XM-L drop-in's available at solarforce now!

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XM-L drop-in's available at solarforce now!

Also available in the L2's and L2P's Big Smile very tempting I must say! 


Who will be the first to try one out. The drop-in's are sure to be of good quality I'd think:)





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Not impressed. Voltage range isn't very usable, 1 mode?!?, naaah.

The price aint half bad being genuine solarforce... Still... 1 mode?

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.

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The price is a few dollars more than other places, but I will say I've been more than impressed with solarforce drop-ins in the past.  The last XP-G 3 mode I got was actually brighter than my first XM-L from KD (then again, the xp-g was driven at a little over 2A, while the KD xm-l was at 1.6AFrown).