1579 Blinded by the Light
1580 Blinded by the Light
1581 Ssthis
1582 Ssthis
1583 terranaut
1584 Sper17
1585 AgentWhiteBread
1586 AgentWhiteBread
1587 BillyBobJoe
1588 djypo
1589 KawiBoy1428
1590 KawiBoy1428
1591 CLB
1592 Flintstone
1593 Kiltan
1594 Sparky.
1595 Sparky.
1596 BVH
1597 BVH
1598 Rexlion
1599 bf125
1600 bf125
1601 Esociform
1602 marknate24
1603 Dinoplex
1604 electricjelly
1605 mili111
1606 Nagonka
1607 Nagonka
1608 rost333
1609 Dinoplex
1610 LightUpTheDark
1611 sporez
1612 litenutz
1613 litenutz
1614 wheelgunwordslinger
1615 MaxCamp
1616 robinogi
1617 Paranoidpizzas
1618 Paranoidpizzas
1619 mpak87
1620 Mondak
1621 dhiltonp
1622 dhiltonp
1623 Thrust84
1624 adrn77
1625 Neomis
1626 twoleftfeet
1627 twoleftfeet
1628 BobG
1629 BobG
1630 Jvrthp321
1631 Raptor2018
1632 2Rowdy
1633 Jacob89
1634 Backpacker Light
1635 Tjbchs
1637 belgarath
1638 belgarath
1639 tedh35
1640 B0Y1L4W
1641 ryanjennings
1642 AudioPro
1643 AudioPro
1644 Blazer296
1645 ben1680
1646 enix316
1647 iacvlvs
1648 marknate24
1649 LumenLime
1650 MKayze
1651 jdavis
1652 jdavis
1653 jdavis
1654 GeeKeR
1655 gorgak
1656 SilentObserver
1657 will34
1658 SwissFlashy
1659 gooddayhannah
1660 Kysumi
1661 llh
1662 hiker89
1663 RonMuller
1664 fourbyfive
1665 2Ace
1666 Rah_BE
1667 Rah_BE
1668 toqov
1669 toqov
1670 Bucknkd313
1671 coryochoate
1672 coryochoate
1673 Smitty072
1674 aswang
1675 bibihang
1676 Aviationtech
1677 Helios azimuth
1678 elpaulo
1679 h5550
1680 Aaron93
1681 nonorobo
1682 SCSi
1683 Redfiresvt03
1684 AvocadoCat
1685 AndySchneider
1686 Moe_Suki
1687 adalyn
1688 Xoden
1689 Cercis
1690 jwhitmore
1691 jwhitmore
1692 elagergren
1693 elagergren
1694 b1i1l1l1y1
1695 MKayze
1696 AtomicFire
1697 miswas
1698 gavrook
1699 Plagwez
1700 Plagwez
1701 Rexlion
1702 Bonham
1703 Bonham
1704 Lipfit2000
1705 Shur
1706 hatchislims
1707 hatchislims
1708 hatchislims
1709 kyledutton
1710 Woody
1711 evil_andy
1712 Mr.Scott
1713 jeenyus024
1714 Aviationtech
1715 Behyot
1716 SamHaLeKe
1717 jericho0o
1718 lightblows
1719 lightblows
1720 bonfire
1721 hoabegrubn
1722 email
1723 email
1724 email
1725 email
1726 Sparky.
1727 Sparky.
1728 Sparky.
1729 everwest
1730 InitiatePenguin
1731 Flying Luminosity
1732 Cajones32
1733 D4rka2nx
1734 ludolf
1735 illuminos
1736 illuminos
1737 sycomonkeys
1738 sycomonkeys
1739 el_duderino
1740 zra
1741 LiteBriteKnight
1742 Ramblings
1743 Ramblings
1744 marknate24
1745 xenotar80
1746 xenotar80
1747 AndySchneider
1748 4492011
1749 4492011
1750 weklund
1751 weklund
1752 California_Prepper
1753 California_Prepper
1754 northbeard
1755 northbeard
1756 dyates
1757 dyates
1758 dyates
1759 Juls Boo
1760 KaiserSosa
1761 Golfo2004
1762 AtomicFire
1763 DarkShot
1764 saturdayturtle
1765 Geese
1766 amishbill
1767 dsplegend
1768 odriewniffe
1769 Lopan
1770 DAGG3R
1771 gman7228
1772 gman7228
1773 IntheDrink
1774 IntheDrink
1775 patmurris
1776 patmurris
1777 korpzgrinda
1778 korpzgrinda
1779 bonC
1780 nydude
1781 1332332331
1782 TheTechnical
1783 lousybreaker
1784 OrangePeel
1785 OrangePeel
1786 Tomogchi
1787 Tomogchi
1788 CM2010
1789 pedal
1790 occulai
1791 kuoh
1792 Alitd
1793 Phlogiston
1794 Phlogiston
1795 marioleno23
1796 belit
1797 luniv
1798 cheezedippah
1799 billy
1800 sukanta
