GearBest Giveaway for the suggestions brainstorming for the Unique features of the flashlight( winner out)

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GearBest Giveaway for the suggestions brainstorming for the Unique features of the flashlight( winner out)

Congratulations to sandalian ( #166, winners please PM me before May 15th to geth the prize

Hello Guys,

functions of flashlight voting, if you have voted, please post I have voted under this thread, it’s the second chance to enter our giveway ( March 23th)

Are you tired of the MAP policy for the high quality flashlight, do you want to get Unique and high quality flashlight at a great price

Welcome to join in our discussion for what’s the Unique, Speical and Cool features that you wish to come with the new flashlight, let us have a brainstorming, let you be one of the designer of this upcoming gadget

Just post Any Ideas which appears in your mind

(Thanks for mapache’s advice,

Edit- Gearbest, do you have any rough guidelines? Such as thrower or flood, cell size etc. or is it a free-for-all brainstorm?
it is a free-for-all brainstorm

As a thanks for your participating, we will pick a winner from the first 200 comments from the members to win one of the following prize

1. $86.80 Palight GS2600 Cree MGT2 2600Lm Dimmable LED Flashlight Set – GRAY

2 Any product under $50 (product page price) from GearBest

If the ideas has been adopted, members who provide the ideas please PMed me, the first two people who PMed me will get one of the new flashlight after it has been finished

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Moonlight mode. Must have moonlight.

Edit- Gearbest, do you have any rough guidelines? Such as thrower or flood, cell size etc. or is it a free-for-all brainstorm?

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Led placed on a DTP copper mcpcb…not aluminum.

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A high output budget flashlight on 4x AA batteries in series.

So no Li-ion batteries.

Example: Sunwayman D40A and Nitecore EA41, but these are expensive.

The Fandyfire Rook is also expensive, and it runs the batteries parallel (don’t want that, we want 4 AA’s in series and use a lineair driver).

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Nice idea, wonder what it will become.

(triple?)XP-L HI relatively small thrower with max current rating of ~6Amp, thermally regulated, sublumen moonmode and beacon mode. Add a USB charging port, that can also be used as a backup USB charging port. To charge your cellphone for instance. With voltage indicator in any form and waterproof.

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A good quality, fairly inexpensive 18650-based “zoomie”, that is, a good quality flood at one end and a good quality thrower/search light at the other end. It can be single-mode as it’s meant to be a single piece/multiple function outside nighttime flashlight that can transition from up-close needs to “what’s-going-on-way-over-there?”.

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Something that either throws 1000 m or output over 4000 lumen, thank you! Big Smile

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1. Zoomie
2. Infinitely variable brightness, including moonlight mode
3. Cheap, but must be using CREE or Nichia, and NOT Lattice Bright LED

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Glow in the dark portion of the body option that can be turned on/off. Doesn’t have to be too bright just bright enough to find the flashlight at night.

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Tiny 18650 flashlights with the option to convert into headlamp if needed

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First recommendation:
Any budget light that does NOT have a LatticeBright emitter! These junk LEDs have become the bane of the budget flashlight world.

Second recommendation:
Single-AA/14500 operation
Smooth body but with good knurling
No crenelations or sharp edges
Quality anodizing, possibly in an array of colors
Deep-Carry pocket-clip
Genuine Cree XP-G2 emitter (my personal preference is for cooler tint)
Light-OP reflector
Regulated Three-mode Lo-Mid-High no-strobe/SOS driver
Tailcap clicky.

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Don wrote:
It sounds like the XM LEDs won’t really be suitable for flashlight use. Pity…

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Micro usb rechargeable flashlight… preferably using 2x or 4x AA NiMh batteries

moonlight mode.. 1lumen.. 10 lumen.. 100 lumen.. 300 lumen.. 600 lumen.. And turbo mode of at least 900 lumen

OR infinte variable brightness

Well regulated, high efficiency electronics, durable body…

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Access to both moonlight mode and Turbo mode from the off state of the flashlight! big one for me…

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Ramping mode (from moon to high) with memory from side switch, tail switch for on off in tactical holding.

