1xcr123 + p60...suggestions?

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1xcr123 + p60...suggestions?

I might be able to pick up a dereelight c2h body with a dereelight javelin head...now all I need is a p60 drop in to go with it.

I was told both the 1 and 5 mode xml from KD would work? will it with a standard 3v cr123, not 16340.

If not, I take it an xpg r5 would be the next suggestion for max output?

I'd like to spend less than $20 on the drop in if possible, so any suggestions would be great as I'm pretty new to drop ins etc..

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Perhaps this one:


- Battery configuration :
18650 3.7v x 1pc
CR123A 3.0v or 3.7v x 1pc

- Runtime : 18650 3.7v – 3.5 hours CR123A 3.0v or 3.7v x 1 – 1.5 hours

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Make sure you go 0.8v to 4.2v Low voltage drop in if you plan on running primaries ...

The normal 3v to 4.2v drop in will not run on primaries , nor will the 3 - 8.4v one . 

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