Li-ion Battery Safety and Shopping Guide

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I have a question about charging safety. Should I not charge my batteries in my light even if it has a plug in feature? Also what would be a good material to safely place my intellicharger on or in to charge? Thinking like a baking pan? Until I read this thread I haven’t thought or realized how much juice are in 4 of these things charging! A quick blurb on charging safety would be very appreciated.

I am charging mostly Fenix 18650’s. Want to buy some eneloop AA for my other lights soon. Oh I also have 1 fourseven 26650 to charge.
thank you

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A metal cashbox is probably the best inexpensive option to put a charger in. They also have fire resistant lipo charging bags but some are too thin. And the bags are meant for just the battery.

Most of the lights with charge ports I’ve seen, honestly, look cheap. Imho its not wise to use those charge ports.

I’d worry that it doesn’t use a quality cc/cv charger chip. Also I saw one charge port that is just a direct connection to the batteries. You would need to connect an external cc/cv charger but I don’t think there were instructions making that clear. And in the end your still charging the battery in a sealed metal tube (pipe bomb). Never seen a light with a blowout vent to release the pressure safely if things go bad.

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Exactly what light is it that you want to charge via the built in charging port? If it is a quality name brand light, I would not hesitate to say that is fine; however if it is some cheap flashlight then that is not a good idea.