My HD2010 is growing on me.

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My HD2010 is growing on me.

When I first got my HD2010, I was a bit disappointed. I was under the impression that this was going to be a pure thrower and I was jazzed to get a spotlight. Fact is, it’s not a particularly great thrower. It does throw a lot of light but it is not a ultra tight focused beam like I was expecting.

After my disappointment with not getting a lazer beam spotlight, I have started to like this light. I find myself grabbing it when I head outside and need a real light. The thicker body really feels nice in the hand. The beam is good for all around outdoor use at most distances. It’s handier than my Sky Ray King and a lot brighter than my Solarforce lights.

This looks and feels like a flashlight. It is quite ergonomic and that’s something that I tend to overlook unless I notice a light being very good or bad in the hand. The SkyRay King is the opposite of ergonomic. It feels like a soup can. The HD2010 just feels right in your hand.

So, while the HD2010 is not the pure spotlight I thought it was, it is a good flashlight in it’s own right. I have come to appreciate it for what it is. I was going TP sell it and the two new 26650 cells because I was so disgusted with it when I got it. My disappointment was due to my misunderstanding of what this light was. It’s NOT a dedicated thrower like many here seem to say it is. It throws light down range but it is not a tight focused beam like my Solarforce MPP-1.

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Your description pretty much sums everything up about the HD2010.

I too was a little disappointed that I wasn’t getting a laser beam, but it draws a lot of current and spews out many lumens, so I’m happy with mine.

Just gotta mod it with the XM-L2……. Wink

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but given the $ spent this deserves a spot on the shelf. this is blf and the hd2010 is one hell of a light in the budget format, really not fair to compare it to those $150 lights. it has a reserved space on my centrally located telephone stand ever ready to be deployed along with the srk, another hd2010 clone and a wf502b u2. just in case


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I love my HD2010. I do a lot of checking outside my perimeter fence at night and it’s a winning combo with the TLR-1 that I have on my G22.

Chuck Roxas

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I really did love my HD2010 but the emitter burnt out after less than a hour runtime (using a King Kong 26650). I only used it for a few minutes at a time so it was disappointing that it died so quickly. I have ordered a new emitter to fit into it to see if it will burn out again. If if does die on me, I will fit a Nanjg 105C (set to high/low) and XML-U3. This flashlight just feels right in the hand and throws like a good un. I am willing to sacrifice ultimate output for longer runtime and better reliability.

Have fitted a new emitter with a warmer tint (XML-T6 3B) and have put some thermal paste under it to help dissipate the heat. So far so good.
This light is so easy to mod that I think I will try an XPG with appropriate driver next to help improve the throw.

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yeah its throwey for an XML in its price and size range, well documented as being 40-45K lux. Its a medium-tight spot that starts to open and spread out beyond ~100 yards (ballpark)…. it is what it is, nothing more.