Review: UltraFire WF-606A (photo heavy now)

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Rusty Joe wrote:
Very nice little thing. What kind of output are you getting with 2 AAs?

Unfortunately I don’t have a lux meter or an integrated sphere, so I don’t have exact measurements.

However, I would say I’m pretty impressed with the output, especially from a slim 2xAA package.

Sorry I can’t be specific.

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I bought two UltraFire WF-606A Cree Q5-WC 1-Mode from Fasttech. The pill unscrews and uses the same thread pitch as a P60 dropin at the pill-reflector junction. So looking to up the power a little I used a XP-G 0.8v-4.5v SolarForce dropin. Remove the pill spring and lathed down the diameter below the threads and the pill fits. If you make your own dropins just make one upside down and the pill should fit without any more modifications. The deeper upside down pill version will clear the reflector and lock into the host a bit better. Those of use that want the two-aa host this is as close as I’ve seen.

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I have this one and out of the box it’s not bright at all.
less bright than most AA based light. I can’t untwist the shorter tube on the head to make it shorty like in the OP. maybe it’s glued.
in my opinion, better buy another light.