Battle for single cell XHP/MT-G2 who wins?

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Battle for single cell XHP/MT-G2 who wins?

Beginning of last year I bought the Fenix PD-40 it’s a single 26650 that runs a MT-G2 at 1100 lumen with a burst mode up to 1600 lumens. It’s a nice well made light but burst mode was a pain and many batteries won’t give burst mode or only burst for the first part of the charge. It’s high mode draws 2.64-2.77 amps burst 4.67-4.95 amps depending on which of the 5 different batteries I’m using. Now coming out we have two more nearly identical size lights to add.

Olight is coming out with two, R50 and L5 Pro. The R50 uses a propriety 3 contact 26650 and a XHP50 led claiming 2500 Lumen output. The L5 Pro uses the XHP70 and puts out 3200 lumens. It’s battery is probably also a propriety 26650 as both lights use a tail or base charger. The batteries for both are advertised as 4500 mah.

Acebeam has just released its version the EC50. A single 26650 XHP70 putting out 2500 lumens on “Ultra” mode. 1700 lumens on high continuous press get the 2500 ultra mode.

I like my Fenix PD-40 and it runs well with 26700’s still able too burst mode when half depleted. Acebeam pushed up the numbers and appears to be identical size 145mm long, 40mm head. Olight is still pretty much an unknown. Will regular 26650’s work? Are the max outputs burst modes also?

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I’m keeping my eye on the L5 Pro as it sounds good. I heard the release date is end of this month. I don’t think 3200 lumens in a 40mm head can be sustained more than a few minutes, before heat becomes an issue. So I guess “burst” mode can vary from a short or long burst. But that’s fine with me. I use flashlights on low or medium, with Max output reserved for quick, detailed look arounds.

Have you tried Vappower IMR26650 4200mAh that HKJ’s charts showed as stellar performers. I was quite surprised to easily find sellers.