Lights from lidl

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Lights from lidl

led lights from lidl

I just found out these will be available in local LIDL shop for 6€.  First one has 1 high power LED, second 6  bright LEDs and third one regular bulb. Dimensions: 14x4cm. Are they any good?

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Dunno if they will be any good but look good though Smile

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6€ for one or for three lights? Looks like all of them have normal bulb  :~

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Probably junk... mate. I have to check myself at local LIDL. Anyway they don't look half bad tho, maybe modding into something usefull aint a bad idea. What batteries does all use? Suspect that 3xAAA... if thats the case they might hold a 18650...

Glass lens, alu reflector?

kragmutt wrote:

They're gonna send you a green redcat with a black LED.