Review / Comparison: P60 Drop-In Round-Up and XM-L Shootout

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david57strat wrote:
Excellent work, Foy. Superb effort, with invaluable information that is/will be extremely useful to many P60 lovers, out there, including me. Thank you, kindly, for sharing this information with us.

The only Erik Kress drop-in I own is one of his 5-mode XM-L 7C, which is currently installed in a Solarforce L2N, with an A001 head, a B6 stainless bezel, their stainless clip, and an S11 switch. I love this light. This was my first warm-tinted drop-in, and it is nothing shy of amazing, in all aspects Big Smile

I’m afraid, the auto white balance setting I used, for this picture, doesn’t do the tint, justice. It’s absolutely beautiful.

Out of curiosity, wow does one get a hold of Vinz, to obtain one of his beautiful drop-ins?

It is a beautiful design. Reading Foy’s original post was a joy. The Vinz MD26E XM-L/U3/2S dropin looks an amazing item. If it still existed today with a newer LED it’s performance would be even better. It’s very expensive though and looks to have been a custom build.