Review: Prometheus Lights Alpha Series XM18-B (XM-L T5 4C | 1x18650)

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That is a stunning work of art! Thanks for a great review, turboBB.

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That is a really nice light.  I don't quite see the point though as its not particularly bright or compact for an 1x18650 light.  Its cool looking, but thats a heck of a price point.

Hopefully we won't wind up like CPF with people gushing how they "wept for pure joy" when they first saw its beamshot, and how its "the most important light of their life", and all that BS.  Wink

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An awesome review.

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Awesome review and enjoyed the vid.....very nice light indeed and good start up package for anyone.

With Darkness, there will always be Light.



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Although I'm personally more a fan of Cha Chang Myun (or Neng Myun in the summertime) I wanted to thank you for your excellent review.

I would never consider buying this light but it's very inspiring and fascinating to see what can be achieved with enough dedication. And the quality of your review(s) is at least on par with the flashlight's. Thanks!

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damn, now i want bowl of those noodles! (and the light too..)