iTP A3 with XP-G R5 coming soon

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iTP A3 with XP-G R5 coming soon
Just saw on CPF that GoingGear will have iTP A3's with XP-G R5 LED's this month. They also updated their SA and SC lights. No word on the other A series lights, but I'm sure they will be updated as well.
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OMG! I want one! but at same or less price of the actual....

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Oh well , I hope LT can get some ..  XP-G R5 ITP , A2 me thinks [ AA ] 

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A3 body style and modes, but with a clicky, and I'll buy one straight away. Hint-hint, ITP!

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I want an A2 body style with a clicky and moonlight mode. Ok, now this is a completely different flashlight Silly

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