My $2.24 triple emitter Mag Mod

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Chicken Drumstick
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Revising an old thread.

There don’t seem to be many beam shots. How do these drop in mods actually perform?

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Hi dchomak, do you think you can use the 32mm Noctigon in this build already?

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I have a Ikea 400 lumens spot bulb that is about the size as the bulbs used in this thread.

Since many household bulb leds are mounted on a plate, I guess there are lots of finds to be made.


Sam Lee
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Bumping an old thread:

I have a couple 3D maglights, that I want to do this mod to.

These will be gifts, so I would like to keep them 3D,
or maybe use a dummy cell if necessary.

Direct drive would be easy, looking for a little more WOW factor.
Can someone please suggest a suitable driver, with a few modes that will work with this voltage ?

Thanks very much.