What's your country import limit to not get charged with extras? (customs and taxes)

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Here is almost the same as in Spain.

The diference is only on the charged money from beying processed. Can be 3€ for a small package, or 12€ for a big one+1.80€ for a form+0.70€ for filling the form(?)+0.70 for sendind it attached to item(??)+tax. And the tax, that's called IVA here,(same as VAT?) it's 23%. Continental Spain's IVA is 18%, I believe... They too add everything and then apply 23%

But roughly it is the same.

They verify just a couple of items in each load, and not every load arriving at customs is checked. They usually check big packages and/or if they are insured. That means that the item is valuable and that they can get some money for the item checked.

I get a couple of items checked each year, and not always get taxed. I've been charged for items valued at 25€ and not been charged for items valued at 70€.(sent them PayPal receipts) Go figure...

Kind of lotery, in my opinion.

The thing I like the most, is when they check the items and write on the outside of the package the name of the item. I know that the guy that is doing that, can't be an expert in everything, but sometimes I just laugh myself silly.

For instance calling flashlights, canisters, monoculars, telescopes... Surprised

Edit: forgot one thing. You have 30days (since the arriving of customs letter) to take care of all the papers demanded to receive your item. If not, item will go for the portuguese state and sold at an annual auction.

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Here in Israel the limit is 50$ per package, and it doesn't seem that the customs aggregate packages for a person over any time period (although there have been some rumors of them doing so). For more than 50$ there's VAT (15%?) and customs fee (generally 30% but not applicable to computer parts or other electronics, to the best of my knowledge), plus some handling fees (can't remember how much but about 20$ maybe?).