Wallbuys.com is a reputable site, Good Service

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Wallbuys.com is a reputable site, Good Service

Just wanted to say Wallbuys.com are very fast to respond to questions and ship very fast.
Free tracking numbers on orders over $15 or pay $1.50 for tracking on lesser amounts.
My order was also Double Bubble wrapped and arrived in pristine condition,


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What was your shipping time? I ordered a few lights from them and they gave me a tracking number that doesn’t register on the USPS site and I’m a bit worried…..

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I ordered some light form them through China post took 2 weeks to arrive.

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I’m a bit confused by their site. I didn’t get an email saying that my stuff was shipped, and i can’t track the package neither. My order is visible in my account, but i can’t view anything about the order.
so i’m not sure if wallbuys will get more orders from me in the future.

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Hey, I ordered a HD2011 for only 9.95 US, at Christmas, but I have not got the light yet. Maybe, by next Christmas, and I can feel like Santa gave me something.