1801 BushwiickBill
1802 Trevit86
1803 bquinlan
1804 Johm
1805 Funtastic
1806 Funtastic
1807 wholphin
1808 xevious
1809 lovetheguitar
1810 Ratus
1811 wolfstyle
1812 minim
1813 AndyMac2272
1814 Just a Guy
1815 Just a Guy
1816 ikkentobi
1817 Aaron93
1818 bassoverflow
1819 pcywmf
1820 MascaratumB
1821 Man Without Shadow
1822 tehmatt
1823 tehmatt
1824 rahdi
1825 henryj3223
1826 Dioda
1827 Thrust84
1828 Wazaloob
1829 piyoman
1830 kase
1831 Hobo
1832 toobadorz
1834 Kimber55
1835 scottb7862
1836 Kardolf
1837 1dudeguy
1838 camhabib
1839 bulbed
1840 whopist
1841 SociopathicSamaritan
1842 Tad_LOL
1843 Tad_LOL
1844 nycticorax
1845 lfowner
1846 w4rkry
1847 LOTL
1848 Ho0ber
1849 Taschenrechner
1850 Viscount
1851 magicman
1852 magicman
1853 Bubblehead
1854 bobkido
1855 ledlightfanatic
1856 cornrichard
1857 karmii
1858 Aaron93
1859 Silent_Star
1860 PatX
1861 ryukin2000
1862 Wrench
1863 LemonLime
1864 LemonLime
1865 Speed2z28
1866 kalel332
1867 Di7Hbi9XxxVutFJW
1868 engber
1869 daguy80
1870 daguy80
1871 saturnine_07
1872 rrushx
1873 Compulov
1874 maxacarp
1875 Flying Luminosity
1876 Xandre
1877 Xandre
1878 Xandre
1879 xenotar80
1880 xenotar80
1881 dragunbayne
1882 teejay
1883 bulbeee
1884 teacher
1885 teacher
1886 ferthur
1887 Bardo219
1888 djozz
1889 Smiley_666
1890 CLB
1891 EcuBebge
1892 Ssthis
1893 Ssthis
1894 BrianButlerCPA
1895 Digitalbenty
1896 Digitalbenty
1897 JazzleSAURUS
1898 Enlightened1
1899 blind-eye
1900 Kodrann
1901 L_R_G
1902 Mat_77
1903 lantlight
1904 lantlight
1905 a_idoux
1906 steve42
1907 MNLegoBoy
1908 Hderek
1909 fourbyfive
1910 takumi86
1911 LloydV
1912 Brett
1913 Brett
1914 Davetorpe
1915 Funtastic
1916 Funtastic
1917 Funtastic
1918 Funtastic
1919 Funtastic
1920 Funtastic
1921 Dannick
1922 Dannick
1923 Kalihi
1924 Matthew Komar
1925 Matthew Komar
1926 methnen
1927 duyfken
1928 duyfken
1929 trvrnrth
1930 Slipgun
1931 BBLV
1932 Cameron Wilcox
1933 Cameron Wilcox
1934 Cameron Wilcox
1935 Yanlee13
1936 Yanlee13
1937 primarycell
1938 figment
1939 figment
1940 christoph
1941 Bugdoc
1942 Yoav.Klein
1943 desymond
1944 Kit Latura
1945 Kit Latura
1946 oakvan
1947 oakvan
1948 Flashy Mike
1949 Crimsonnj
1950 Crimsonnj
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1956 Duke
1957 BrianCharles
1958 BrianCharles
1959 barev
1960 Costom56
1961 johny723
1962 Kennyboy
1963 blind-eye
1964 JorisFRST
1965 Kboater
1966 Mr.Scott
1967 jericho0o
1968 Jankonyex
1969 Spacegrass
1970 Tally-ho
1971 evil_andy
1972 Ynososiduts
1973 Alitd
1974 Alitd
1975 Alitd
1976 Alitd
1977 JoeRodge
1978 Yokiamy
1979 nobody
1980 kyledutton
1981 Petroleum Lantern Guy
1982 rost333
1983 xevious
1984 Helios azimuth
1985 Rseech02
1986 Rseech02
1987 Watermanchris
1988 Watermanchris
1989 seven7seven
1990 seven7seven
1991 Wieselflinkpro
1992 Roobarb
1993 Roobarb
1994 Wratz
1995 Wratz
1996 IntheDrink
1997 IntheDrink
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1999 beastlykings
2000 beastlykings
2001 beastlykings
2002 Redfiresvt03
2003 Redfiresvt03
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2007 yclongthrow
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2009 Sillen
2010 dhu
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2015 Rayoui
