FASTTECH shipping tracking#????

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Well, you learn something every day! Thanks.

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I usually have the package in my hands before USPS even acknowledges that it’s even made it to the US.

Just dropped my first order from Fast Tech….I am HOPING that they are as good as I keep seeing. Would be great to have a decent Chinese supplier where you don’t have to wait a month. (Would be better to have a US supplier that could match the Chinese pricing, but I don’t see that coming anytime soon) I’ve had it with DX and DD although my last DD order did just show up (East Coast, US) and I don’t think it’s even been 2 weeks. Shocked the hell outta me!

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flash.light wrote:
Initially, China/HK post and USPS/ebay teamed up to offer inexpensive shipping for lightweight packages under the phrase “ePacket”, but now it’s offered by those outside of ebay too.

Cheap, fast (my experiences) and tracking’s included

But it only works China->US, NOT US->China… in fact, many US ebay sellers complain that it’s cheaper for the Chinese to ship to the US than it is for US biz’s to ship domestic USPS first class.

didge wrote:
The US Postal Service really has an operation in China/HK?

That last part is so true! I can order a 99 cent part and they can ship it from china free. Order that same part from someone that lives 10 miles from my house and it would cost more than double that for just shipping alone. Go figure
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didge wrote:
Well, you learn something every day! Thanks.

I agree with that. Smile

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ste-zo wrote:
didge wrote:
Well, you learn something every day! Thanks.

I agree with that. Smile