Wanted: Floody, 18650, non-P60, tailstanding XM-L light

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Wanted: Floody, 18650, non-P60, tailstanding XM-L light

I'm looking for a 18650 (or 2x18650 parallel) XM-L LED light that isn't a p60 host and can be made to tailstand.  3-4 normal modes is ideal, but I can live if flashing is required.  Maybe the most important attribute is it must very floody, since I'll often use it as a hands-free "candle" in unlit attics, under sinks, basements, etc.   I prefer brightness over runtime.

I've looked into several lights:

Yezl Y6: SMO reflector, looks more like a thrower

KD C8 XM-L: Seems to also be a SMO and thrower

DX Brinyte XML-C8 (or XML-900): Is this the best option?  Shallow reflector, claims regulated 2.8A, OP reflector, looks like it would tailstand

Eastward YJ J06 ot J01: SMO, more of a thrower?  No low mode

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Check also new YEZL z1... although it could get HOT on HIGH for a long time...