3 or 4x aa light recomendations.

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3 or 4x aa light recomendations.

I am currently using a nitecore ea41 and would like ideas on a replacement. This light has such high parasitic drain that it cannot be trusted to sit in my car and be ignored for long periods of time. I do not know how to measure the specific maH drain of this unit I can measure battery loss over a period of time. The eneloops were fully charged and lost nearly 10% capacity over a period of two months. I would like something similar but with WAY less drain please.


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I think you meant to say Nitecore? Thrunite makes one of the better rated (4) AA lights, the TN4A. There is a great deal on the Lumintop SD4A here in the Forum presently. If you’re not familiar with Selfbuilt’s Flashlight Reviews, check him out for all your specs.

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Can you lock the light out? If it has anodised threads you might be able to partially unscrew the cap.

Aside from that you need a light that doesn’t use an electronic switch. Proper mechanical switches will have no drain and solve the problem.

You may want to consider some 2AA lights for this. Or even something like a Led Lenser P7.2 that uses 4xAAA.

Or even consider some Li-ion lights. A Convoy S2+ uses 1×18650 and costs about $15 and would be ideal as a glove box light. One 18650 has about the same energy as 4xAA.