Sold! FS: Trustfire TR-J12 Catch and release...PICS

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Sold! FS: Trustfire TR-J12 Catch and release...PICS

Sold on CPF, Thanks for looking!

I just bought a Trustfire TR-J12, the one with 5 XM-L’s from a fellow member (Thanks Cooter!) but using 3 cells makes it a little too big to put it in the glove compartment of my truck, want to try out another multi emiter light like the King or the Apex since they would definetly fit better for what I need.

This light needs no introduction, it is a beast! Everything works, It has a cool tint but not too cold, I already did the copper braid mod to the head spring so it will not deform under long periods of use on high.

it includes the extension for use with 2 or 3 18650 or 26650 li-ion cells, also included 2 sleeves for use with 18650’s and the holster.

Tailcap has very tiny parts of the annodize missing right at the edge, probably from shipping from overseas, besides that it is basically new, will take pics tomorrow in the daylight.

I will let it go for exactly what I paid for $55 shipped in CONUS, first I’ll take it followed by prompt payment gets it, use gift or please add a little extra for the fees.



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