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2018 AndyMac2272
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2020 ShyOne
2021 ShyOne
2022 ShyOne
2023 ShyOne
2024 ShyOne
2025 ShyOne
2026 ShyOne
2027 ShyOne
2028 ShyOne
2029 Sinter
2030 Sinter
2031 Sinter
2032 poxin
2033 JustTheTip
2034 Tracklove6
2035 Tracklove6
2036 seven7seven
2037 seven7seven
2038 AguassissiM
2039 betajosh711
2040 betajosh711
2041 Paradoxical Antagonist
2042 d00rkn0b042
2043 hoodninja
2044 hoodninja
2045 sunsethiker
2046 mohrlumens
2047 Sparky.
2048 Sparky.
2049 Gunga
2050 Brett
2051 Capsfan19
2052 CoolNinja2
2053 rockmonkey4004
2054 sgthudson
2055 MaxxVE
2056 charwinger21
2057 PleinPhare
2058 tehmatt
2059 Scooter000
2060 LDIBP
2061 LDIBP
2062 AtomicFire
2063 fritzet
2064 fritzet
2065 fluke
2066 slmjim
2067 Tenshi0
2068 Wieselflinkpro
2069 azhu
2070 SoCal5150
2071 SoCal5150
2072 twisted raven
2073 Cereal_killer
2074 TMaxxJJ
2075 justanotherguy
2076 f0xx
2077 mopar440_6
2078 Marcello
2079 leftdisconnected
2080 Wheels2050
2081 infinity526
2082 creynolds
2083 Yacob29
2085 djans1397
2086 djans1397
2087 Forever
2088 wkweksl
2089 Nicko69
2090 unknown00101
2091 timo5150
2092 timo5150
2093 andrewmac
2094 Bardo219
2095 Bardo219
2096 meti
2097 snoopstah
2098 snoopstah
2099 SwiftDrift
2100 freq
2101 BVH
2102 BVH
2103 BVH
2104 Speed2z28
2105 pinnbipp
2106 pinnbipp
2107 lamacik
2108 Watermanchris
2109 Watermanchris
2110 Watermanchris
2111 Watermanchris
2112 Forever
2113 ulfm1
2114 TheBigLEDowski
2115 korkfoto
2116 cephalofoil
2117 Hedmark
2118 Queba11
2119 dnei519blf
2120 Rando
2121 Dadpool
2122 Boblives
2123 Jeff.flyingguy
2124 boomermax
2125 YYCN8
2126 Yournamehere90
2127 ottrocity
2128 zeroair
2129 Nash_Vegas
2130 kazibole
2131 Nortson
2132 lightdecay
2133 alexirc
2134 Mb12
2135 Toglud
2136 bakeshow
2137 tlardner
2138 Rhylith
2139 bobdotorg
2140 bobdotorg
2141 Dannopiano
2142 Ethewall
2143 ibarker3
2144 SmoothIsFast
2145 namhod
2146 threeballspin
2147 Escew
2148 blizzard424
2149 JetTech
2150 JetTech
2151 Mr.Poppy
2152 Mr.Poppy
2153 Mr.Poppy
2154 Mr.Poppy
2155 Invasian
2156 KJ4BXT
2157 Mimlkart
2158 AtomicFire
2159 AtomicFire
2160 shunthemask
2161 aldave
2162 bww1972
2163 russthetoolman
2164 ABD-BLF
2165 dante1568
2166 MixedWithFruit
2167 laterslater
2168 ACELight
2169 ACELight
2170 ACELight
2171 CoolHandLukeZ
2172 CoolHandLukeZ
2173 clintb
2174 connorkmiec93
2175 akdn82
2176 akdn82
2177 quadling
2178 macktastic
2179 RiGiD
2180 Skwerl
2181 Epics
2182 mgracia85
2183 remiflanScarlet
2184 Fohmyn
2185 Fohmyn
2186 Zteduh
2187 TheRiceEater
2188 Rpdos
2189 hawkie
2190 nibble
2191 Lilyspoppa
2192 GreenBolivian
2193 DavidEF
2194 DavidEF
2195 claywalker0929
2196 claywalker0929
2197 BurningPlayd0h
2198 Propeak
2199 mmxrico
2200 mmxrico
2201 Ssthis
2202 cwright314
2203 Drumdudeck
2204 regrt1
2205 eroheam
2206 Tranzform
2207 Cdonovan
2208 bananainmypocket
2209 mattardel
2210 Jibbed
2211 Lunar_Lumen
2212 PaulL
2213 Klotski
2214 natorius
2215 Friendlyfodder
2216 wagonspraggs
2217 JPM3
2218 spinynorman
2219 anonymousmonkey
2220 Buzzy243
2221 renhoek
2222 renhoek
2223 LloydV
2224 westermac
2225 gds95
2226 Hootbubba
2227 Erdrick
2228 WakingToWinter
2229 mopar440_6
2230 mopar440_6
2231 CptFantastic
2232 anonymous_user
