How long should i wait?

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How long should i wait?

Ordered a keygos ke-5 direct from keygos site, im in the uk. says dispatched 18.6.12. how long should it take to get here?
More importantly, how do i know if iv got a good one, and if not what do i do to rectify this??
Any help would be much appriciated Smile

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I bought a few Keygos lights off several various ebay sellers, one of which uses the name Keygos. I assume that is the same as the Keygos site. All the others were here (Australia) in 2 weeks or under, the Keygos one took over 4 weeks. Don’t know if it’s relevant in your situation.

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I bought two on ebay (same seller, different lights). They look similar, but the parts are not interchangeable (not the head, not the tailcap, not the bezel) and both have some really small scratches.

One driver has a small spring, one not, but they have a good driver. 1 the East 92, the other East 92B. Both have more as 4A on high with a complete full Samsung 18650 battery.

The build quality of both is ok. For me this point and the good driver is most important. Take a look at the driver or measure the Ampere and you know, if it is a good one.

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