UltraFire UF-T50 Host (non working, no pill included)

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UltraFire UF-T50 Host (non working, no pill included)

Well, I tried modding my first UF-T50 to a NW LED, that didn't go to successfully for me, ripped the wires to the switch and the LED from the driver board. I threw away the pill and driver because it was pretty much useless at this point. I am selling the host, it has tailcap, body tube, head, switch in the head, reflector and lens. I will ask $10 shipped in a bubble envelope. I don't know if anyone can make use of this, but it's useless to me and would just get thrown out so I figured I would see if someone want it to mess with vs. it ending up in a landfill.

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But the switch is still in place and working? Rather bad that you threw away the pill tho..^^

If shipping to Germany isnt too expensive, I'll take it.