What knife did you get today?

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jon_slider wrote:
djozz wrote:
The issue is not the flipper, it is that the knife opens towards the open side of the pocket instead of being blocked against the side.

I agree, flippers need to be clipped against a seam to help prevent opening in pocket.

Thanks for making me aware of the safety of placing the blade spine against a pocket seam. Seems like a good idea, even with my Axis locks.. They all have ambidextrous clip holes. So it makes sense to mount the clip on the left, for left pocket carry.

For the flippers that open when loose in pocket, unclipped… and for flippers that lack a left hand pocket clip..

I suggest a pocket slip:


This picture is from their actual website? It’s $40 and the thread is finished like this? On a show piece?
Wow, a good reason to avoid the brand and get one from China right away.