How much would you pay not have have strobe or SOS ? Would you spend 10$ per light.?

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Budgeteer wrote:

Well said. Big Smile

Just talked with my wife on the subject and it was quite hard to answer why i would need more than 1 flashlight... after that it was quite easy for 4 but it's getting harder...

Maybe if i start digging into her nail varnish, cosmetics, body lotions and such... maybe shoes... XD

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I would pay no more $5 for a flashlight. Just bought a small one:

Waiting to recieve it in couple of days. Cool

Anyone else getting MALWARE warnings from going to that link?  (Thanks for the save, google chrome! )

Me too!  |(

The same here.

That site is loaded with nasty malware!!!! I posted about it in the dealer section.