12,000 Lumen Flashlight Found! Only $4

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12,000 Lumen Flashlight Found! Only $4

Ok, you can all stop your hunt for the brightest flashlight ever!  I was shopping yesterday at a store called "Five Below" and found the following flashlight for only $4!

12,000 Lumen Flashlight

       You don't think this is labeled wrong, do you?  Needless to say I got a good laugh out of it and passed it up. 


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12 LED's at about 10 lumens each gives 12,000 lumens! They're about 99% off.

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You passed it up? 12,000 lumens? How much do you think I could sell a 12,000 lumen light for on ebay?

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That must be a decimal point. 


Great find !!!!


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Chicago X wrote:

That must be a decimal point. 

Great find !!!!

lol, man, you have read my mind :bigsmile: 1 lumen per emitter :bigsmile:

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Why you are so suspicious?? Maybe the 12 led are XML or the last cree prototype... I must admit that in this case i'm a bit worried about the battery... Laughing

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Omg why did i buy a sipik with my last money Shocked


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Too good!

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If this is true 12000 lumens I doubt if your can hold with your hands!

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...and it lasts for up to 100.000 hours... on one battery?

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If it's 3AA, I'm Getting one!!!   NOT...........

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Chicago X wrote:

That must be a decimal point. 



They just used a (,) instead of a (.)    I think this is what they really meant...

Because these measurements are accurate to 3 decimal points!!

SO in other words..This light will die after EXACTLY 100.000 hours, and will output exactly 12.000 lumens.


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