Review = Fenix ARB - L2 [ 18650 Battery ]

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Review = Fenix ARB - L2 [ 18650 Battery ]
Fenix ARB-L2 Review by old4570

Link to manufacturers product page

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Multimeter reads the actual Voltage of the battery rather than relying on the Chargers interpritation .

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Wow , fits the Tr001 charger , so not overly long for a 18650 . Yes I still use my TR-001 after all these years .


The Fenix battery really does try to discharge as much current above 3v as possible , which is very nice I must confess .

1A - Gave some 2503mAh capacity
2A - Gave some 2539mAh capacity
3A - Gave some 2559mah capacity

A very stable and some what uniform result across a large variation in discharge .
This is a somewhat expensive battery , but from the results so far looks to perform well .
I will update after doing some discharge for current [ Max Amp readings ] .

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Those pictures are a little large.. Big Smile

Thanks for the review. Smile BAK inside IIRC?