I'm going to give this a try.

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I'm going to give this a try.

I wanted to toy around with a Cree-based method of lighting in my kitchen - at least for under-cabinet.  Obviously not a portable application.  In searching, I found this:  http://www.insaini.com/ecopuck-1w-p-49.html


I'm wondering how this is a 12-volt unit.  I'm guessing it uses a series resistor, since it's just the one emitter.  They claim 1.6 watts, which would be about 130 mA, and they're getting 80 to 100 lumens out of it.


No idea how deep it is, or how warm it's going to get, but I ordered a pair of them.  I'll follow up with the results when they arrive.


It might make a pretty cool dome light in a custom car, hmm?

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Yeah this forum definitely needs to have a spot for vehicle and home/work indoor/outdoor lighting, as these products start coming out, and as we start getting interested in them.

A flourescent omni-directional is not ideal in most cases, wastes a bunch of light, and even so is considerably less efficient than an XM-L to boot.

Nice find @ that "puck", i'm especially interested in the color and beam quality.

@ dome lights for cars, I've seen a few that slide right into the existing bulb contacts...  Been meaning to order one with decent efficiency/output.

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This LED under-cabinet fixture is ideally suited for the kitchen or anywhere you want hidden accent lighting. Cost effect solution for accent lighting. Compare to your 20 watt halogen pucks.

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if your looking for automotive LED bulb replacements, i suggest V-leds.com


and remember, you get what you pay for. a 5 dollar pair is crap compared to a 10 dollar pair, and so forth

for my dome, i made a custom Prolight 5 Watt Blue led, taking a festoon bulb, cutting the glass out, and free floating the LED on wires (a bit ghetto but hidden and was brighter than anything available in blue)

for my tail-lights, i replaced them with whole assemblies because there isnt ANY LED bulbs on the market bright enough for taillights.

my license have 1 watt flank LEDS, same as my trunk light

and my map lights have 1 watt blue festoon leds