Nichia GS 5MM LED 28lm @ 70ma

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Nichia GS 5MM LED 28lm @ 70ma

I was having a bit of a rant on another non-flashlight forum, because they were saying how good some crappy lantern was.

I went to the Nichia site to check the specs for the GS and noticed they have a new version, the "NSDW570GS-K1".

28lm at 70ma*3.4v=238mw seems really rather impressive, especially for a 5mm LED. I wonder how warm they get, the datasheet isn't very clear.

Now if only I could find somewhere that sold them, in English without a large minimum order...I wouldn't mind the moon on a stick either Silly


Datasheets -

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Very interesting but the only people who have it want a lot of money just for shipping, to most not european countries start at 30 usd beside $ 2.50 each piece.

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The cooling on 5mm's is non-existent. you'd need 10 gauge wire to do real heat transfer. The light output will likely quickly deteiorate. 

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For their size, the Nichia's are impressive.  Although... the above output only calculates out to 117.6 lm/w.  May not be bad if you're using one to upgrade a very small light, but if you're looking for more an xpg or xml can exceed that efficiency at low current.

Another option for cheap Nichia's would be to buy a fusion 36 drop-in off of ebay ($25 free shipping). Just under $0.70each and are a nice neutral white, although I'm not sure the exact bin #.  

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sounds like a good upgrade for the BLF delight

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Hi Pook

i have a fusion 36 that i have been harvesting the GS leds from

pm me your address and i will post you a few

cheers Barrie

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I bought Nichia GS here:

10 pcs. for 9.90 Euro + 3.90 Euro shipping

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shipping out of the EU is a bit expensive though...

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Thanks Barrie! Laughing