2233 goose2283
2234 j8048188
2235 j8048188
2236 j8048188
2237 j8048188
2238 j8048188
2239 j8048188
2240 j8048188
2241 j8048188
2242 I_like_lamb
2243 Nickachu
2244 Viscount
2245 Kraftmonkey
2246 Kraftmonkey
2247 bf125
2248 tuton11
2249 superspeckman
2250 superspeckman
2251 hannes13
2252 PocketSammich
2253 PocketSammich
2254 PocketSammich
2255 PocketSammich
2256 maxacarp
2257 NEIL944
2258 NEIL944
2259 Coscar
2260 Coscar
2261 Couchmaster
2262 jy1496
2263 Kilopixel
2264 quadling
2265 legan710
2266 eugene188
2267 eugene188
2268 khas
2269 Cpeng
2270 Cpeng
2271 Big_Sam
2272 Kennyboy
2273 crazy.about.lights
2274 Tubercle
2275 Tdh66
2276 Lion42
2277 Invasian
2278 ckanders
2279 ckanders
2280 FromSeatoSky
2281 FromSeatoSky
2282 theRealSammyG
2283 theRealSammyG
2284 Cliwilnew
2285 peartrie
2286 cpf_borealis
2287 Mstevens113
2288 arisdes
2289 Alchemist42
2290 Tixx
2291 Behyot
2292 Craig4937
2293 Geronimo
2294 JackMarsh40
2295 liquidrazer
2296 GreenShrike
2297 methnen
2298 Kcurtis1976
2299 Ristafas
2300 somnambulism
2301 mr_magoo
2302 mikopi
2303 O26Rcr
2304 O26Rcr
2305 donj
2306 Finger Painting in Light
2307 ChickenPotPi
2308 cujo255
2309 Stereodude
2310 Stereodude
2311 Stereodude
2312 Stereodude
2313 Stereodude
2314 amishbill
2315 amishbill
2316 amishbill
2317 radicalphoton
2318 rollawaythedew
2319 rollawaythedew
2320 rollawaythedew
2321 westermac
2322 westermac
2323 figment
2324 figment
2325 figment
2326 sigh
2327 shinysideup
2328 HankSkorpio
2329 blackburn6168
2330 blind-eye
2331 blind-eye
2332 Kuyaaaron
2333 Marc E
2334 jdunlap27284
2335 SIGShooter
2336 SIGShooter
2337 Queba11
2338 Elaboration
2339 Nowhere
2340 swiftblade13
2341 wellerus
2342 belgarath
2343 belgarath
2344 sbslider
2345 Tweakmeister
2346 DeVos Designs
2347 DeVos Designs
2348 rockhound42
2349 rockhound42
2350 ikkentobi
2351 darrylo
2352 darrylo
2353 piggywiggy
2354 Rusty4×4
2355 iahim_m
2356 noetik
2357 noetik
2358 primarycell
2359 primarycell
2360 New_Moon
2361 fneuf
2362 fneuf
2363 SmoothIsFast
2364 wkweksl
2365 Satan@103TFS
2366 olles
2367 Whitegold
2368 Kennyboy
2369 mihlit
2370 mihlit
2371 mihlit
2372 Kionix
2373 Kionix
2374 hodor
2375 Diakonos
2376 sbslider
2377 quvantage
2378 PatX
2379 PatX
2380 kat
2381 Ulrich
2382 drewski
2383 fourbyfive
2384 magnadoodle
2385 randall.peterson3@gmail.com
2386 GrkGod454
2387 Mobileschoney
2388 RiGiD
2389 djans1397
2390 Chappy
2391 Chappy
2392 TylerDurdenThree
2393 superbob47
2394 Caleb-v
2395 Wrench
2396 TheM@tch
2397 TheM@tch
2398 Rap7ure
2399 halms
2400 halms
2401 Yabos McGee
2402 joomri
2403 Dreckig
2404 lmcmann
2405 lmcmann
2406 Tc418
2407 vees
2408 likevvii
2409 Chukapeat
2410 dlpkl
2411 david_opp
2412 Rossano95
2413 mrelia100
2414 Pokemonrules
2415 northbeard
2416 northbeard
2417 northbeard
2418 Julez
2419 pat4027
2420 flightless22
2421 flightless22
2422 eodoe
2423 eodoe
2424 Thescreensavers
2425 bluewanderer
2426 kleft
2427 sbslider
2428 bakeshow
2429 wordwalker3
2430 Cggzilla
2431 alstann
2432 blind-eye
2433 LOTL
2434 paetzi
2435 treadhead71
2436 beech18650
2437 cedarman
2438 Boots
2439 Bake
2440 Bake
2441 Dyrnwyn
2442 MNLegoBoy
2443 Asian8640
2444 Melraidin
2445 rogueRobot
2446 Moloflashy
2447 mtnbike
2448 JetskiMark
2449 JetskiMark
2450 lantlight