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Copper mcpcb, integrated shelf thick enough to handle heat, direct driven xp-l Hi with a primary clicky switch in the rear and a secondary momentary switch for changing the 4 modes from moonlight to turbo with a hidden strobe mode.

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- omnivore: usable with 1*26650 and 1*18650 and 3*AA in series, so it comes with two sleeves and one adapter
- possibility of extension tube for 1*26650 or 1*18650 for extra runtime
- zoomable with aspheric lens + possible TIR collimator
- infinitely variable brightness going all the way down to moon
- temperature controlled ramping on turbo
- hidden menu for strobe, beacon and SOS
- backlit buttons (on/off switchable)
- a keyfinder like locator function with bluetooth connection to smartphone
- and for the ladies: silicone tube covers with a lot of fashionable colors (also nice for guys who hate cold and slippery aluminum tubes)

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Personally I have little use for any flashing options in most of my lights, I just want high, medium, and low settings. I’m on the copper mcpcb bandwagon.

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a cheap decent floody headlamp

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I think there is interest in a soup can light with heat sinking built in and a xpl hi triple or nichia 219 b or c. Especially in some new colors.

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Triple xp-l 1×18650 with thermal control

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if XP-L Hi or XM-L2
-moonlight mode
-hidden blinking mod or on
-side switch

if XHP
-temperature control
-hidden blinking mod or on
-hi output

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More options for lights to have XP-L HI and more options for modes. For me this would be the option to eliminate next-mode memory.

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A budget single AA/14500 “L shape” headlamp. Something like Skilhunt H15 but lighter and cheaper. There are not many lights like that.

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Low mode of 1-lumen or less. Hidden Strobe and/or SOS modes. Genuine Cree LEDs on Direct Thermal Path boards. Temperature controlled Turbo.


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Must have moonlight.

Something that can be used with AA’s or Li-ions.

Ability with a shortened tube (included) to be used with CR123a yet still look sexy, not just stumpy.


Raw, rough, tarnishable finishes, be they steel, aluminium, copper, brass with metallic switches to suit (or even contrasting switches, for example steel body, copper switch)

Oversizing – at least in terms of large and mega deep canyon-like knurling, super-big lanyard hole that would take 550 paracord, oversized head and (removable) bezel with smooth and crenelated varieties included in the box.

Omni-use clips. Reverse mountable so they offer complete deep carry either head up or head down. Easy cap-peak fitting if that floats your boat. Make sure there is an equivalent clip (or the flashlight is so engineered) that the same Omni-use abilities are present when using a shortened tube.

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- Magnet in tailcap

- Moonlight

- Can stand on the tail.

- Compatible AA

- Recessed switch so the flashlight doesn’t turn on in a pocket or a bag.

- Light (that would exclude things like copper, etc…)

- clip

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Want/Need ToyKeeper's Bistro firmware.  smile


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A series of flashlights / hosts with interchangeable heads and bodies.

Bodies with different sized cells: 16340, 18350, 14500, 18650, 2xAA, usb recharge port, tail magnet.
Heads: single emitter, triple emitter, floody, thrower, zoomie, cool tints, warm tints, crenelated, reflector, TIR optic

Any head can be screwed on to any body. I would buy so many. Gotta catch ‘em all!

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I have read a lot of very good comments, so I just will pick up some:

Led placed on a DTP copper mcpcb…not aluminum.

Want/Need ToyKeeper’s Bistro firmware.

Triple xp-l 1×18650 with thermal control

Ah…no Moonlight for me. Nothing less than 5 lumens for me, please Wink my flashlights/knives/gear video reviews my dark comics

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Improved srk style light with removable carry handle, moonlight and ramping, 2s2p 18650 with tail end battery replacement, square threads, thick integrated shelf, extended external cooling fins, longer head, deep op reflector, and xhp-70 emitter on a copper dtp mcpcb with options of warm, neutral, or cool white.

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Strong magnet in tailcap.