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Olight S1A Baton

This is my review of the S1A Baton for Olight.

Now I work 3rd shift at an airport and the lighting isn’t very good most of the time. This little light will light up the entire cabin/baggage area of our aircraft (large cabin business jets). I’ve carried bigger lights (Klarus ST11) which is a good light but to big for me to carry sometimes. you dont even notice this light and it has great variety of brightness’s. now for some pics

This is my makeshift headlight setup

Next to my Left is the S1A right is S30r II

Left S1A middle S30R II Right Kluras ST11

Dark control shot

5Lm brightness

50LM brightness

220 lm brightness

I wasn’t able to test it to 600 lm due to my 14500 batteries not being delivered as this is being written

All pics taken with my HTC One M9 quality isnt the best but isnt bad.

Final thoughts Its a great small light that can use common batteries and is more then bright enough for 90% of people. It doesn’t really add any bulk to an emergency bag, purse of even pocket. I will be adding to my Olight collection.

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Welcome to BLF!

Great first post!
Like the review!

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Nice way to make an entrance, 1st post as well!

Welcome to the Madness, LOL.

Thank You for your review.

Saw S30R ii box and thought you’d got muddled at first.

How about your thoughts on that one as well?

Enjoy your new Toys. Err, I mean Tools of the Trade, of course.

You’ll Love It Here.


Splott-Light Smile

P.S. Hide Your Wallet, It’s NOT Safe anymore.

Ouchyfoot to a New Member: Welcome CJ. Now you have to learn about buying an inexpensive flashlight and modifying it until it either blows up, or starts small fires on the moon…………

Hugh Johnson:
I, too, once lived a tragic and empty life. Then I found [portable] light.
You forgot to mention clothes. I sold most of my clothes to fund my light collection. This is actually fine, since I only go out after dark, and most people can’t see me.
Finally, I got my priorities straight.

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Thanks for the welcome. I’m going to do a review on the S30R II in a week or 2.