Batteries and Chargers

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Batteries and Chargers

Hi all,

I have recently got a few lights that take 18650 cells, when looking for cells I came across the problems the cheap 18650 cells can have with exploding and catching fire.

These are the cells and chargers I have bought. Just wondering what you guys think are these ok or should I be worried ??.

2 x Blue UltraFire 2400mAh (bought these before I read up on this type of cell)
4 x Silver UltraFire 3200mAh
4 x Orange LG C2 18650 LI-ION 2800mAh
4 x panasonic 18650 NCR1865A 3100mAh
2 x UltraFire WF-139 chargers

I also have a Digital Multimeter which I use to check voltage. I never leave the cells unattended while charging.
One other thing, is it safe to leave the cells in the flashlights.

Thanks all.

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keep the panasonic and lg and throw the rest away with the charger in a garbage the sysmax charger 2 bay or 4 bay

yvonne chan
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Ultrafire brand is common used although I haven’t tried it.
Panasonic and LG are much better if related to the dangerousness or quality.
I mean, if the batteries you bought are oringinal and true.

Yvonne Chan