AA battery testing.

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AA battery testing.

I made this site to record my test of AA batteries a long time ago but got side tracked and its has sat there unused.

It’s not really complete but the basic functions work fine.

On the submit page you will see a form to enter details of the batteries tested, after competing the form they automatically appear under the user results then can be used to update the site.

It started out to keep a record for myself but shortly after I changed a few things to make it more friendly if anyone else wanted to add their results as well.

For about 5-6 months it hasn’t been used but I come across it again today and though I’ll try to make it work this time. The next day or 2 Ill try make it look better and easier to use.

I’m not sure if I should make some kind of guidelines for testing and I am pretty sure I will have to exclude all the junk batteries (the 1000s of eBay and BTY etc) and make it just decent batteries that most people should easily be able to access. I can edit the tabs and forms if I need to add other chemistry batteries like NiZn but there isn’t much point at the moment with none submitted.

If anyone would like to contribute feel free to submit your tests, and if you can think of anything to make it better let me know too.