GCool morse code UI

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GCool morse code UI


*Unique way of switching modes, like telegraphic codes.
- (Light on for <0.2 seconds)
—- (Light on for 0.2, <1 seconds)

Quickly turn it on according to the code sequence and the above specified time.

Strobe – -
Medium – —-
High —- —-
Low —- –

Very interesting, but I think it could be of much more use if it was used with a real multi-mode driver (one of those “low – med – high – slow strobe – fast strobe – sos – beacon – police” drivers…).
As it is it doesn’t provide any real benefit over a normal tap-to-change-modes driver. Maybe the “hidden” strobe mode. But I think it would be a little frustrating to use with so few modes.

And it is only 1.05A max.