Thoughts for DIY night floody & slight throw using xml.

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Thoughts for DIY night floody & slight throw using xml.

Hi all,

Once again need some insight.
Thinking to DIY some light to be mounted at corner ceiling for night.
Nightshots of the intended place can be seen at last post.
Running off 18650 (i dun mind changing it every few hours, can buy 20-30 pieces of them to last 2 nights (the lousy to "can use type", not those good quality), each run will be bout 10 hours for the lights.
Objective : Using 2 emitter "aiming" diff direction/angle, something like emergency light.

1) So, is it worthwhile to buy seperate led, mount them on heat sink, then run them?
*If i do not get driver, am i correct to say the leds will be driven at max? Will it burn out?
Other then "modes" for driver, is there any other use? Really am not sure, cannot find infos i needed on here or i am jus blind.
(Will be using one 18650 per xml)

Is the above way cheaper (take it as 2 xml+head),  or below ?

2) Bought 2 piece 5 mode UF-C8 hours ago, will dismental all the head/led/driver > i angle them into the directions i want, stick & secure them using silicon on a board then fix/hang on ceiling(maybe i also mount to smaller headsink or do i need to, using the C8 top part)
(Wires i can cut & solder to make them longer)
Price for one "C8 with xml + two 18650 + charger" is bout USD $23/-
Total is bout usd$46/-

The C8s are waiting for shipping, will be taking them out & torturing on high/mid whole night when they reach me.Money Mouth

3) Which way is cheaper if i am intending to make 2 to 3 sets of "2 emitter/2 pc C8"?


4) Is there any other light that have UF-H3's flood but very much powerful?
*Cos i borrowed my friend's H3..ermm..maybe it is for the open space, & it is not for throw, seems very under-powered for my application.
*There is no lantern which run off 18650 & decently bright?

5) Is there much diff between led use for home & flashlight?
*I have seens some LED for home that people also run them for hours, think flashlight's led also can run 8-10 hours per run?

6) Flashlights like; Eg: UniqueFire UF-V11 XM-L T6 5-Mode Flood-to-Throw LED Flashlight , POPPas W-878 XM-L T6 1200-Lumen 5-Mode Flood-To-Throw LED Flashlight .
IF; i have them zoomed for flood, the throw issit greatly lesser? Need to shine area 3m by 10m. Will it be like UF-H3 but very powerful?
(Will also take out needed things, glue them to directions i want)

3) Which way is cheaper if i want to make 2 to 3 sets of [DIY xml x2] VS [C8 x2] VS [flood to throw flashlight x2]. Only the C8 come with batt.

Once again, Thanks.


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