started on collecting batteries

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started on collecting batteries

have started battery collecting out of sheer boredom and i dont even own a single
professional torchlight. had a cheapo small cree short torchlight lying around somewhere if that counts. bought a few chargers as well, silly me, sometimes feel guilty on these impulsive buys which i dont fully utilise. maybe i just want the thrill of receiving

how i stumbled into the world of torchlight li-ons, was surfing for batteries for iDevices
when ebay listed 18650 for charging, then the spree started…
to date, i still use all these batteries for charging iDevices….lol…not a single
torchlight.. though i have been warned of the dangers of li-ion on these forums.

have bought from these sites :,, ebay, intl-outdoor, cnqualitygoods
so far delivered within a month except for intl-outdoor, cnqualitygoods, they are first time orders a few days ago, so we shall see..

first 18650 buy : , 2X yellow ultrafire 3600mah – havent read any forum before this purchase, didnt know about XXX fires
bad reputation. after reading the forums, then realised that arent any 3600mahs out
there…lol , highest capacity for 18650 should be 3400mah
and also with this first purchase , was introduced to the long delivery periods of china
vendors. fortunately, so far all of my purchases have arrivedwithin 3 to 4 weeks that is
expected of these sites, was difficult to swallow the long delivery until i read other
user’s experience, then it became normal expectation.

having been spoilt by amazon excellent delivery service which uses DHL and arrives to
singapore from USA less than a week, it was initially unbelievable that it takes a few weeks to travel from china to singapore…i think i saw some users posting in this forum of a few months delivery…horrors…

to be continued..

to buy list : green ultrafire from, 4.35v 18650, japanese version ultrafire (seems to be the best quality ultrafire according to cnqualitygoods)

my website :

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