Wts Nitecore MT2A

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Wts Nitecore MT2A

I have for sale a boxed Nitcore MT2A in 9 out of 10 condition. It has had very little use and comes with all the bits and bobs in the box.It is an R5 Xpg running at 355 Led lumens, and has a very easy UIThe light has a tiny chip in the anno on the bezel and that is all I can see, and with it being a smooth reflector it has a little dark spot in the off centre of the beam, only noticable when white wall hunting and not that bad really.The tint is cool white and no green at all! £20 delivered in the UK, first I will take it in thread or via PM with prompt payment gets it, I will post abroad but anything over the cost of UK postage will have to be added to cost.If you require photos I can email you them