Hey guys just joined from CPF.

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Boaz wrote:

    I’m a flashaholic …  

                   I see a hello kitty light….I want it .

         Lights others hate  i want …

                          I want steams of streamlights

I’m sure I want surefires

               I know a nebo redline is a pos …I get reved up at the thought..i want one

  I think maglites are stupid ..i want all the colored ones,ones with different wood on them ..i want em all .

Not much of a headlight guy ..but I want all that zebralight has to offer .

  I can’t for the life of me imagine spending hundreds of dollars on one light

I want a spy  a sundrop a haiku and a kuku too

I’d like to have all my lights in titainium

I wonder if coast has a 3.50$ just pay the shipping titainium light ?


 Hello    Mr Crabs

                                                              welcome to BLF

That hits really close to home, well said Boaz

I’m glad I’m not the only flashlight collector out there, I was beginning to think I was strange.
My name is Kendall and I’m a Flashaholic from western Canada

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