Test / Review: Fake Eneloop batteries from DinoDirect and Manafont, buyers BEWARE!

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Why is anyone even buying the ancient 1000-cycle eneloops? I’ve only gotten 1500-cycle ones since 2009!

BTW, seems there could be fake 1500-cycle cells now too. I recently saw 1500-cycle Eneloops both with and without the Sanyo HK hologram sticker in Hong Kong (and yes, the ones without sticker were cheaper).

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I figured I should do discharge test on one of my Fakepoops after I tested it with battery voltage tester and noticed that its slightly below 1.30v, that got me curious since it was in the drawer for few months.

The battery was discharged at 300mA with MAHA C9000, discharge stopped at around 1.09v, I accidentally unplugged charger when it had almost 1700mAh discharged from it, after second discharge it showed 425mAh sucked out of it, so in total that makes around 2100mAh, last time I charged these batteries was probably somewhere around spring, thats the minimum period of time these batteries might have been in storage.

Battery number is IX=9, which was around 2530mAh fully charged when I reviewed them last year, back then it showed 2416/2272mAh capacity after 2 days of storage and ~2 weeks of storage.

So, losing ~400mAh after around 3 to 5 months of storage aint that bad.

Where these batteries suck big time is high load – they cant provide voltage neccessary, tried in my digital camera and even without flash it takes less than 20 shots for them to sag so badly that camera shuts down, the same happened with cheapo BTY rechargeables when tested.
Obviously, never so with original Eneloops!

So judging by one battery out of many my verdict is – good for low drain devices and not that bad in remaining capacity after some storage time.

Recommended? No, they suck for the money and are incosistent as phuck!

Thanks for reading!