2451 lantlight
2452 Di7Hbi9XxxVutFJW
2453 belit
2454 dsd64
2455 Atypicallemon
2456 treadhead71
2457 Ashy Flashy
2458 Ashy Flashy
2459 marcelangelo
2460 Not_Dave
2461 gavrook
2462 Sopuchan
2463 nicois
2464 redblue
2465 casi29061965
2466 PTRCK
2467 abbazaba
2468 Bibendum
2469 Bibendum
2470 Hollywood88
2471 obriencr
2472 bradmck
2473 SDS
2474 lunchbox
2475 atobe
2476 sueli428
2477 Gerrh
2478 Gerrh
2479 KgaBombadier
2480 iaknew
2481 Bmallak
2482 t-soung
2483 Dustednuggets
2484 Kemikos
2485 Kemikos
2486 RMK
2487 RMK
2488 sledge0816
2489 fucx
2490 fucx
2491 FlashPilot
2492 pennsdad
2493 Anthon
2494 cmarc
2495 Lopan
2496 Michaels
2497 Scallywag
2498 attist178
2499 Lord_Polymath
2500 Paperchasin
2501 Michaels
2502 netkai
2503 netkai
2504 mavericks
2505 PatX
2506 Paperchasin
2507 Paperchasin
2508 zaibas
2509 bindi
2510 slimkango
2511 slimkango
2512 badtziscool
2513 Island_Bright
2514 lumenlite
2515 KinggDogg
2516 KinggDogg
2517 leftdisconnected
2518 leftdisconnected
2519 Simple1i
2520 Davetorpe
2521 FlashlightsAnonymous
2522 Serifus
2523 Serifus
2524 Rob1563
2525 MrWinky
2526 ApostatePipe
2527 maildroid
2528 maildroid
2529 BFLAlias
2530 BFLAlias
2531 Winston81
2532 waxing twilight
2533 waxing twilight
2534 waxing twilight
2535 TheAlchemist
2536 adirondackdestroyer
2537 Skybid
2538 andrewmac
2539 sbslider
2540 Kame Sennin
2541 Stittville Ed
2542 cruisin_psu
2543 cruisin_psu
2544 cruisin_psu
2545 cruisin_psu
2546 epak
2547 Nguyen
2548 Nguyen
2549 Majoroverkill
2550 Lemurian
2551 666fixed
2552 brenden23
2553 Kame Sennin
2554 TheNetRanger
2555 funkychateau
2556 wedlpine
2557 wedlpine
2558 Gj
2559 Gj
2560 Gj
2561 Gj
2562 RollerBoySE
2563 TrueNerd
2564 TrueNerd
2565 ada_potato
2566 Perception
2567 jescereal
2568 micknatt
2569 CalDellinger
2570 Cythras
2571 redsuns
2572 NuggetMcNugget
2573 NuggetMcNugget
2574 NuggetMcNugget
2575 That’ll Leave A Mark
2576 LowLander
2577 k13w
2578 Nat.ie
2579 byarnell05
2580 FleshlightJones
2581 pies
2582 3061fps
2583 write2dgray
2584 BrianK
2585 BrianK
2586 Thefire
2587 psmbfuer
2588 CheapThrills
2589 Stryker
2590 Stryker
2591 Stryker
2592 Caver_Rave
2593 amishbill
2594 amishbill
2595 amishbill
2596 lousybreaker
2597 Rayoui
2598 SwissFlashy
2599 GRLights
2600 magnethelm
2601 psmbfuer
2602 adam7027
2603 adam7027
2604 Phlogiston
2605 dlpkl
2606 Rahelming
2607 Rahelming
2608 nicois
2609 man of light
2610 Yacob29
2611 ryanjennings
2612 ryanjennings
2613 ryanjennings
2614 ryanjennings
2615 Kulumatic
2616 Lilyspoppa
2617 qandeel
2618 qandeel
2619 qandeel
2620 brightlights
2621 Andmiller
2622 Andmiller
2623 Andmiller
2624 woodyt
2625 atobe
2626 TanteElfriede
2627 WolfDiesel
2628 Bugdoc
2629 Bugdoc
2630 Vietnam.Vet
2631 Phaze13
2632 Ucm45
2633 zoinks
2634 bulbed
2635 GhostofHarry
2636 DarthTader
2637 DarthTader
2638 theWoodster
2639 theWoodster
2640 psmbfuer
2641 lachesis
2642 lachesis
2643 JackMarsh40
2644 Bmallak
2645 Bmallak
2646 carmantl
2647 carmantl
2648 carmantl
2649 snoopstah
2650 hannes13
2651 Raptor2018
2652 Raptor2018
2653 brenden23
2654 brenden23
2655 Kevin Z
2656 Kevin Z
2657 Kevin Z
2658 amishbill
2659 amishbill
2660 Williamskw86
2661 Joat
2662 Akgunwinner
2663 liquidrazer
2664 liquidrazer
2665 belgarath
2666 belgarath
