Zero Profit sale on Aliexpress.

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Slewflash wrote:
joa wrote:
"TrustFire 3T6": Can this really be a real one or is it a cheaper knock off? And how can you tell if it is real or not? I'm all new to this forum so the answer might be pretty obvious. Based on other threads this is basically for free. From what I recall they cost a lot more than this. /Joa
Hi Joa, to prevent you from making the same mistake I did can you just answer some questions? Are you interested in flashlights for throw? flood? brightness? Do you have an actual use for them? I personally don't. Depending on your answer I can help recommend a flashlight to you, but this trustfire 3T6 is kind of outdated. It's not actually 3800 lumens, but rather closer to 1500 lumens.


absolutely right.  If you're not collecting flashlights,

you'd better get to know what will it be used for before you buy it.