Best Emitter Bin for smaller lights?

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Best Emitter Bin for smaller lights?

I've seen some debate recently that are pitting different emitter bins against each other... each has their pros and cons but in a smaller form factor which do you all think is better?


XP-E/XR-E Pros- Small emitter that is more easily focused for throw in a small package.  Con- lower power handling but with newer Flux bins coming out (up to R4 or R5 now).


Xp-G/Xm-L- Pros- more light at the same currents, higher power handling capabilities.  Pro/Con- floodier beams with larger hotspots.


I think in a small package such as the Nitecore Ti for example... the XR-E would be choice... the small head is going to lend itself to a floodier beam anyway so the XP-E would help compensate with some throw due to higher surface brightness.  Also... in EDC formats we aren't really wanting a 1.5-2.0A draw most of the time so the lower power limit (1A) isn't as much of a concern. 

On another forum... they defended a well known and expensive brand for using XP-E/XR-E for reasons other than I listed (they wait for emitters to "mature", for example) but I've also seen some arguments that the XP-E/XR-E doesn't color shift throughout the viewing angle which I've seen in some of my XM-L's.



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I think you've pretty much summed up the current state of emitters .

What I do


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That's why I'm kind of excited to test the XP-E and XM-L versions of the Balder SE-1 I have coming. I can see for myself a side-by-side using the same non-p60 light and without comparing camera shots. I've always opted to go the "brighter is better" route but now I'm starting to consider more criteria. 

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Are you the one who did the review of the SE-1?

That inspired this post question in the first place as I saw that they made them in XP-E/XP-G/XM-L formats.

I have a Romisen RC-G2 with an older Xr-E Q3 and powered with 1xAA it throws surprisingly well although the flood isn't all that impressive it's enough for up close tasks.. which makes it a great all around light in my eyes... flood for where I need it... throw (although a small hot spot) out to at least 100ft (haven't a a chance to try it further) is all I really need.

I've got some smaller lights that are XP-G/XM-L based but I would like something brighter than the Q3 in my Romisen although I like the 5C tint.

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Let's not forget the XP-C!

this page is very informative:

It shows how different LEDs behave with one particular optic but gives quite a good idea of the differences between LEDs - the third column gives a value of lux per lumen which quantifies how much better smaller LEDs can be focused.

Also, the new R4 binned XP-E LEDs are the "HEW" type which use a different phosphor deposition technique (it's on the outside of the dome rather than the chip)  this leads to a MUCH more floody beam than a standard XP-E (somewhere between XP-G and XM-L)

(this might lead to an aspheric lens thrower with a round beam profile...I'll be giving it a try)

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The XR-Es I have here are a lot cooler than the XP-Gs I have here. They are both supposed to be cool white, but the XP-Gs have a tendency in the neutral direction vs. the XR-Es in the blue tint direction.