2667 belgarath
2668 belgarath
2669 octav
2670 Akgunwinner
2671 rogueRobot
2673 Sparks65
2674 Sparks65
2675 Kionix
2676 enix316
2677 enix316
2678 freethink
2679 SociopathicSamaritan
2680 d_t_a
2681 d_t_a
2682 LOTL
2683 Hollywood88
2684 PillowRobot
2685 Melraidin
2686 Melraidin
2687 bonC
2688 schlafsack01
2689 schlafsack01
2690 lumiere
2691 BillyBobJoe
2692 BillyBobJoe
2693 lroach
2694 amishbill
2695 blammergeier
2696 Givememyhatback
2697 Scorpia
2698 Taschenrechner
2699 Taschenrechner
2700 Big_Sam
2701 Big_Sam
2702 madcrow
2703 madcrow
2704 madcrow
2705 halms
2706 halms
2707 halms
2708 LDIBP
2709 LDIBP
2710 LDIBP
2711 Bmallak
2712 Bmallak
2713 Kuato
2714 JorisFRST
2715 JorisFRST
2716 pthartung
2717 racnigel
2718 solRNY
2719 solRNY
2720 solRNY
2721 KgaBombadier
2722 Watermanchris
2723 Watermanchris
2724 Escew
2725 Friendlyfodder
2726 Bullmajor
2727 Bullmajor
2728 Bullmajor
2729 Bubblehead
2730 LemonLime
2731 LemonLime
2732 olles
2733 Speedfreak32
2734 TheAlchemist
2735 bakeshow
2736 bakeshow
2737 Ristafas
2738 Cumbo
2739 Old Davo
2740 Old Davo
2741 Old Davo
2742 Old Davo
2743 Juls Boo
2744 Juls Boo
2745 Juls Boo
2746 kase
2747 JoeH12.81
2748 JoeH12.81
2749 Thescreensavers
2750 Thescreensavers
2751 JakeDjanitor
2752 Kardolf
2753 mopar440_6
2754 mopar440_6
2755 mopar440_6
2756 mopar440_6
2757 mopar440_6
2758 shirnask
2759 Dougdimadome
2760 DBSAR
2761 DBSAR
2762 russthetoolman
2763 Hollybrook
2764 maxacarp
2765 maxacarp
2766 MtnDon
2767 Lagittaja
2768 Trouthead
2769 northbeard
2770 northbeard
2771 Caleb-v
2772 Mondak
2773 seriesone
2774 jakeblat
2775 nibble
2776 nibble
2777 Tixx
2778 Tixx
2779 KinggDogg
2780 KinggDogg
2781 BT100
2783 t-soung
2784 sunsethiker
2785 flashycali
2786 blind-eye
2787 blind-eye
2788 GreenLights
2789 GreenLights
2790 fourbyfive
2791 Rexlion
2792 Ironhorse
2793 iaknew
2794 jimF
2795 Backpacker Light
2796 Backpacker Light
2797 sygyzy
2798 zmap
2799 Dubigk
2800 Ilumenati
2801 Ilumenati
2802 This is beginning to be a problem.
2803 Silberkorn
2804 atxpilot
2805 Lips
2806 XOThermite
2807 XOThermite
2808 charles lin
2809 baldo21
2810 baldo21
2811 Lexel
2812 Lexel
2813 1332332331
2814 qandeel
2815 fneuf
2816 fneuf
2817 gotang
2818 7YP160214
2819 DAGG3R
2820 DAGG3R
2821 ulfm1
2822 brad
2823 PBNinja
2824 korpzgrinda
2825 korpzgrinda
2826 KB Willy
2827 KB Willy
2828 rockmonkey4004
2829 SIGShooter
2830 SIGShooter
2831 gcxmr2
2832 gcxmr2
2833 Vietnam.Vet
2834 sledge0816
2835 goose2283
2836 SIGShooter
2837 lucke
2838 PKT
2839 ssschen
2840 Zup
2841 SwissFlashy
2842 JacobsEDCGear
2843 Tally-ho
2844 Propeak
2845 barbuto
2846 Kionix
2847 enix316
2848 BLFLanternPM
2849 BLFLanternPM
2850 lasopluv
2851 Bayside_Tigers
2852 dl2
2853 dl2
2854 Metalevon
2855 pipcorona
2856 Behyot
2857 M78
2858 M78
2859 Tally12
2860 dyates
2861 dyates
2862 ben1680
2863 atobe
2864 atobe
2865 Lazy-J
2866 Lazy-J
2867 tra192
2868 tra192
2869 OtisCampbell
2870 Finger Painting in Light
2871 dd2
2872 dd2
2873 fujimi
2874 ChickenPotPi
2875 ChickenPotPi
2876 paetzi
2877 poom55
2878 koolwill
2879 dchoe
2880 Lipfit2000
2881 Bill 63
2882 3061fps
2883 3061fps
2884 JohnCalvin
2885 gadoots
2886 gadoots
2887 basic42
2888 luisgcan
2889 sefern
2890 Typevii
2891 bushmaster
2892 Moomoomao
