WhichThruNite Ti did you get?

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I received a black Firefly version then promptly traded it with a member on the CPFMP for a blue 3/60, which I then traded for a pair of old Tekna Micro-Lith lights. I’m going to Craig’s house tomorrow to buy a yellow/gold FF one at full retail! LOL!

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I asked for a Blue Firefly and received a blue 3 lumen. Looking at the poll here makes me think they just didn’t have that combination in stock.

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Yeah, I think they ran short on the firefly versions. When their CS contacted me about shipping my second missing one, they mentioned they could ship out the 3 lumen immediately (out of HK, I think), but that the firefly would have to come from the plant and would take a week or so longer.

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Well, after a month and a half of waiting received my black, moon low Ti. I wanted 3 lm low, black one (and yes, I’ve specified that before buying Sad )
Anyway, the light is superb quality, better than my Lumintop Worm Shocked I still love my Worm because it has perfect, flat line regulation. But I think this Ti, which is direct driven, will last much longer Smile

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My brothers both actually jumped on these when i E-mailed them and told them to buy these at 5$ ...One got a gold 3lm. like I did and my other brother got a Green............

 I'm green with envy ..

 What a great color ...

he offered to trade  ....But then I couldn't be jealous of him and hate him ..

it was a tough decision ...I have so many lights I opted for envy and jealousy ..end of the day I guess I could always steal it


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