UltraFire T2. Zooming flashlight with XM-L (12$)

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UltraFire T2. Zooming flashlight with XM-L (12$)


Again, a flashlight spotted at DX new arrivals that took my attention.

I dont know much about it, except for the data given in the specs…. The price took my attention (12$).

It is the UltraFire T2, a XM-L zooming light, it seems to have 5 modes and uses 18650.

Here I post the links, click the one you like

Link WITH referral http://dx.com/p/ultrafire-t2-cree-xm-l-t6-700lm-5-mode-white-zooming-fla...

Link WITHOUT referral http://dx.com/p/ultrafire-t2-cree-xm-l-t6-700lm-5-mode-white-zooming-fla...

It seems that there is another light with similar “looking” than this, but I can not remember exactly which is…. and if it also has xm-l

Maybe it will be a POS? Hollow pill? bad zooming mechanism?

I can not find more info about the T2 using google

Just only wanted to share


Enjoy BLF

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