2893 Moomoomao
2894 acems135
2895 Funtastic
2896 Funtastic
2897 Funtastic
2898 Funtastic
2899 ImLagging
2900 spinnmasterg
2901 spinnmasterg
2902 v.chiu
2903 diversionmary
2904 tatasal
2905 chinooker
2906 Forever
2907 cu42
2908 TexasToasted
2909 blade123
2910 cvaty
2911 mr_magoo
2912 SciFiFreak
2913 MaccDavin
2914 mavortium
2915 mavortium
2916 mavortium
2917 dekozn
2918 dekozn
2919 dekozn
2920 Raider
2921 alkiax
2922 Rusty
2923 seven7seven
2924 seven7seven
2925 Lazy-R-us
2926 BVH
2927 BVH
2928 BRAVO
2929 BRAVO
2930 P33
2931 diversionmary
2932 Ipodman999
2933 Tredd
2934 Quillz
2935 Mantion
2936 jimahi
2937 Flying Luminosity
2938 Hell2Pay
2939 Hell2Pay
2940 Hell2Pay
2941 cu42
2942 o11o1o1
2943 gadabout
2944 gadabout
2945 koalaenergy
2946 derpilgerer
2947 tac700
2948 callsignraven
2949 Richp
2950 Klotski
2951 Klotski
2952 alexfra
2953 belit
2954 Kuztomized
2955 Pugna
2956 Pino4et
2957 tonylim
2958 jimahi
2959 akdn82
2960 akdn82
2961 Lux-Perpetua
2962 Lux-Perpetua
2963 Lux-Perpetua
2964 alex64
2965 light up
2966 light up
2967 light up
2968 Natasha
2969 Natasha
2970 Natasha
2971 spotlighter
2972 spotlighter
2973 spotlighter
2974 ossifrage
2975 DrinkingJar
2976 DrinkingJar
2977 P”bel
2978 atobe
2979 wahoowad
2980 BorisBar
2981 atobe
2982 AguassissiM
2983 Tally12
2984 arisdes
2985 steve42
2986 Lund1660
2987 Helios azimuth
2988 ReallyInToCheese
2989 odriewniffe
2990 flashycali
2991 brno602
2992 abril
2993 Not_Dave
2994 tronx
2995 vincebdx
2996 ThirDegree
2997 ThirDegree
2998 ThirDegree
2999 zaibas
3000 ImLagging
3001 cris2pu
3002 congo
3003 Rdubya18
3004 jdunlap27284
3005 Ember
3006 jaharkes
3007 lhauckphx
3008 DBSAR
3009 DBSAR
3010 DBSAR
3011 lamppu
3012 lamacik
3013 DarkShot
3014 Glov
3015 Propeak
3016 whitecitadel
3017 BT100
3018 magnet
3019 Unloco
3020 Funzel67
3021 Flying Luminosity
3022 erikbuch
3023 erikbuch
3024 rost333
3025 Kindle
3026 Kindle
3027 tatasal
3028 oakvan
3029 mitsuki08
3030 lumiere
3031 lumiere
3032 jimF
3033 Angel Mart¡nez
3034 oto
3035 All_thumbs
3036 Sunnysunsun
3039 ver_ivanz007
3040 Phlipp
3041 abneustadt
3042 sandanbob
3043 drewsonian
3044 Luminosity
3045 MichielSanders
3046 MichielSanders
3047 BFLAlias
3048 tbenz9
3049 AtomicFire
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SIGShooter wrote: !!!!!! Important Note !!!!!! – Anyone who has expressed an interest in a lantern should verify that their BLF user name is correct in the Interest list by user names link. When the lanterns are ready for purchase the pm’s will be automatically generated based upon the user name in that file so if your name is incorrect then you won’t be getting a pm Sad This is a one time only check so if your name is correct now then it will be correct going forward. In other words you only need to check once. Note that embedded spaces are valid characters so for example a name having one embedded space is not the same as a name having 2 embedded spaces. Different letter cases in the user name doesn’t matter. Eg. Userxxx is the same as uSERXXX for the purposes of the pm’s. If a name needs to be corrected send me a pm and don’t just post it in this thread because it could very well be missed. DO NOT send me a pm saying that your name is fine. Thanks

