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I wish they would have added something to the design to distinguish themselves.

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Interesting. It seems they say it is capable of 200 lumen on hi and 100 lumen on low. I suspect that is slightly conservative estimates? Perhaps this means that we now see the beginning of the end of insanely exaggerated specs?

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Just by looks, the 200 Lumens are serious – because of the Cree XR-E inside (5th pic).

Nice light from 8.5 Years ago.

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ah the original Sipik website. i remember i bought my first real Sipik SK68 from them 3 years ago when it had the XR-E EZ-900 series LED, and its still one of my favorite single AA zoomies i have. Its brighter than all the clones, and better built than the various clones we get today.

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