Fast battery tester - under load

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Fast battery tester - under load

I'm looking for a fast battery tester, that will test the battery under load.

I don't care for precise capacity, just if the battery has enough juice at the moment.

There're those cheap ones for primaries (mainly alkalines), but I haven't yet found a reasonably priced one that tests rechargeables.

A voltmeter isn't enough, especially if the battery is getting older.

There's the ZTS , but it's 75$, and the mini version doesn't test li-ion .


Do you know of any cheap (<10$) that can test li-ion and NiMH batteries?


(btw, is there any difference in measuring protected vs unprotected batteries?)

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Li-ion batteries can be tested open circuit with a voltmeter. Check AW Battery Sales Thread at . If you scroll down a bit you'll find the numbers.

Other then that I would say that a hobby charger is a great investment. With my Turnigy Accucel 6 I can put a load of 1A on the batteries to check the status AND a I have a good charger.


Not the answer you were looking for but something to think about. Smile