I have too many batteries not enough lights - wanna trade ?

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I have too many batteries not enough lights - wanna trade ?

So I have 1 light that takes an 18650. I have 1 ML-102 charger with the rc helicopter meter on it.

I have 31 18650’s

10 from a drill pack Sony IMR’s
4 sanyo 2600mah
5 samsung 2200mah
and some other orange ones and some blue ones I think they are 1500 or 1600 mah These came from laptop pack and a portable dvd player I want to say shen zhen ? the blue ones are ABF If interested I can look the specs up again.

anyhow….was wondering if anyone would be interested in trading some cells for a light ?

anything single cell 18650 capable I would be interested in.

The batteries are all recoveries and I figure the only ones really worth trading would be the Sony’s They all came out of the Makita pack at right around 4.00 to 4.03 volts THe pack had the defective chip that tells the charger the pack is bad. Its a big problem with makita batteries and there was nothing really wrong except for the logic board.

anyhow liet me know. I would be willing to trade up to 6 of the sony cells and some of the others as well.

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