Hong Kong Post seems to be working!

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Hong Kong Post seems to be working!

about time! i waited  over a month in the blue, with USPS not knowing where my packages were, NOR hong kong post. then today... TADA! shows that my hobby king charger, which shipped out Jan 18.... left the country on Feb2nd... uber fail. so another week and i should have that


oh and my massive DX package of parts, actually arrived in my neighboring town this morning, so i should get that today.

almost a month and  a half for that package....


so guys, if youve been waiting, check your stuff now!

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Yes, some people in China are working now. Even DX has updated their "new arrivals" today

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Well, I never got a package from Solarforce sales that left HK on 1/18.

Paypal claim opened.


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I think some staffs maybe work overtime, so as to ensure the website operations and sales