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I’m probably not in myself, but I like the idea! The side-flooder on my M6 has a medium mode at ~600ma, and it really is more light than you might expect. Perfect for long-endurance illumination.

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Sounds just what I’m looking for! I’m in.

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I’m excited, and I think that high doesn’t need to be very high at all, even when using a lantern for working on something like a generator, the kind of guy that has a quality lantern won’t be looking to light up the entire garage brightly, he will have a headlamp to handle the boost he needs for detail work.

In the living room we want the family to have a good bright light available, but we don’t want it so bright that people avert their eyes and shade their eyes from it.

But I think you made it clear that you have already thought of all that, long ago.

I look forward to this thread. Have you thought of a setting for simultaneous lantern and ceiling bounce, for a better room filling effect, and flashlight use?

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Sounds very well thought out. I’m in.

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Looks great! Wouldn’t you know, a lantern sits firmly next on my list of “new lights I can rationalize,” but as you clearly stated, decent stock options are essentially non-existent. My best thought until now was to start with something like this (modded to run off 18650’s, of course), but a down-firing SRK variant sounds simpler, more durable, and more compact.

I’m very interested in a potential group buy (depending on price, of course), but also interested in following your prototype build… The challenge of a home-made version also sounds attractive, so I might need to buy one + make one, because, you know, it’d probably be smart to have something in a different tint as a backup…

Thanks again for getting this started! Excited to see how it progresses regardless of outcome. Cool

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Yeah this is intriguing. I’ve got one lantern, a Fenix CL25R, but this seems like a very different project. So consider me interested.

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I’m Interested!


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brad wrote:
I’m excited, and I think that high doesn’t need to be very high at all, even when using a lantern for working on something like a generator, the kind of guy that has a quality lantern won’t be looking to light up the entire garage brightly, he will have a headlamp to handle the boost he needs for detail work.

In the living room we want the family to have a good bright light available, but we don’t want it so bright that people avert their eyes and shade their eyes from it.

But I think you made it clear that you have already thought of all that, long ago.

I look forward to this thread. Have you thought of a setting for simultaneous lantern and ceiling bounce, for a better room filling effect, and flashlight use?


for indoor use in rooms with white ceilings, the design of this lantern with a down-firing LED, simply set it on a higher shelf or table upside-down, and it will bounce quite a bit of light from the ceiling around it if preferred. (those tests & photos will be coming too. Smile I thought about the idea of building it with two switchable LEDs ( one on the top facing up and the inside one facing down) but that would just add complexity & cost to a manufactured version.

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DBSAR wrote:
I thought about the idea of building it with two switchable LEDs ( one on the top facing up and the inside one facing down) but that would just add complexity & cost to a manufactured version.

Agreed – I really like the idea of a simple, dedicated, non-crappy lantern. If we want something to aim at the ceiling, well, we all have at least a dozen options for that, don’t we? Wink
I have one that’s switchable between upward (flashlight-ish) and downward (lantern-ish) firing, and it doesn’t do a good job at either.

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Andyman wrote:
DBSAR wrote:
I thought about the idea of building it with two switchable LEDs ( one on the top facing up and the inside one facing down) but that would just add complexity & cost to a manufactured version.

Agreed – I really like the idea of a simple, dedicated, non-crappy lantern. If we want something to aim at the ceiling, well, we all have at least a dozen options for that, don’t we? Wink
I have one that’s switchable between upward (flashlight-ish) and downward (lantern-ish) firing, and it doesn’t do a good job at either.

Very true, we all already have tons of flashlights for ceiling bouncing/tail standing indoors. But when it comes to acual lanterns that can be used outdoors for area lighing there are way to many crappy, plastic, bad-tinted, low-runtime lanterns with unreliable “gimmics” added to them already available from sellers & stores,
But for outdoors, or in places/rooms where white smooth ceilings are not an option, a simple, durable, long running, 360-degree lantern is needed.

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I’m interested
As long as the cost doesn’t get too crazy

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Depending on the price, I may or may not get one, but I am interested.

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I am in!! Possibly multiples if price is agreeable.

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Very interested.

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Interesting project. I’m in.


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I’m in!

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Can’t wait for this one. The way I look at it, this lantern will have no competition. Nothing else like it on the market, everything now is plastic, alkaline powered, and no name emitters. Can see this being a huge seller to campers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, and such. Looking good DBSAR.

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southland wrote:
Can’t wait for this one. The way I look at it, this lantern will have no competition. Nothing else like it on the market, everything now is plastic, alkaline powered, and no name emitters. Can see this being a huge seller to campers, hikers, fishermen, hunters, and such. Looking good DBSAR.

The plan is to build a lantern than can fit in a coat pocket, produce the light of a 60 watt light bulb, have good high CRI tint, and run for several nights of use on high, (Or for weeks on lower modes) without the need of recharging the batteries, be durable, solid, compact, useful when needed, and do what a lantern is supposed to do. (and be open to further modding like all of here like to do if we wish to. Smile

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This sounds like a great project.

Just one question; Where are you getting the SRK clone with threadded LED plate?

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I am in Smile nice project!

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I could certainly use a good lantern, I’m in.

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Put me down for one please, dependant on price and absolutely no detectable PWM.

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I am almost with you, I’d love to see a really good led lantern come to life. But there’s one thing that all that plastic garbage has to its advantage, and that is the use of safe chemistry batteries. So I’m not really sure I would like to see this with 18650 batteries, but perhaps rather with AA-type batteries. It will be a bit less compact but much easier to sell or give away.

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I’m definitely interested

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I’m in for sure

The best signature ever.

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Definitely interested – Great concept

The Miller
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We have a plastic thingy with
Solar panel Ln top costs were $16,-
Crank in bottom
Shaped like those old fashion storm lanterns.
The light it produces is not warm but we used it camping and it sits next to the kitchen door
We have cranked it up once but the solar charging has provided light for about a year now when we needed it.
Is it possible to sacrifice the space of 1 cell for charging parts? Solar panel on top, crank at bottom? Maybe USB out port for cellphones.
To have that in a nice ALU housing would be very nice.

I was planning on just using a diffuser with a modded SRK but this is a much cooler project!

But as you go right now I am interested so put me on the list.

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I have a few lanterns but none run off of 18650s . I could use one of these!

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Definitely interested.