Beware: DX Driver SKU 26108 - This Driver Fries LEDs

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Beware: DX Driver SKU 26108 - This Driver Fries LEDs

I just received the 5 drivers that I ordered from DX almost 5 weeks ago.These included 3 pcs textileRef:137754994260417345d57db:linkStartMarker:“SKU
26108”:, 1 pc SKU 7612 and 1 pc SKU 15880. I did a thorough visual inspection of the drivers then proceeded to perform electrical tests.

The SKU 7612, a 16 mode 7135 based driver worked flawlessly, but SKU 15880, a 5 mode 0.9~4.2V boost driver with a linear regulator was DOA, and even worse , all 3 of the SKU 26108s, 5 mode 3~8.4V current mode regulators/drivers fried 3 of my CREE LEDs. All of these were ‘stock’ items fresh off the DX packaging envelope.

I am very familiar with the SKU 26108s (used in Solarforce XR-E, XP-G and XM-L high voltage drop ins) as I have successfully modified almost 200 of them. My experience with them has always been that even when their circuitry fails they do not damage LEDs. That is probably the reason why I did not immediately realize that they were destroying my test LEDs one after the other. In retrospect I also realize that the drivers that I worked with are from finished drop ins and do not actually reflect the quality of drivers sold as DIY items.

I am posting this warning to all BLF members and to any guests in our site who, like me, undertake modifications and perform DIY work on their flashlights, either for fun, profit or both. I hope that by doing so I can spare you from the grief and the potential risks of damage that can result from products that have obviously not undergone quality control tests before being dispatched.

I am also quite devastated with the costs of the damaged items and am in a quandary as to what sort of claims I can make against DX. While most of you can easily write off the costs of the LEDs that I lost, it is a very expensive lesson for me. While I am confident that I can ask DX to replace the 4 defective drivers, I doubt if they will even accept responsibility for the LEDs that these drivers ruined. I would appreciate your advice on this.

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Sorry for bumping this thread but I’m curious what had happened here.

Did the LED’s burn out due to over current? Did they seem too bright when you turned them on?

Thank you for posting this here. I’m trying to use the 26108 to use it as a laser driver. Smile

Cheers! Beer

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Were the LEDs heatsinked?